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  1. The damage boost is applied on all Combat Arts as soon as you take Combat Discipline skill, tooltips are updated accordingly, you don't need to put your CAs in a combo to get the damage bonus, it's a passive. The only benefit you'll get from using CAs in combos is reduced regen time from Combat Discipline.
  2. While combat discipline is really useful for it's game-wide damage increase and bonus regenration on combos, it's fairly safe to say it's rarely used for a combo with 4 CAs. The T-energy shield is mostly like everything else in this game, only gets really good later, when you can use some +xx% maximum shield energy amulets* in platin/niob, it's much better. Keep in mind, your base energy shield only takes 60% of the incoming damage, 40% goes to your HP bar. Early it doesn't matter that much, but at later levels you may also want to find some amulets with +xx% absorbtion energy shield* and get around 40% value so your shield will absorb most of the incoming damage, as an energy shield can reach some 50-200k in niob. *= +xx% max. shield energy (white modifier/warding energy lore) and +xx% Absorbtion warding energy (white modifier, warding energy lore, only on armors) bonus is calculated from your actual difficulty level and warding energy lore skill level, no matter what the level of the item it comes from is. / +xx% Absorbtion warding energy (blue modifier) depends of the item level and the difficulty it comes from. One last friendly reminder, the build you follow was designed during the Fallen Angel era, don't forget that opponent's level for death blow and +xx% critical hits bonus from items don't work anymore on spell-based CAs. The only thing you can do to "fix" this is to manually zoom in yourself before speaking to an NPC. When you're done talking it should zoom back to the same level, which will make it faster.
  3. As long as you keep bargaining at character level, you can always easily find or buy relics around your level with the maximum + Bargaining available, which is already a good base. Trying to keep your bargaining suit upgraded will cost you a lot for not that good of a difference. Your goal should be to do bargaining sessions every 15-20 levels (something like levels 2,12,35,50,65,75,90, and right when you get to the next difficulty), and updating your dedicated suit at these levels, when you can really make a difference. If you also have blacksmith skil available, it'll make it easier for you as you can put +xx bargaining amulets in both silver and gold slots, and +xx all skills rings in bronze slots, which potentially increase your maximum skill level compared to NPC blacksmithing. Also keep an eye on armors sold by merchants and blacksmiths, you'll sometimes find chest/greaves/sleeves/epaulets with +xx all skills and slots, and boots/helmets/belts with +xx bargaining/general skills and slots. Last note about Kayser's Luck set, you'll get much better amulets with +xx All skills/CA - + xxx Max HP from bargaining sessions, than what this set will ever give you.
  4. I don't think there's a full list of when specific modifiers increase in numbers. Also it depends of the current difficulty you're playing in. Just as an example I can remember about difficulty level difference, a level 2 ring in silver can have a maximum of +4.5% experience per kill, whereas the same ring you'll find in niob with a maximum of +7.5% experience per kill I don't have the exact numbers, but based on the actual characters I'm playing at the moment, at level 75 niob, you can get amulets with +5 Barganing/Blacksmith/etc, and jewelry with +4 All skills/Combat arts/X skill. Around levels 35+ you'll start finding +2 All skills/CAs jewelry. If lucky you can also find doubled single-stats jewelry (such as +4 all skills instead of +2, but have no other stats). The progression isn't really quick, I'd recommend you wait around level 45-50 to start shopping, you'll have more gold, also better if you can reach gold difficulty where you'll find slightly better items. Until then, blacksmith arts would be the best pick. > Bargaining tips page on the wiki, take a look at the Ice&Blood section, it's likely to be the only list you'll find. And as far as I'm aware, you can't reset your campain/quests progression per difficulty level, it's another different mechanic between the two games, once you've done something in one difficulty campain mode, you can't do it again until next difficulty level. As I can see on this wiki page, the ring you're looking for with that quest has halved +all skills stat, which doesn't make it worth farming. In my opinion it'd be better to just play the game and earn some gold before, then you'll get better items with bargaining later, it takes some time to get good results.
  5. This. Even shorter is, once you're on start-island and desire refreshing merchants, just open your map, click on any portal (Sloeford for example), and as your map starts closing just press your travel back/soulstone key (should be F8, or one of those key, check in your game settings). This will make the game consider you're travelling away and generate a loadscreen, but will be faster for you as you'll stay on start-island at all times. Alternatively, you can go Thylysium the area east of the Portal has 3 merchants (rune, merchant, smither) and a cave entrance which you can use to get in/out and refresh merchants. Also south Thylysium you can find 4 merchants (2 merchants, one smith+runemaster) and can use the boat nearby and come back. However unlike the trick mentionned above, you'll have 2 loadscreens each time. Also if you reached these places yet, you can use the balloon-travelling system in cursed forest, when you can port endlessly between Village Ruins, Derelict Estate and Destroyed Village where you can find 2 merchant each time which will get refreshed as you travel between those places.
  6. Sacred 2 Bloom Problem

    I guess you already tried that, but the best way to reduce all the glowy shiny things in game is to set to minimum Render and Effects in graphics options, and unckecking Weather effects. You might also want to check your monitor color/brightness settings as well, some monitors have horribly bright "eyekiller" presets.
  7. You get one attribute point per level until level 50. Then you get 2 per level until 150. Then 3/level for 150-200. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Attributes
  8. Only special mods on certain spell-based CAs can cause life leech, such as Life Leech bronze mod for Jolting Touch. All other sources of life leech are only applied to weapon-based CAs and basic weapon attacks. Another difference between both games, I always wondered how %life leech on CAs would translate in Sacred 2. Though you can never really reach crazy amount of %LL in Sacred 2 until very late game, when your spells should also kill nearly every normal ennemy in 1-2 hit anyways.
  9. Yes, combo recharge time is calculated from the CA which has the longest recharge time in the combo. Combat Discipline gives you an additionnal 10% recharge time reduction and allows you to use 3 skills in a combo, and 20%/4 skills at mastery. Though this reduction won't be applied to skills cooldowns (such as Fiery Ember for example, it's 15s base cooldown won't get reduced when placed in a combo, only it's regeneration time). A common usage of combos when using Combat Discipline is to use combos for single skills just for the reduced CA recharge. Another difference from S1 is that your CAs placed in combos get their level updated as you go, no need to manually update the combo every time.
  10. Not much to add to the replies above, however I recommend you also read contents of the Temple guardian build section if not already done, where you can find a lot of player-made guides for different aspects. Also as said before, you can find in this same section the 3 Lost Fusion TG guides (from base game to CM-patch) from Vaclaf, which cover a lot of questions about it. Then it's your choice to follow or not what's recommended in these guides. Repeating a quest giving skillpoints/attributes over and over mostly defeats the purpose of leveling a character, but what you do for yourself is your choice, too.
  11. Just checked out of curiosity, these keyboard shortcuts are the ones mentionned in the game manual from release version (french one at least). Weird that it doesn't even show usual move keys as WASD (qwerty kb's) / ZQSD (azerty kb's), but instead the command arrows. One thing that never changed since however, is the loot pick-up key is Q for QWERTY keyboards and A for AZERTY/french keyboards.
  12. You can find regeneration time -xx% bonus randomly on many rares, bargaining helps with that, but also set items, uniques (ex. Tinwora's curse), and you can also use blacksmith to put enhance arts (it gives reg time -xx% and crit hits +xx%, but be aware that critical hits modifiers from equipment doesn't affect spells). Special class mounts allow you to use combat arts - which you can't on classic horses. The regeneration penality will be less noticable later, Riding isn't the best skill pick if you can get something more useful instead for your build. btw @chattius : that cake looks so tasty...
  13. Hi I'll try to give some additional help on this, however I'd strongly recommend first reading Vaclaf's LF TG builds for both I&B and CM-patch, this is where you'll likely find most of the answers you're seeking for about this build, if not done already. Mechanix X-E for Ice&Blood / Mechanix Omega-TX for CM-patch You'll also find his videos on his YT channel here. The game allows you pretty much to do anything you want with your build, be it that you use only one or more aspects. As desm said above, you can play purely with Lost Fusion, it'll work, but you can also add Devout guardian mainly for it's energy shield (as you can see in Vaclaf's builds), or Source warden for debuffs (For example you can use Fiery Ember to reduce your opponent's armor against Fire damage before using Flamethrower, and even their attack speed if using the right mod) and eventually damage, it's up to you. The answer isn't only for this question in particular - everything you do will get better as you level up, as you'll slowly increase your skills and get better gear. Most builds at start of the game, have horrible regen time and damage on CAs and you need to kill with your weapon until some time when you get a good balance between regen time and damage. Also worth mentionning it gets much better when you have a character with Bargaining to support with +All skills jewelry and some other useful goodies - Blacksmith skill helps as well but as I understand you're already using it, which is great. Skills can be cast quicker if you increase your casting speed by either spending points on corresponding aspect Lore skill or use +xx% cast times bonus on items (mostly on rings), keep in mind the maximum is 150% cast speed. I think like all magic-based CAs the flame thrower has 100% hit chance, it's use is just tricky because of it's bad range, quoting Vaclaf on this one : You should always use the mount that's dedicated to your main aspect as it gives a regen time reduction bonus. For you weapon of choice I'll once again redirect you to Vaclaf's builds, and add that you don't need to pick any weapon skill for your build.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone, I hope all of you had good moments with the ones you love!