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  1. I blame all the rain we've been having lately for Australia's poor performance. Far too much like England.
  2. There's no quest giver for the Gyrvim Island Dragon on PC either. It should still give pretty reasonable rewards? Roughly 100k XP at level 100?
  3. Best way to determine what you need is to take it as your last skill. If you are taking a bit too much damage choose CR, if you want to level up quicker take Alchemy (Alchemy is awesome) and if you're finding your LA+CM+RT combo is not doing it's job effectively (or you're a bit lacking in power) take DL. If you're feeling lonely, take Concentration
  4. haha, this is great. My initial thought was 'dude, don't look now, but I think that SW is taking a whiz..' This made me laugh out loud
  5. Hey! Thank you everyone I had a great day. Didn't do much of anything at all! *relax*
  6. Hold control and press print screen
  7. I live in Queensland, but the flooding is in the more remote regions and I live in the city. Queensland is about 700,000 sq miles, so it has a lot of contrasting areas (beaches/vibrant city/harsh outback). I have a few friends who are from smaller towns but I believe their families are all ok. It's a terrible situation for the farmers, they're almost constantly in drought. I am not sure they wanted quite this much rain.
  8. More runs today Woody/Barri? Let us know if/when you're going in.
  9. dreeft

    Hotmail.com Bug

    I use gMail for my general day to day account. I use it to sign up for websites and fill in forms, etc. As an example, since May last year I have got 14 spam emails, and it has filtered them all for me Even my own personal web hosting providers email protection can't match that.
  10. dreeft

    Hotmail.com Bug

    It won't be anything installed on your local machine, but it's worthwhile running those scans occasionally (once a month is fine.. or do it if your machine starts feeling sluggish). Hotmail is not particularly secure. They are either cracking your password, or infecting you via a spam email in an effort to harvest your details to use to spam their junk. Easiest way to avoid problems is use a long secure password (at least 8 characters with numbers and upper/lower case letters) and don't open any spam if possible. It's a shame that Hotmail's spam filter sucks
  11. The hirelings are probably the issue, he can use life leech on them. This will make it very difficult to get his life down. Can you figure out which quests they are and finish them?
  12. hardcore for life find a server with a [D.a.r.k] player and you'll be guaranteed a warm reception
  13. dreeft

    Hotmail.com Bug

    Not particularly helpful, but my suggestion would be change email providers. I know it's a complete pain in the ass, but the benefits of switching to a better provider (like Gmail) well outweigh the inconvenience. You can probably forward all your hotmail email onto the new account..?
  14. My wife and I went to a latin themed event on the river. Great view of the fireworks and endless bar tab. Excellent night out
  15. If you are playing Single Player or Campaign mode, you will need to get to those bosses via the main quest line.
  16. Depends on your build and resources. I think it's possible, but it might be a little low. Particularly with a squishy elf. I only play HC though
  17. Great work Furian My suggestion would be to remember to treat yourself occasionally.
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