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  1. That makes some sense, it is writing to the same save files. Perhaps I'll run it on another PC.
  2. EP is awesome, definitely recommended. However, bargaining takes a lot of effort to maintain and unless you are planning to leave her as a shopper at a predefined level, it might be better to go the other way. Ancient Magic, Spell Resist and Combat Discipline will make her nice and solid and fun to play. Eat as many runes into GI as you possibly can. There are no drawbacks. Are you playing online with the addon?
  3. haha, nice! That's very cool. When will we see the rest of Darth's 'set'..?
  4. It's an out of bounds development area. The quest chain gives great rewards, but some would consider it cheating You can also find a Shadow Warrior class quest and a mount dealer up there. Any class with a jumping CA (belligerent vault, shadow step, etc) can get there using the dismount trick to jump up the hills in the south west swamps.
  5. That is a great line up. I saw Korn play about 2 months ago and their live show is as impressive as ever. I saw Disturbed play in a fairly small pub (maybe 2002?) and it was one of the best live shows I've been too. Hope you guys have an awesome time
  6. That sounds messy DB I like it, sounds pretty sweet overall. I would give it a shot, nice work Dobs
  7. Furian mentioned he could see your servers in the same way. I figured there are no servers hosted remotely, but I would assume if there's anyone playing I would be able to see their servers. I've never even seen one. Perhaps I'll do a test with my other account.
  8. Well, I'm warming to the idea of Open net.. 5 guardians runs in and I get another legendary (Dagger of the Assassins). Not sure if they count in Open, but I'm claiming it Open seems to be considerably faster creating servers (for obvious reasons), which makes boss runs more enjoyable. I'm still confused as to why I can't see any servers though. Does that mean no one can see mine?
  9. I'm trying to play Open Net (silver) if anyone is around.
  10. More LL% one handers! A dual wield set would be awesome. Perhaps a pair of dueling gloves? On guard!
  11. Nice Full deths + LL blowpipe would be very destructive. Sounds like fun!
  12. Glad to see you're enjoying the game! Are you playing single or multiplayer?
  13. I somehow doubt that there would be a reason to divide by the experience multiplier though...so I don't think anything would break. Haha, yeh me either. Just wanted to make a divide by zero joke
  14. It it makes you feel better, it's 28.5C (about 83F) here at the moment.
  15. There's also a slight chance it might cause unexpected errors if you made it 0. Imagine if it divided something by that value. The world would surely implode
  16. Initially it was my want to be able to sit on the couch and play an aRPG (and the fact that Sacred 2 seemed like great value for money). Then the community got me hooked and I made the switch to PC.
  17. I'm still playing actively, but I am rapidly losing the patience needed to grind alone for long periods of time. If I do end up going to Open, I don't know if I will be able to control the urge to run builds I've wanted to, but didn't have the equipment for (eg. dual kal'durs) and I am concerned that after the initial surge of fun, it will ruin the game experience completely.
  18. Press the triangle/arrow button in the top right corner.
  19. If anyone needs to open ports, check out http://portforward.com/
  20. Don't get too far away from me My elf hit 75 yesterday.
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