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  1. Sacred 2 and Hamachi works! (confirmed)

    So with hamachi: This part of guide is outdated with current versions as the options for TCP and UDP are no longer there. Can anyone please help with hamachi, cant see games ? Thanks!
  2. [ MOD ] - Survival Mod for Community Patch 1.40

    Guys, its been awhile, but I decided to come back for a moment and update this mod to CM160 So, here it is: Survival for CM 1.60 Have fun!
  3. [ MOD ] - Survival Mod for Community Patch 1.40

    You'd be laughing but the respawn setting is in the old good balance.txt respawnTimeStandard = ...... Elite Fighter: T-invasion was my creation as well . The problem with that mod was the fact that I did not properly palytest it. Actually I tested it with my level 190 BFG/100k shield/90% mitigation Seraphim and I did just fine . THey actually managed to scratch me a bit. This mod incorporates some parts of the old good T-invasion mod, just without the insane op monsters.
  4. Hi all. I have actually developed this mod almost a year ago but somehow overlook the Darkmatters forum and it was first released in a different language. Nevertheless. The purpose of the mod is to make combat tougher as the world of sacred is just too nice with players, especially comparedto Sacred 1. I was looking to bring back that intense original Sacred feel into the nice graphical engine of Sacred II. What it does: 1) More enemies - enemy populations on maps are boosted 2.5x 3x on average, respawn times 3x slower to compensate. 2) Tougher Elite troops. Most Elite enemies are substantially tougher combatants, doing more damage and having much better chance at actually hitting the players, especially higher-level ones. 3) Slightly boosted bosses. Boss-grade enemies are slightly boosted in their fighting capability (around 20% overall) and they also are more accurate in their attacks and are more capable of actually hitting the players. 4) Boosted rewards - to compensate for the increase Bosses and Elite enemies will drop 50% more items and gold and will provide 100% more experience. Additionally, there is some more variety and more stuff to purchase from vendors compared to vanilla, even if you don't have the trading skill. 5) More pronounced difficulty scale. Enemies scale somewhat higher in difficulty as you progress along the quest line. Expect tougher resistance in endgame regions of Ancaria, while starter regions are pretty much vanilla but for the numbers. All in all common sense was observed at all times while making this mod. Enemies that look scary and tough are badass, but dont expect to be ripped up by rats or small desert bugs, they are still nice, fluffy and vanilla. Requirements: Sacred 2 Gold + Community Patch 1.40, or Sacred 2 Ice & Blood + Community Patch 1.40 The mod comes with own installer and can be one-click switched anytime between the mod and vanilla CM140. It will not affect savegame compatibility, characters or equipment in any way if you are using only the Community Patch and can be harmlessly switched on and off. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qctkrnmj284iroz/Sacred2SurvivalModCM140_v101b.zip?dl=0
  5. Best Overall Character In Sacred 2?

    Try BFG Seraph hehe. 500k crit insta-gibs +100k energy shiled with insane resists and block on level 190.
  6. Elite Fighter: T-Invasion

    No worries Moonpaw, your mod is a great one. Still its good when ppl can choose between extreme and moderate increase in difficulty, more choice - always better, different folks like different things. Besides, I bet they can switch anytime between the two. And thx for the spawn.txt tool. Though I still prefer a text editor, its a great way to test a file for spelling errors and it also explained a few things to me. I recon it can become extremely useful if you add the region pic support as planned, otherwise its difficult to say sometimes where you're putting the stuff to.
  7. Elite Fighter: T-Invasion

    Hi guys. I've made a new difficulty mod for Sacred 2 Ice and Blood for Community Patch 130. Its focus is to improve gameplay over vanilla by raising difficulty and toughness of most Elite and some standard monsters to make the game a little bit more of a challenge for high end characters. In this mod the Elite can actually put up a fight rather then just fail hopelessly, unable to penetrate top-tier character defensive parameters. It also introduces 2 T-Mutant armies, invading lands of Elves and Orcs in the vicinity of T-energy contamination sites. Features: - Higher risk & higher reward. Elite type monsters significantly increased in difficulty by raising their battle parameters and HP pools. The increase is not flat and is highly varied depending on the region and monster type. Difficulty gradually rising as the campaign progresses. For example: Cobold elites are not very different from stock, but Demons and Temple Guardians can be brutal for some. - Higher reward for elite kills: drop amount from the elite is increased. - T-Mutant armies invade the High Elf and Orc regions: stop this madness and slaughter the punters. - Minor improvements to various officer and champion type mobs: they can actually hit you on occasion rather then miss all the time. - A slight increase in overall monster density and aggressiveness (30%), respawn time slowed accordingly. The experience will probably depend on your character type and strength: If you're tough and hit hard and fast it will still be less of a walk in the park. And for those squishy ones, well.. they'll roll all over you. Great way to test your character coolness. Oh and by the way, switching between this and vanilla CM 130 is extremely easy and can be done in one click. Download here: Elite Fighter: T-Invasion
  8. Damage Mitigation (multichannel) vs Glacial Thorns

    Thank you guys for your prompt replies, I have already figured out that my viewpoint on the issue was correct. Since some of you are seasoned veterans of online battles and probably know most of the tricks, could you please comment on my character's capabilities in online PvP engagements? I've done this seraphim in open games and I thinks she's pretty tough and close to invulnerable, damage is good too. Frankly its boring playing on Niob, even the bosses can't inflict any significant damage and I don't waste much time slaying them. I'm considering making a similar build for a game online closed.net, I hope you could make an outline of drawbacks and advantages. She's shield+sword with celestial magic support and she's for addon 2.65 This is the link to download. http://www.filefront.com/16090277/Sacred2_Miranda_Lvl175.zip
  9. Damage Mitigation (multichannel) vs Glacial Thorns

    For that I don't care too much as I have a high level Hallowed Restoration with Recuperation-Prevention-Antidote.
  10. Recently I've had an argument with a fellow concerning the damage mitigation and the Glacial Thorns skill. The basics is that I have an level 175 Seraphim with multichannel damage mitigation of 87%, physical and ice armor over 10000 each and 33000 hp. He's the fan of the High Elf and claims that a high level Glacial Thorns spell (over 100lvl combat art) with ancient magic skill is so devastating in close combat, that it "ignores" damage mitigation for ice and will be capable of blowing all hp in one shot. I am not using Divine Protection. Since I don't have an opportunity to test it directly, I would like to hear some comments from experienced players, playing on closed.net servers. Thank you guys.
  11. Sacred 2 and Hamachi works! (confirmed)

    Win 7 mate, most probably. Or - to be more specific there is no updated version of hamachi for win 7 yet. Try joining my network though (darkmatters, pass darkmatters) on hamachi, maybe we'll be able to work smth out.
  12. Sacred 2 and Hamachi works! (confirmed)

    Guys, I've set up a hamachi network to play Ice and Blood in AU and NZ, (US welcome too ) name: darkmatters pass: darkmatters
  13. Sacred 2 and Hamachi works! (confirmed)

    Heya Schot, that's great, I've got 2.65.1. I really wish to play with a few folks on a softcore with a low ping. I've tried closed.net before but abandoned it quickly because the lag with Europe was insane. When I realised there was no chance for a fun pvp session there I was sticking to single player only, but it ends up boring eventually. So, if anyone is still up for a game I would welcome an opportunity.
  14. Sacred 2 and Hamachi works! (confirmed)

    Hello guys! So are there any functioning networks around? Also which version of the game are you currently using?
  15. Just a warning :)

    Dear Sankekur, I appraise the effort that you've dedicated to this mod quite highly and I definitely enjoy it a lot. To be honest I even couldn't resist the temptation of going further and modifying it. Things like making the mob quite aggressive, adding some extra champion spawns in spawns.txt, they are all there now, but there's still a certain point of discontent with the results. The matter of concern is the problem of lazybone free-roaming bunch, which happens when too many melee attackers are closing up their ranks around my avatar. It appears that under no circumstance more than five close combat aggressors at a time would provide me a courtesy of trying to get my ass lacerated. In the meantime, the rest of the pack (with a kind exception of ever-available bow-wielders) is trying to pretend they've got other noble inspirations and can usually be found doing trivial quests of wabbit-hunting and herb gathering in the immediate vicinity of the slaughterspot, or rather and most often just admiring the view. Shall any of their five still fighting brethren go aloft, stricken down by a swift swing of mine, another one will take his place in turn. It seems like their special code considers it dishonorable and unworthy to outnumber any foe by a ratio higher than 5 to 1. Hence, by this poor choice of tactics they lose any elusive advantage they still had and have little chance of giving me anything but a scratch. I would therefore like to suggest the idea of having some new psychological training program administered to all of the hostile inhabitants of Ancaria to limit the extent of such an pathetic and unchallenged massacre. If you will happen to find any solution to this problem in the script files or elsewhere please let me know.