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  1. Thanks and LCpl too(Lance Corporal for those who not up to military lingo)? brownie points to you comrade Good luck to you in your service to a great nation.
  2. Not sure if you have the cash, but Gamestop will give you $100 for you xbox and sell you a refurbished for $170. so fix your problem for $70. I know that like a months worth of food for a college student but..... I'll just wait for it to completely ring and I'll complain to microsoft and get a brand spankin new one to replace it for free form them x3
  3. finaly fixed it but problem is my xbox now red rings on and off one day itll be fine th enext BAM red ring of deathhhhh but it fixes jus tby turning on and off..theres you're "quality" microsoft product and millions of dollars worth of effort for something that a monkey could build better.
  4. Hi welcome Scott and VD dryad pwns any build on here >.> u got 50k damage well I just killed the entire desert in 10 minutes =O
  5. wish my level 154 dryad was on dark path cus light gets soooooooooooooooooo boring but dark probably would be too since im a VD Dryad gonna be my super super ultra mega shopper x3 I just noticed soemthing...I got 490mil gold on my level 50 high elf =O
  6. ok ive been a lil inactive nice work so far guys...guess I'll get blender for my home pc and try making stuffz.. x3 sooooo mannnny butttoonnns
  7. I want dial up >.> losing my internet soon but lucky me..school lets me go to this site =P
  8. another thing (failed masthead for my school's newspaper so I changed it to fit forum a little)
  9. lol I never used any other 3d app because ADOBE CS4 DESIGN PREM has 3d option available in photoshop and illustrator xD god I love my school =3
  10. game wa really specctacular but too much contraversy over the "No Russian" level. as I see it its a game and real life actions shouldnt be rules by what someone saw on a game. Russia already has locked the level out of copied discs distributed there and the british House of Commons held a meeting about it. other than that it was perfect
  11. nostalgic


    The end of the world is the most prophesized event in human history, also the one that has yet to happen and probably never will. There are tons of theories and people jumping to conclusions. I say if it ends, it ends and probably by a meteor or being in aim of a solar gamma ray cannon (experts deemed a system near us has capability of turning into a ray spewing cannon named a quazar.) as for the movie..it was GREAATTTTT
  12. sent ya pm of beginning of siggy loco =)
  13. here it is again my creativeness: IMAGE
  14. Lol.....my xbox wont read any disks so I cant play Sacred 2 anymore I was really hoping to get my dryad to 200 T.T Microsoft needs to go more for quality over quantity (didnt microsoft los emor emoney in repairing and replacing than it earned from selling the consoles?)
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