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  1. Which follower do you use?

    I use all three Templar: I give him magic find and take his resource regen and health regen.he can save his heal for himself,he's gonna need it lol.I use him for trash mob bashing or general wandering. Enchantress: Load her up with whatever stats items.I take her crowd control skills and use her when I want to run from point A to point B with as little fighting as possible. Scoundrel: I give him all the plus damage/IAS//Crit/crit stuff I find and isnt good enough to sell on AH.I take him to boss fights.Does surprisingly good damage over time,if he stays alive.
  2. Diablo 3 HC Memorial Thread

    TemperHC,37 Witch Doctor,Nightmare,Act 2,Black Soul Stone,died to yet another *You have been disconnected from battlenet* lol.Down to only 3 HC Witch Doctors now. =/ I take it my ISP is having some trouble or doing maintenance,really should check up on them from time to time. hahaha Neeext WD stepping up to the plate later today starts at Nightmare,Act 1,Fallen star.
  3. Diablo 3 HC Memorial Thread

    TemperHC,44 Witch Doctor. *You have been disconnected from battlenet* =/ Nightmare,Act 3,Siege Breaker,Winged Molok. Lucky I have a backup character for my backup character,and another for that backup character and so on and so on. I usually delete characters that have died to lag/latency/disconnects,but I'ma archive this one,just to show some friends that,yes I actually do lose HC characters as well,even if it was to a disconnect this time.lol
  4. Diablo 3 Farming tips?

    But the guy said they were magic beans..... really they are
  5. Diablo 3 HC Memorial Thread

    My condolences Knuckles. Coulda,shoulda,woulda.....story of my life....lol
  6. Can Public Games Be Tons of Fun?

    Actually Knuckles,griefing is alive and well,even without pvp enabled. There are groups of sad people that will join your game,one guy at first,then he gets his friends to join the game.They proceed to play as normal until getting to a difficult spot.Then they co-ordinate rebuking all support (buffs,damage and whatever)Hit their escape/immune skills and let you to die.It's not a new technique by any means,but it never gets old for people like that. Often they post their glorious feats on youtube.I wont post any vids as that just encourages them.
  7. Whimsyshire

    Cant stand the place personally or physically ( makes my eyes hurt). Cant find anything in there that cant be found by progressing the main quest anyway. =)
  8. Wow, Diablo 3 Hell is... Hell!

    Scrub that whole post lol.I just realized most my Characters are a good bit under level for where they are in game (cant even wear a lot of the items they find).So Im guessing that I should have payed more attention to the Amour/resist tooltip,that clearly states....This is how much damage reduction you get for fighting enemies YOUR OWN LEVEL.Makes me wonder about what kind of difference it makes to be = to,> than or < than enemies for damage reduction numbers. And welcome back to Hell Gogo ! Slow and steady mate,just slow and steady.
  9. Can Public Games Be Tons of Fun?

    Looks like you had fun ! =) But still,I wont ever play pugs in HC.Ive had a few good pugs in online games,but the majority of them,even softcore leave a lot to be desired.
  10. Diablo 3 Farming tips?

    Ive taken a liking to the three portals at Kulles Terminus.It hasnt failed to produce some sellable items for me in either Nightmare or Hell and I always seem to get a crappy Legendary for crushing every now and then. As for inferno.... Ill probably be abusing *The Holds* potential for Gems,Tombs of Secrets and the 100% Guarantee of a goblin.Its a quick run and not too dangerous,downside is it only coughs up three NV stacks,which isnt a problem if you keep on going down further toward the Chamber of Suffering.Beside its the Tomb of Secrets and gems Im mostly interested in.
  11. Treasure Goblin

    And the Monk scores a legendary drop !
  12. Level 60 Hardcore at last!

    Huzzah ! Upward and onwards mate.
  13. Wow, Diablo 3 Hell is... Hell!

    Whether it's armor/resists not working properly or the speed of the DOT (this includes Fire Chains,Lasers and the like) ticking over paired with the speed and frequency that mobs (particularly Elites) are now casting is still being debated/tested. I play a damage avoidance game rather than a damage mitigation game so I was kinda late to the party on this subject.Didnt really notice it until I started progressing my two Barbs (one softcore,one hardcore.After what seemed unreasonable damage for a level 40 Barb to be taking in Nightmare act 2,I decided to switch to my Softcore WitchDoctor and do some detective work. Im no rocket scientist by any means and am crap with the math,so I have a pretty basic mind set to things like this.But it's simple really even for dummies like me.If my Toons have done nothing but improve,yet Im being hit harder and faster without progressing to a higher difficulty area,then something has changed/broken and I must exersize more caution or wait it out until its rectified. But in any case,I just did a Jay Wilson.I took my fear factor into account and then doubled it and now Im thankfull. (sorry had to have a dig at Blizz and JW)
  14. Thankyou very muchly Gogo. I'm currently convincing myself to start yet another barbarian,to run alongside your Demon Hunters,so that you have a big dumb brute to hide behind. =) EDIT: how did I do it ? With extreme use of the run,duck and hide skill.Seriously tho,just go slow and steady and learn to read the Elites affix combo as quickly as humanly possible to make the fight or flight decision.When it comes to bosses,not much to say really,I dont fear them half as much as a bad Affix Elite lol.Most times a Boss never gets to hit me.
  15. Wow, Diablo 3 Hell is... Hell!

    You guys do know that armor/resists have been broken since about a patch or two ago right ? Hence the outragous damage on caster mobs and more in particular Elites (which also now cast faster making the DOTS tick faster and more often). I havnt bothered taking any of my HC Witch Doctors to Inferno yet (Hell Act 2 soulstone)for this reason.Just biding my time with backup WDs and pimping them out,blacksmithing/selling on the Auction House,until the issue is addressed by Blizz. I have 6 WDs (1 Softcore and 5 hardcore)I wonder if there is a Achievment for more than two level 60s of one class ? =P Occasionally I switch back to Softcore to check out the state of Inferno,before making a decision on whether moving my HC Wds on to that difficulty.