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  1. How about some of the wrong names of set items? Like seraphim's Chestplate of Fury which is a helmet. R u gonna rename it Helmet of Fury or something like that? R u gonna be doing those kinda minor fixes, too?
  2. Hmm... maybe, maybe... We'll talk about that honey enema first, huh?
  3. Have u guys tried getting the editor to work? R the actual files for it there or just the code to start it up?
  4. Sacred 2 AOE Showcase

    Some more inqy Area of Effect preview. Info: Wyand Voidbringer
  5. It is a definite yes about the kill speed. I didn't even have to test this theory to figure it out. Just through normal gameplay. How did I get to that conclusion then? Well, next time u play, actually pay attention what's happening with drops while u fight and just do this simple test: 1. Kill an enemy as fast as u can. 2. Hit an enemy to decrease it's health, but don't kill it. Instead wait a couple of seconds and proceed with the kill. The result should be this: 1. At least a blue item, lots of gold, maybe rune etc. 2. Depending how much u waited after a hit, u might actually not get anything. What I strongly believe is that the game starts the "clock" for the drop for a target as soon as the target takes dmg, whether it is from you're direct attack or not (minions, quest companions, reflect dmg from you're buff etc.). And there is no way anyone will convince me differently because I know that every time I killed an enemy fast I got something (blue-yellow-set-unique), while when it happened that it took me a few seconds to kill an enemy because they run away (sandmen to heal for example) in 100% of the case they dropped either a grey item with gold, just gold, or nothing at all. I get a lot of good drops with my fast killers, one shotters and mob nukers, while any enemy that runs away and I have to chase after them and kill them is an extremely poor drop or nothing. Couple the speed killing with good MF and u have urself quite a "finder". Just my $0.2
  6. Woody can give...

    Hey, cool. Haven't seen in the game yet, only in pics. If I could get any 1 of those for my collection, it'd be great.
  7. Woody can give...

    Stinger? U mean the sword?
  8. Thanks, Schot. So, moving the ingame slider won't reset the zoom values to the default options.txt values? I mean, when I put slide it back to max after a boss fight, it will still be a value of 2000 like in the optionsCustom.txt?
  9. Lore Vs. Focus

    Definitely Focus. When it comes to battle Combat Arts, higher level will increase the Combat Art dmg, and decrease the regen. Lore gives a very small increase in dmg for every point, and I can always get an incomparable amount of dmg from x-x dmg rings for weapon based Combat Arts and the dmg% for the non-weapon based Combat Arts. Sure, Lore increases good stuff like the armor and hp regen on AB and the energy shield etc. But Lore is almost useless without Focus and Focus doesn't need Lore.
  10. The "enraged player" mods on rings would be very useful if the effect kicked in at any hp value under 100%. So, ya when u "get hurt". Or a more reasonable thing would be that the value is max increase u can get, which is when u get to 25% of hp, and the bigger you're hp % the smaller amount of bonus u get from the max indicated by the mod. This way u wouldn't get overpowered, but still get some minor bonus when you're (actually) hurt. I mean, 25% of hp just to get some extra dmg is very risky, especially for HC. U'd have to be crazy to do it, be cause u could easely get 1 shotted, especially if you're boss farming... And, anyway, with LL% and dblow, the enraged players mod is really obsolete...
  11. The camera is amazing now, Schot (the newest setting). It's something that should've been originally. I only have 1 problem with it, tho. It zooms out too much when fighting a boss and it doesn't let u zoom in at all. Any way to fix that little thingy?
  12. Weapon effects bug

  13. Weapon effects bug

    No. Remember when u have, for example, ice dmg in a weapon and it's in one of you're weapon slots. When u switch to that slot to equip the ice weapon, the cold effect isn't active straight away, it starts slowly from nothing, going downwards, right? Well, what we r saying is that that visual effect resets every time some "update" happens related to you're char. The best way to see what we mean is to just equip a weapon with some dmg other than physical and watch it as u gain experience, or when u r changing gear or when u r using skill/attribute points.
  14. Awesome. btw, since you're dealing with items, do u know anything about those sets I posted on the previous page?