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  1. Hello guys/gals its been way to long since I have read this Topic. I just wanted to stop in and say happy holidays and thank you to all who have answered questions about this build in my abscence. If you have anymore questions just look for my post I have also posted videos of the swamp and desert regions to help. Take care all and thank you all for your interest in this build.
  2. Amen brother! Nough Said. So we hit the 20's^^. I will check the thread now and again but for now my sacred playing days are over. Wife and I are playing xiii final fantasy so it takes up the ps3 time. Cant wait till xiv drops. Take care all.
  3. Unforunately theres no way to get passsed that its why some skip leveling in the swamp all to gether faster experience but but getting bound sux. Lets just call those bound moments oppurtunity. What I would do in you shoes is use this oppurtunity to recast acute mind/GGT/ or even VD itself on the straglers coming to swing at you. this will increase its potency and thus making those experience floods come thru. If you read up I mentioned that while sitting still I always semmed to start getting the floods. Its like being chased by a Tornado I guess. Sorry but get use to it level mostyly in the south easy quadrent of the swamp and you will be in heavan. After awhile nothing will be there to bind you all you will be doing is runningg around picking up runes and eqipment and seeing the occasional strangler pop right before you.
  4. Wow Ty gogo. That's awesome I always say it I do it for the fans. Get strong figure it out and help others along the way that's why I enjoy games like these. I appreciate what you've done.
  5. @ zinger yes you can do my regular build level insanely fast and bosses with ease. The reason for the shopper in a colorful answe is this. A Toyota is an awesome vehicle but its still no lexus. With shopper you get the kexus for a Toyota price and you also get an additional parking lot to walk through and choose from. The best way would be to build her and buy random goodies as you level for your actual main character to wear as it levels.
  6. Welcome Back Steve. Well in out its been fun. Been invited to test another game. Ill read the thread here and there so I will still be here to answer questions.
  7. Here's the answer in short form. let's attack vd first you don't want to up its damage really even eating a bunch of runes you want to up your damage not its. Meaning as time goes on and you get higher in levels you will be finding a bunch of plus skill rings and amulets also plus combat art amulets. These item will enhance vds damage naturally if you put all your attribute points into intelect that's why even to this day I stand by saying only read twenty rubes max for vd. Now on to the spread everyone has there favorite place to use vd two of the most popular are the swamp and the desert. Both of these areas spread fast and result in fast experience gained. To do so get yourself a insect head and your set. The spiders in the swamp spread the disease faster and there located in the south east region of the swamp. In the desert head west two the scarabs which spread the disease the fastest. Oh yeah don't cast vd on undeas they resist it one hundred percent.
  8. Not a bug that's the way they intended in it being I believe. Have you jumped on your mount then casted it yet ? Also ess the world isn't enough. Eighteen why stop there let's go twenty. I'm sure there's a few questions I haven't answered yet or clear enough.
  9. So how is the leveling going? Its been awhile since we got questions here. sacred two done or has everyone moved on to there next class already?
  10. Okay A couple of quick tips. The VD exploit has been nerfed so it doesnt stay up !00% of the time but does last awhile. Only thing you can do to keep it up longer is add some spell intinsity in your gear and also make sure to cast acute mind as often as you can. Also on the last 2 slots add in ancient magic and shield lore for sure. This build is seriously nerfed w/o those too. It can be done by a very experienced player but being new I wouldnt go w/o those two.
  11. yes cynical thats exactly what I would do. From now until your @ 200 dump all the points you have in those three posiitions. !st Bargaining 2md nature lore third Nsture focus @ 200 I would for sure have bargaining @ 200 and nature lore as well. Now for your money problems you can od more then a couple of things to solve that but the simplest would be to farm White griffin for an hour or so. At your level every drop almostt is worth 1 million plus. Im sure you know this but incase you dont the plus skills gear is great for farming as well. For the simple fact you said your EP is very low so that doesnt help your farming much but the + skkills will boost that and also increase your drop results. Also on your plus skills that is pretty decent but dont stop shopping the higher that plus skills becomes the more acess to better items you will have so add the max plus skills shop again. Then you will find an even higher amount of + skills rings and amulets.
  12. Dump them like a truck at the landfil in bargaining all of them....
  13. Yes I am still very much so active here so go for it.
  14. Another reason you don't have to worry about runes read or skills is + combat art tings and amulets. Also plus rings later on. Its why You can bypass allot of the skills and only put points into the one you actually need. In the lower difficulties there a rare find but as you get past gold there a dime a dozen so keep grinding if you can do the difficulty skip trick do it or form some campaign games and let other help you later on you will be able to help them in a big way^^.
  15. Awesome Mainerunr a couple of quick tips. At the level your at you can scratch voodoo focus mastery all together its a back burner kinda food. Only use that pan in case of emergency. Pump the points you planned to spend there in bargaining then dump the rest in nature lore your hp regen will sore. My voodoo focus at 157 was pretty low I'm off line now so I cant tell you the exact number but I believe it was around 40 if that. If you picked voodoo lore you can spend points there to mod the rest of your combo arts but nix the point alocation in voodoo focus all together. Unless you wont the animus to do all your killing. Even then hes not going to hold a candle to what your main boss killer combo can do in 2 presses. Also one of the best boosters of your bargaining skill is through relics you wear so next time you are shopping check the merchant for relics that he has there. They are allot better then the ones you find running around while leveling.
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