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  1. Hey guys, long time no see! Figured I'd come check out if you were playing Diablo 3 and I'm glad to see you are A couple of my finds:
  2. It's raining here, but it's Summer (so it'll be warm by mid afternoon)..
  3. Chances are she still won't be able to get the highest tiers. Damn you, diminishing returns.
  4. If you use Shadow Step, you can jump down to the bottom quicker after he's dead.
  5. That looks great DB, nice fluid motion still. Works well.
  6. Very cool DB. Can you do a short video of her moving around to show how the skirt moves? I like the idea of an evil seraphim
  7. hahaha BleachFan, that was brilliant. So true.
  8. Damnit guys, I have a whole bunch of games backlogged to play. I'm currently playing Robokill, Infinity Blade, Ass Bro, Test Drive Unlimited 2, Sean White Skateboarding, Magicka AND Sacred 2... now I want to get this too!
  9. dreeft

    Sacred 3 for iPod

    In my experience, developers who are usually focused on PC/console games tend to miss the mark on handhelds. The main problems I have seen are; trying to port games and not modifying the difficulty/controls (Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light) and creating games that are way to involved and require a lot of time to play (Inotia series). Most of the major development companies want to push their big name titles to the new platform without spending time on redeveloping the games to work specifically for the device. A good percentage of the market is looking for casual pick up and play titles and this is not what they are delivering. This has left the door open for smaller independent developers to really shine. They are developing specifically for their chosen platform and it shows. Easy to learn but difficult to master. Some examples are Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, Dead Runner, Canabalt, Fruit Ninja, etc. I'd love to see a scaled down, almost jRPG version of Sacred for mobile devices, but this would require a full rethink on the way the game plays and I definitely wouldn't want them spending development time that could be going to the PC version to make it happen. Infinity Blade is great, really enjoying the 'bloodline' concept, great way to build on your progress. If you like the visuals of the game, grab 'Epic Citadel', it is the precursor development environment and allows you to walk around a full castle layout. Very cool stuff (free too).
  10. I have tried in Chrome 10 and FF3. Neither have the option. Interesting that non clan members can see it, but DB and I can't. Schot, it's not a setting is it?
  11. Even following those steps, I still don't get the option for additional recipients.
  12. I agree with both of you, I had no idea what to use for it. I was thinking life leech lines, because it's one of the only modifiers you can actually see, but it just wasn't working out the way I wanted it. I chose the TG because I really like the gritty style of the photo (props to Valcaf for the image). I'll keep thinking
  13. Hey guys, Being that I can't figure out how to do a multi person private message, I figured I would post the new Sacred Wiki icons for scrutiny by the clan before they go live. I am sure Munera and Gogo will be ok with it. The new icons are: Places, Community Patch, Easter Eggs, Item Modifiers & Skills. To see them in their natural habitat (with the others): http://dreeft.com/dark/icons/ If anyone has any suggestions how to improve these, please let me know. Definitely interested in feedback. cheers
  14. Hey guys, Is it possible to send a PM to multiple users at once? It seems like it should be possible. I am fairly sure I saw Gogo do it once Cheers!
  15. Seconded. That's some great info chattius If they have geostationary transfer satellites, why haven't they invented cars yet?
  16. I should NOT have read this at lunch time. That sounds awesome!
  17. Were you playing online? I've had lag cause that sort of issue. Glad you fixed it That would have been my suggestion.
  18. Thank you for digging this up Chattius, I forgot to mention that my family were all fine. Minor losses and the insurance is paying for everything (very lucky, a lot of people have been denied). It took us about 5 days solid working to clean up, many people were still going when we were done. Yasi is up on the Northern Coast of Queensland. There are some reasonable sized towns up there, Cairns and Townsville are looking to be the worst. I believe it it scheduled for 10pm tonight (3-4 hours from now). I am fine, Brisbane is quite a distance from it's expected path. Unfortunately, I don't know much about what is going on. I have been working very solidly for the last few days and have had my head in the sand. This is the most interesting link I've seen regarding it: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/special-reports/how-cyclone-yasi-compares-around-the-world/story-fn7rxoal-1225998850720
  19. Hahaha, nice. I'm glad you got it figured out
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