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  1. As much as I want to play the CM Patch, this idea concerns me. Are we simply trusting that there has been no foul play? Chests full of Kal'dur's and the like... I worry that if people start playing in 'clan only' locked servers, we aren't being very inviting to new players. I suppose the details could be posted on the forum, but that negates the point of locking them. In the end, I only see Furian on a regular basis anymore.. so whatever he does, I'll follow
  2. Dobs is on the money. It's for the materials you don't see. Not to mention the beer for after! Blacksmithing is hot work.
  3. I'm here, where are you? Server: [D.a.r.k] Seventy-Five
  4. What was that you said about not pushing the limits?
  5. Is anyone around? The grind is sooo much more apparent when alone.
  6. It's almost lunch time here and that looks awesome!
  7. I must say, as an Australian, I have no idea how American football works. But they certainly wear a lot of protection
  8. Well, we will start by figuring out which characters won't work. Inquisitor can take bargaining, but not EP. SW can take EP, but not bargaining. So they're out. There are plenty of Seraphim builds that would do what you're after. My suggestion would be the Queen of Blades or a BFG build. If you have the equipment, you could give Dob's new Leech killer a go. For High Elf I'd go with either Gogo's Secret Agent Ice Elf or Katran's impressive (and well loved) Pyro Elf. For a Dryad, I'd probably go with the Staff Bug build (assuming you're playing Ice and Blood). I have one as a shopper at roughly 100 and she destroys everything. Alternatively, check out Unipuma's guide. There are many choices for the Temple Guardian, mine would be Dobri's Utility Guide or Woody's 200 Club Utility Build. As for the poor Dragon Mage, I have no suggestions. I am not a fan of the class, but I am sure someone can provide some insight. Most of these will probably need a little tweaking to include barganing/EP, but it should definitely be possible. If you've emassed a bunch of gear for any one class, perhaps that would be the place to start.
  9. Hey Dobs.. Being that Barri is hoarding the Kal'durs, what (if any) changes would you make if you were going to run this build with a LL% star and shield. If I somehow come across a pair of Kal'durs (or if I can bribe Barri ), it'd be nice to be able to switch to DW, so I would want to keep that in the build.
  10. Elwin, you might want to specify that you are looking for ClosedNet
  11. Thank you guys, your support is appreciated. The water has stopped rising and is slowly receding. Massive amounts of damage to many homes, businesses and roads. My parents house rose to within 2-3 inches of the floor boards for the living level. Everything was moved off the lower level, so only minor losses. Very lucky. 15 dead, 61 missing at this stage. 30,000 properties affected. The river rose about 15 feet total. The cleanup process is going to take forever.
  12. Unfortunately the addon will never be released for consoles. When Ascaron went bust, Deep Silver bought the intellectual property for the game, but they have no intention of continuing development. Instead of attempting to decipher and unravel the current code, they began work on Sacred 3. It's a shame that it happened this way, but it is out of their control.
  13. Ah, I follow. Catchment area is a term I understand. http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/water/monitoring/current_data/map_qld.php
  14. There are some maps around of the flooding, but I can't find anything quite as detailed as what you have there. This page has some links to flood modeling: http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/
  15. Hey guys, just a quick update. 75% of Queensland has now been declared a natural disaster zone. Massive flooding in the CBD, power has been switched off and most staff told to stay away. My parent's place has taken on about 2' of water in their lower level and it's supposed to get higher. We moved a lot of their stuff out yesterday, so hopefully the damage has been minimised, but we will need to wait until the water recedes to see. Fingers crossed. Here is a photo out the front of their house about 3pm yesterday. Everything that is water should be road, beyond the trees you can see the river. The water has risen about 2m since this shot.
  16. Hi Katia, seems like Dobri has given you all you need to know about starting your first Seraphim. Welcome to the forums Are you playing single player? or online? Let us know if you have any more questions, the people around here are very helpful!
  17. Just an update on the floods. The situation has worsened since last week and now the major rural towns are being hit hard. Most recently Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley. Over 200,000 people have been affected. 8 people have been confirmed dead and at least 11 more are missing. Approximately $5 billion worth of damage. Chattius, yes, we have many dams. Unfortunately most of the time they are running low, but as soon as we get heavy rain like this... well, a picture says a thousand words. Collection of photos available here: http://www.boston.co...n_flooding.html Here is a video from the main streets of Toowoomba show just how much water there is..
  18. Nice Can't wait to go back to playing my pyro elf. Excellent video Dobs!
  19. Wow! Nice work LT! The black and red DM is awesome. I really dig the gold seraphim too.
  20. I don't know for sure, but possibly because the double hit mod is only a 15% chance. I'd probably choose the guaranteed 25% increase if I knew I was going to get 100% chance of a double hit anyhow. I didn't know BE did this. Very cool. If you added a handful of defensive skills (Armor Lore, Warding Energy, Spell Resist, Combat Reflexes, Toughness) and fill the rest with support skills (Bargain/Blacksmith/EP) you would have an awesome utility toon... and if you had Dobri's suggestion of Kal'durs and CC10, boss destroyer.
  21. You were getting close to 1 million XP in 10mins?
  22. A well setup level 42 dryad should be able to run the orc cave in Silver. You will definitely see better rewards for your effort.
  23. 42 level..gave me 450xp and some one star stuff...although it was not that easy killing it Wow, that's a terrible reward. He's not easy! He's respawnable and can drop legendaries though, so he's worth the effort.
  24. You will need to switch out something to take tactics in order to unlock it. If you're not using much from Death Warrior, you could drop the focus and use Tactics to unlock the mods for the CAs. Alternatively, you could drop CD.
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