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  1. Nice work! Because you clearly have nothing to do Schot, I'm going to suggest when you type into the box, it auto completes the page names
  2. Tangled Vine is excellent. If you are stuck on any bosses, get yourself a LL% star and you can just tangle them up and life leech them to death
  3. I've seen Dragon Strike chain cast. It is pretty impressive. I agree with your likes. I am a fan of Darting Assault too.
  4. Magic Find. The term is a hangup for older games, it's called Chance To Find Valuables in Sacred 2. It works in conjunction with Map Revealed to increase the chance that you'll find good stuff.
  5. hahahahahahaha, my apologies have uploaded/relinked the image on a site I know won't show us any of THAT weirdness.
  6. Haha, sweet mod. DW dryad with a full deth's set and dual ll% polearms would be a nice way to use this
  7. I agree, it depends on the toon. If you have a single target destroyer (like a boss runner), you will likely have a fairly large amount of power at your disposal. In this case it will probably be advantageous to substitute in some +xp gear, as you are only going against a few opponents and will want to maximize the rewards of the effort. That said, if you are boss hunting for gear in a particular level range, you probably want to avoid the extra gains. If you have a mob killer, you can get away with less +xp for the gains in damage. The more pain you can inflict, the bigger the mob you will be comfortable gathering. This will allow you to passively increase your xp returns. More enemies = more xp. That said though, I think every character can benefit from a little bit of +xp, even if you pick it up as a secondary modifier on shopped jewelery. It seems to be a lot more meaningful at 100+ when the grind really kicks in.
  8. Where is everyone? In Silver with my HE. Edit: In Gold now, thanks to Furian
  9. Great story essjayehm Good luck with gold!
  10. The problem with mitigation, is if you don't have a lot of it, it's a waste. I would suggest going Holy Protection until you find more stuff with mitigation and/or more bits of the Celestial set. Not only does the Holy Protection have a heap more armor, it has CTFV and an extra socket.
  11. Hooray! Welcome back to everyone Glad to see the upgrade went smoothly. Looking forward to checking out all the new features. Thanks for your efforts Gogo & Schot
  12. I stumbled upon this area tonight, without looking for it.. definitely does look like an X-wing
  13. It's been November 30th for almost 22 hours now and the site is still here, when is scheduled for?
  14. Oh man, I feel for you Schot, that is a big upgrade. Backup your backups!
  15. It could just be me, but what's the fun in running around opening chests? Are there substantial drop rate for chests? Why stop at 75 (diminishing returns after mastery)? Other than the seraphim caves, what are areas with a high density of chests?
  16. I wish we did celebrate it here, I could do with a day off Happy Thanksgiving to the Americanese amongst us!
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