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  1. Modern Warefare 2

    gogo in short I guess its becuase on PC RPG/ARPG'S you get more camera options/angles correct me if im wrong
  2. Modern Warefare 2

    haha yes looks cool my wife is buying it for herself im lucky enough to have a gamer wife my self im holding out for Final fantasy 13 and 14 my trade mark games im a huge Final Fantasy Fan boy
  3. Starting a New Shadow Warrior

    Ty for the tips Numerii level 40 on ps3 on Genmei (new Shadow Warrior) no deaths playing Gold so pretty happy atm but awesome with those help tips I do agree the build deffently does lack offensive but does has some nice potential with right sockets as you said.
  4. Risen

    Well guys its falls in the same genre as the Gothic games if you have played those. But dont let my first sentence fool you its supposed to be x100 better than those games. the world is open world just like Oblivion and fallout you can pick up everything so im told. only thing your not able to do is swim...and in the second clip is it me or had deepsilver used Lizardmen again:P
  5. Movies that make Dudes cry

  6. Movies that make Dudes cry

    Im gonna have to be the one the one who says it gets me everytime LMAO almost blubbed putting link up when I watched it hahahaa
  7. Dragon Age: Origins

    waiting on my preorder to ps3 to arrive also look hawt in hd altho I heard over play experience is overall fullfilled better on PC. Im a sucker for eye candy I guess^^
  8. http://games.gamepressure.com/game_info.asp?id=13944 why do they continue to have this stuff up if its not gonna happen:=(
  9. I must be getting old

    haha same here I had that track as my pc start up noise for years
  10. To Genmei_84

    tbh the money well outways anything:P I saw you just logged off 30 mins before I got on payce im usually on around 7pm norway time same for you as you in sweden
  11. I must be getting old

    How can people not have seen this movie LMAO best vamp movie ever lmao I had it on VHS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3pmwrtlDaY best clip ever from the movie. WARNING CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE
  12. To Genmei_84

    Wats a man without his honor?:=) too me helping people out falls in that catagory thats why im a dude nurse in real life (got nothing to do with working with all the hot chicks in nurses uniforms:D)
  13. To Genmei_84

    was more of a bonanza give away Spunky haha