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  1. At the time was worth it (for me atleast) But now I say come play eve instead
  2. @Timotheus o/ Merry Christmas @Dax yeah Freelancer is what I was playing as well before eve (with the discovery mod) Its almost sad to say this But eve is sooooo much better
  3. yep they are Heres one of the latest ships that was added to the game (Zirnitra) and the other one is just me moving around doing my thing just now @Dax Is really eve that difficult? Well yes and no The thing with eve is there is so many ways you can play it And so many things you can do So mastering everything is gong to take awhile So as long as your not a millennial that want instant gratification like Yesterday eve is a awesome game for you... Everyone in here should ofc start playing eve right now (Let me know if anyone does (Before you make an account) and ill make your eve startup a bit easier)
  4. Yep eve looks amazing (let me show you)
  5. Path of Exile (and ofc still eve online)
  6. I finally found my Christmas avatar So are you all done with the craziness that is Christmas this days ?
  7. bhj

    Next game?

    Hmmm thought question 🤔 Sacred 2 and forward For sure Way better UW and back Just barely But yeah its better
  8. bhj

    Next game?

    yep iam still playing and we have room for everyone that wants to play the best space sandbox game ever made ;)
  9. bhj

    Next game?

    here you have the last "new" game you ever need to get ;)
  10. Hmm what happened to the time ? I posted that over 10 years ago
  11. @TornadoX1 I hear you Gogo and Schot would haveto chaise me out here with hay forks @podgie_bear Now there is someone even I remember
  12. that was a blast from the past (look who is talking) :P

  13. bhj

    Your Location

    Yeah we had some insane fights in Ogame But just stay away from that game Onikage Its so damn addictive Funny enough I played freelancer for a looooong ass time before I switched to eve online (Not that eve is not addictive But you can turn it off whenever you want to and if u dont login for a week / mount / year Nothing happens with you ingame In Ogame some ***** would have found your fleet and killed it Send me a pm if u decide to try eve and ill send u a link that gives u some Extra skill points to start out with and maybe a startup care packages B .
  14. bhj

    Your Location

    ooooh g*d no Stay faaar way from Ogame I`ts so damn addictive (say the guy that`s now playing Eve online) To be honest I don't know how many Norwegian is left here But there used to be quite a few few here