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  1. Inquisitor

    So, quick thoughts because I'm on-the-go at the moment: - Gravitation for the CM Bronze mod, as consoles crash if you round up too many enemies. You'll want to hit smaller groups with it (compared to what you could do on the PC version). - I think I took Elongation for LA Bronze mode, but I don't use Levin Array much honestly...see the next point. - CM + LA (or CM + any further Area of Effect generally) will lead to frequent crashing on the console versions of the game. It's a shame, because the CM + LA combo is very fun, but I wouldn't recommend it on the console versions. I stick to CM by itself...and still crash my PS3 every-so-often.
  2. Hmmm. That's weird. I'm also able to download it (but it makes sense as the uploader). Can anyone else try to see if they can download the file please?
  3. Revelation of the Seraphim 3d Model (Poser)

    As requested by Gogo (and thanks for his help in getting the files uploaded to DarkMatters): These files can now be found hosted in the Downloads section of this forum. http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/629-kaballahs-seraphim-3d-modelling-files-poser-daz-3d/
  4. Version


    The files to recreate Kaballah's Revelation of the Seraphim model in 3D modelling / animation programs such as Poser and DAZ 3D. http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9655-revelation-of-the-seraphim-3d-model-poser/
  5. Revelation of the Seraphim 3d Model (Poser)

    Sure. I'll make a note to do this on Thursday or Friday.
  6. Revelation of the Seraphim 3d Model (Poser)

    I still have the files (see link below), but I don't remember the instructions for getting them into the Poser or DAZ 3D library (I haven't used them since 2011). https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwJYTQ0QsnCpV0hjUjFIOUVLUGs/
  7. Goodbye ps3 Sacred 2

    That's a shame. I haven't been returning to Sacred 2 as much as I used to, but I've been frequenting it at least once a month. It's amazing that the game still holds up after 8 years (and that I still haven't gotten any of my current characters to level 200, after deleting my previous one). I played FF11 for the 5 years prior to Sacred 2, but I could never get into FF14 (probably because my time in FF11 has turned me off from any future FF MMO). On the other hand, still playing Blade and Soul (with a controller). I don't know if I can go to any other MMO that doesn't have a technical, action combat system.
  8. Nier Automata

    I pre-ordered it for PS4. I couldn't justify the limited edition from Squeenix's website though...$250ish CAD was just too much. https://store.na.square-enix.com/product/435171/nier-automata-black-box-edition-ps4
  9. To elaborate on what Lujate stated: Aside from the legal aspect, those mods were never successfully replicated on the PS3 version. In other words, PC to PS3 transfers (similar to the Xbox 360 version) do not exist.
  10. Lucifer tv show

    Only a few more hours until we find out exactly how the therapist reacted to Lucifer's reveal. As a side note: I also think that Trixie is going to soften Maze up throughout the season.
  11. Lucifer tv show

    Not that he hasn't been funny (his attempt at creating a catch phrase for himself was hilarious), but as the storyline progresses, there's been less opportunity for his antics from Season 1. (And less opportunity for therapy sessions.) I like where they're going with the story though, so I've been watching it...excuse the pun...religiously.
  12. Lucifer tv show

    Yep, watching Season 2. This season hasn't been as entertaining as the first, but still good. He hasn't been as snarky as he used to be, but the twists have been interesting.
  13. So, I'm not entirely a fan of Grunwald because of the lag that comes with the area on the PS3 version (not sure what causes it either). Depending on the build that I was using (I've tried a few on the Dryad), it was either the Orc Cave (quick single target kills) or Orc Area (farming hordes, usually using VD). Alternatives to the Orc Area are the Swamp or the Desert, but I don't think I hit those places until 40+. So, ultimately, it comes down to your choice of CAs. In regards to Constitution: If you're getting OHKOed in Gold, then Constitution + Armor Lore will help you survive, especially as the Dryad doesn't get Toughness. Constitution and Armor Lore sync well with AB and GT. If you play online, add me on the PSN. I still play every-so-often (usually offline though).
  14. Blade and Soul

    Lujate: I know the feeling. I started a Warlock with some friends, and I found the lower levels very limited. Playstyles aren't fully realized until 25-30 (when you have a sufficient amount of mod points for your skills, which can alter them drastically...very similar to Sacred 2, but you have to wait a little bit longer to create a build that suits your playstyle). I play a Blade Master as my main (tank), and it plays similar to the first Devil May Cry (only with more options for animation cancelling, which were around in DMC also, but not as many options). I abandoned my Force Master pretty early on too, because it just wasn't as exciting as the close-combat. I recently created a new one though, as I've come across some Force Masters who were great at tanking (which you're not supposed to do with a Force Master), so I'm going to give that a shot. The flicker on your laptop...I'm not sure what could be causing that. Wild guess that it's something between BnS and your graphics card. It may have been addressed with some of the new patches though. Gogo: It's 3D, but done in a Korean animation style. I can see where the trailer gives the impression of a mix of 2D and 3D, but it's purely a 3D action game. It plays well online, assuming you have a stable connection. The NA servers are in Texas. I'm using TekSavvy (on Bell's DSL network) and have very little lag in most areas.
  15. Blade and Soul

    What class(es) did you play as?