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  1. Together we shall make the worlds greatest bobsled team. Now, push!
  2. When is everyone playing over the break? I'm on now
  3. Uh.. Dude.. You've already got the cool technology right in front of you. Sure, I have a lot of cool technology, but as an avid consumer I demand the newest and the best.
  4. Weird, I have Fifa Street 3 and NBA Street Home Court (along with Sacred 2) for 360. I didn't even realise Sacred 2 could do that, I'll have to check it out. It looks nice via HDMI to my PC
  5. Damn you Americans! Stop hogging the cool technology!
  6. Nice explanation Wolfie. Basically, if you are seeing enemies that are lower than your level, you are in the wrong location and should progress further through the game (either in terms of the map or difficulty level). At level 61 you should be getting close to finishing up in Silver, but the jungle, dryads and wastelands should still be able to match your level. Good to see more Aussies on the forums. You playing on ClosedNet at all?
  7. Wow, nice find. That's pretty cool. I wonder if the CM guys can implement this?
  8. To complete the info in this thread, if you are playing on console there are no limits to the level of item you can socket. If you socket a level 80 ring into level 30 gear, it will stay level 30 but get the level 80 modifiers.
  9. Welcome MITZE, good to have you on the forums. I have seen the ones on the start island drop cash, whites, blues and yellows. From memory I have never seen anything above a yellow (I think that's 2 stars) drop out of a hidden spot. I am pretty sure EP would increase your chances to find better quality gear. It would seem counter intuitive (from a development perspective) for the secret spots to be anything other than an invisible chest.
  10. Fantasy Island, Gilligan's Island, The Island of Dr. Moreau
  11. I'm with Woody. 100 seems to be a nice round number.
  12. Hey guys, I have a seraphim I started when I first moved to PC who was destined for glory but fell short when I realised I had no idea what I was doing. As she hit 45 I found it pretty painful to keep leveling her. She is an ok boss killer, but is useless against mobs. Instead of dumping her, I decided to leave her at 75 as a shopper. I took EP and started saving skill points in preparation for 65. I currently have 42 points saved at level 60. These 42 points can either be saved for 5 levels and put into Bargaining straight away ..or.. I can spend all of them now and use all of the 75 points I will get between 60 and 75 on Bargaining. So, my question is, which way should I do it and which skills should the points go into. I just want to be able to level quickly and get to 75 She is a DW build and has the following skills: (hard points in brackets) Tactics Lore 75 (52) Armor Lore 59 (36) Dual Wield 58 (35) Concentration 24 (1) Rev Tech Lore 48 (25) Exalted Warrior Focus 64 (41) Combat Reflexes 56 (33) Toughness 45 (22) Enhanced Perception 33 (10) Empty Slot for Barganing Any help is appreciated thanks!
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