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  1. iam still lurking around on EU SC
  2. Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7

    cos if u dont u have a old brower installed with old and well known bugs in it thats why...
  3. I dont really use the ... thing But I guess its best to keep it up to date anyway
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzOIJvHlexQ Hmmmmm
  5. did u get that tiny little thing brad ? my precious still looks the same on the outside at least
  6. iam guessing you are on the US server gogo (and the rest of you...) or ?
  7. Iam on EU SC from time to time But I haveto admit I play Age of Conan way more then D3 (On the EU Crom server there btw)
  8. Age Of Conan

    its prob the graphics card that is to blame thnik min is 8600 or 8800 there is ofc a few things u can do to get the game to run better But I think it going to be hard to get it running at a level you would be able to enjoy the game like you should with a 7100 AA off wahter effect and vind effect in trees / grass off shadows down or off dont set view distance to long 3d numbers off
  9. Age Of Conan

    hehe wel I made this thread 10 August 2008 and iam still playing the game that are saying alot as for the reviews you talked about yep things can be abit repetitive if you let it But there so many places to go and so much stuff to do so this is realy only a "problem" if you are farming to get somthing you want (and even then you want it so its not so bad) clumsy controls: Hmmm nope I just dont get this ons (prob a ps3 guy they had testing it) empty servers: aoc has taken a few hits with skyrim, swtor and gw2 but seems to be bouncing back just fine doing some recruting for my guild from time to time so I have been hanging around a few low level places and theres ALOT of players there So things looks good as I see them atleast load time: the bigger the place you are going to the more stuff need to be loaded No way around that But entering or leaving the Thirsty Dod tavern should not take that long (running aoc with my old gtx260 myself without any problem) take me 3-4 sec sooning in and out from the tavern just now EDIT: added faster time sooning in and out of Thirsty Dod tavern
  10. Age Of Conan

    Iam still playing btw and they are still updating the game the next addone they are working on is "Secrets of the Dragon's Spine" what I have seen of it looks good (se image under) Age of conan is also free to play now http://www.ageofconan.com/playfree And I can still be found on the EU Crom server
  11. Windows 8 for 40 bux!

    hehe well in my opinion the best place for W8 is on a shelf in some store W7 is the best one out there and in gen the best windows since xp (and vista the worst one this OS gave me quite a few gray hairs ) as for ME it was better the 98/98SE so I was happy at the time