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  1. @TornadoX1 I hear you Gogo and Schot would haveto chaise me out here with hay forks @podgie_bear Now there is someone even I remember
  2. that was a blast from the past (look who is talking) :P

  3. bhj

    Your Location

    Yeah we had some insane fights in Ogame But just stay away from that game Onikage Its so damn addictive Funny enough I played freelancer for a looooong ass time before I switched to eve online (Not that eve is not addictive But you can turn it off whenever you want to and if u dont login for a week / mount / year Nothing happens with you ingame In Ogame some ***** would have found your fleet and killed it Send me a pm if u decide to try eve and ill send u a link that gives u some Extra skill points to start out with and maybe a startup care packages B .
  4. bhj

    Your Location

    ooooh g*d no Stay faaar way from Ogame I`ts so damn addictive (say the guy that`s now playing Eve online) To be honest I don't know how many Norwegian is left here But there used to be quite a few few here
  5. bhj

    Your Location

    It's always nice to more Norwegians in here a friend of me mad this awesome picture of my home town some years ago http://gigapan.com/gigapans/138304
  6. iam still lurking around on EU SC
  7. bhj

    Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7

    cos if u dont u have a old brower installed with old and well known bugs in it thats why...
  8. I dont really use the ... thing But I guess its best to keep it up to date anyway
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzOIJvHlexQ Hmmmmm
  10. did u get that tiny little thing brad ? my precious still looks the same on the outside at least