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  1. I figured as much. Bit of a shame considering they already had the quests coded!
  2. I used blender many years ago and it wasn't up to the standard of 3dsmax/Lightwave/C4D. I can imagine they'd be a lot more solid now with a committed community.
  3. Is it possible to get the bunny ears on console?
  4. We need contact with the outside world? Considering that pizza, groceries and even electronic equipment is now cheaper to order online, I almost don't see any reason to go outside at all! ...ok, perhaps that's not quite true. A bit of fresh air now and then doesn't hurt
  5. Being a designer, I know all about creativity blocks. I feel your pain! Congratulations about getting back on track, best of luck with getting published.
  6. I did consider this idea, I am just worried about spreading myself too thin trying to pick all three aspects. I am also unsure about having to mod up a buff I won't be using all the time. If I was going to do this, which 'skin' would be more useful early on? Thanks for the link, I have read Dobri's build (even though the lack of spacing makes my eyes hurt ). I am not set on the hardcore play style, I just noticed a massive difference in the number of uniques/sets I have picked up when keeping my survival bonus as high as possible. I tend to agree with this, but I can see the potential CS has. Thanks, you're probably right. I definitely think I'll give EP a miss.
  7. Hi all, I have spent the better part of a week now researching various HE builds and the pros/cons of each type. Various sources have noted that ice builds are flawed on console (due to poor targetting), and as such I am almost completely sold on a Pyromancer build. I have based a lot of my setup on the 'High Elf Pyromancer Valuable Shopper Build' by MasonIsAJar on the PS3Trophies forum. I am pretty sure there are no differences between the Xbox/PS3 versions, so this build should be exactly the same on 360. I want to build this character to be my shopper, so I need her to be solid and capable of surviving to Niob. I don't intend on dying if possible, but being that I'm playing on console it isn't the end of the world. So I have started the toon, but since I was unsure how I wanted this build to go together I have only spent a single point in Concentration (because I know I'll want 2 buffs at some point). She is currently at level 7, so I have 2 skill choices to make and 8 points to spend. I also haven't eaten any runes. So that all said, my current plan is (roughly in order): Combat Arts Ancestral Fireball (pre defined) - [Explosion, Fusillade, Hot Pursuit] Blazing Tempest - [scorch, Conflagration, Ambition] Incendiary Shower - [skull Smash, Smoking Rock, Devastation] Incandescent Skin (Buff) - [Combusting Arrows, Revenge, Arrant Pyromancer Expertise] Grand Invigoration (Buff) - [Arrant Pyromancer Expertise, Replenish, Resilience] Shadow Step - [Phase Shift, Sanctuary, Mend] I have only picked 6 Combat Art's at this point. Can someone confirm how badly Incandescent Skin will influence the regeneration times for Delphic Arcania? If it isn't too bad, I will likely pick Magic Coup, Expulse Magic and then Fire Demon (assuming I take Concentration to mastery). Skills Concentration Arrant Pyromancer Lore Arrant Pyromancer Focus Bargaining Enhanced Perception Armor Lore Delphic Arcania Focus Constitution Shield Lore Ancient Magic Opinions on this order? Am I leaving Armor Lore too late? I can probably swap it with EP. I was also wondering if it would be ill advised to take Bargaining before AP Lore/Focus? Attributes I have been putting all my attribute points into Intelligence for now and I'll probably eventually put some into Stamina (for better regen) and potentially Vitality. Now, I have a couple of questions. Do you think this have the survivability I need? Although the guide this is based on is incredibly well written, I am not sure the writer has taken it as far as I am hoping to. Should I get AP Lore/Focus up a bit before I start pumping Bargaining? If I put all the points I currently have into Bargaining (I know this is not a great plan, she's squishy/weak enough as it is!) would I be able to buy enough gear to keep me going until I can get some more points together to up my offensive skills? What do you think? Do you see room for improvement/changes? Thanks!
  8. I hope you moved all that gear! Sucks to hear you lost her I want B&I.
  9. 8 machines? That sounds like an awesome LAN party setup.
  10. The BFG magically appears out of nowhere. It occupies a slot like a normal weapon once summoned.
  11. Interesting. I'm thinking about doing an Ice HE Shopper, this build seems solid. I'd probably just take Bargaining over Riding and pump them a bit more.
  12. Go community spirit. PS3 seems to have a strong community, perhaps I should switch
  13. Worst deity ever. I can imagine it might be useful on a high level toon with divine devotion, but that doesn't appeal imo.
  14. What are you putting skill points into? I am currently playing a Dryad who's up to level 20 and I haven't had any issues at all. Killed the Kobold Chieftan in about 10 seconds (at level 11 I think) with only RI/DA. Gar'colossus didn't take much effort either.
  15. Relics are the arms. Endijian's Leg Guards are the legs.
  16. Mass killing and tactical hunting sounds exactly like the dryad! I don't think that there's anything that particularly makes her better than all the rest. She doesn't really have any junk Combat Art's? There are lots of good combinations of attacks? She's fast, accurate and effective (particularly with a blowpipe as Dragon Brother said). Chuck on AB/SP and use DA/RI for mobs, TV/EL for bosses and you can cruise through.
  17. Purple monkey dishwasher. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?
  18. I don't see any problem with smithing low level items if you have taken a character to Plat/Niob. You put in the effort, you deserve the reward. I do agree that it would make the game boring pretty quickly if you were using it excessively.
  19. I approve of this Dryad making. Mine is currently at 20 and destroying everything. Very satisfying.
  20. Nice! This is an achievement on console (pc too?) and I wasn't going to bother with it, but this gives me hope
  21. I assume you've tried restarting? I've had a couple of odd things happen on 360 that have been fixed by a restart Hope you sort it out.
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