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  1. Long time Genenut (how are you ) thank you for your advice
  2. Hi Guys! It has been a while I haven't come to this forum, but I kinda miss it I am quite a lazy writer so I am going to keep this post literal. Recently, I have been thinking of booking a hotel room through the online services mentioned in the subject line above. The reason is that they prohibitively claimed that hotel costs can be at a very low rate...For example, a 4 star hotel in Downtown Toronto would only cost from 70 to 121 Canadian dollars per night per room. Are you thinking that rate seems to be too good to be true? Anyways, after several days of online resear
  3. hahaha that just sounds like you - you sleeping most of the time...
  4. I am getting old too! I have never seen it - I read it though when I was a kid. had a hard time understanding it
  5. I still cant find the thread that gogo wants to draw my attention to - so I have been randomly replying to posts.... Apologies... Drinks on me Oh yeah a good drink would be made of the following ingredients: - melon liqueur - vodka - Amaretto Disaronno Liqueur - Cranberry Juice No kidding it is really good!
  6. Amazingly cute! Best wishes for you (and nice to meet you too )
  7. W E L C O M E!! I missed the following smileys lol :)
  8. M - E - W - H - E - Y - A - K - A - T H E S A U R U S 2 Whatever happened to the pumpkin man?
  9. hmmm how about triangular leaf wrap
  10. Have a happy birthday GOGO - filled with joy.... and salmon
  11. some sites I go to do not recognize google chrome ergo do not load. so I better stick with mozilla and IE.
  12. Could it be burn out? Could it be lack of sleep? Too much coffee perhaps... I do not know. The major issue is I can't think properly ERGO I can't study. Even when I am typing, I can't feel the thinking process going on, as if everything in my body is detached from the mind. has that ever happened to you guys:) I am thinking of dropping out of law school for now....since I lack the motivation altogether
  13. I totally agree! but the game is made for me since I am not glued to the computer to play games all the time lol
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