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  1. DM Naga

    Special Mounts

    Thanks Prismatic Enchanter, I suspected I would get that answer. The picture had me hoping but all I found when searching was a mount mod with an elf riding a dragon.
  2. DM Naga

    Special Mounts

    It's been a long time, glad my account wasn't deleted. Sacred 2 got fouled up and wanted activation codes and it wouldn't take my codes. The other day when looking through my steam inventory I found that I had a copy of sacred 2 gold I never installed cause I already had it. It was bought to get all the other versions. So I installed it, added the CM patch and my tiny chest slots mod. Everything works and I already have 10 hours played. I was looking at screen shots on steam and saw pic of other characters riding the Dragon Mage's special mount. Is this possible now? I hate the shadow warrior's.
  3. It seems this only happens after completing the main quest. I saved a copy of a character at the wastelands. He did not experience the problem before. Several days after completing the main quest Assim showed up. After a fix from an earlier release they stay very close now often getting the way during a fight and he don't die. I reverted to the saved version and have never had the problem since. Having completed the quest many times, I am fine with leaving it unfinished. I thought about going all the way and not pressing the button. He now has 59% of the map done, I cringe at taking the chance.
  4. Can rar files be added to the ok to upload list. I have my level 200 weapon and armor collection ready to upload. There 20+ armor chests including a Christmas chest. I combined each character's armor in a rar file. There are 8 categories of weapon chests. A set item chest for all the set weapons. A Legendary chest. (Uniques are included with their weapon category) CM & Legendary chest which includes most of the new legendary weapons. A crystal warrior set with a flaming weapon of each crystal type (I thought it looked cool, flaming ice).
  5. I have three to four chest for each character with armor sets I collected. I even went for the different color variations. They are level 200 or better. Intended to post them for the blank 200 characters posted.
  6. I am waiting for 110 before continuing quests with my main dragon mage. Until then I am running around the cursed forest trying to find the DM quest there. They wanted me to try it with mine, but I can't find anymore blue "?" in the area. I guess I need a clue and have to admit I am clueless
  7. Is there any chance of getting a release date for 110 yet?
  8. I'd like to suggest a set for using. I can upload the image to mantis if you want it. It is the blue set that looks like shogun armor.
  9. Gogo are you gonna set up some rules for naming files? Might be a good idea, keep an inexperienced player from overwriting files by accident.
  10. DM Naga

    Character customization

    One issue with choosing gender is it requires a male and female version of all armor. I have collected all the armor variations for each character. There are 20 to 30 full armor variations for each. That comes out to be about 175 sets. So that would require an additional 175 to support genders. We are not talking recoloring them, but completely new designs.
  11. I have a treasure chest for a level 96 player you can have, I assure there are more goodies than just an officer's saber. You can get me in windows live or email if you want. Wish I could post it here. I guarantee it will be worth your time.
  12. I was a huge fan of Diablo 1 & 2. I played them for years, running around hacking and slashing. Such a good stress relief it was. Then I discovered the item editor and could make my own sets. Personalizing stuff made the game even more fun. I went on vacation and stayed with a nephew. He had Sacred on on his 3 computers for hosting multiplayer lan games. My son and I tried it out and were hooked. Sacred's free roaming play hooked me. We played hours on end and didn't get much vacationing done to my wife's displeasure. When we returned home I went online to buy 2 copies of Sacred Gold. We discovered Sacred 2 and decided to buy it from the UK with the preorder of Ice and Blood which was due out weeks. All I can say is I was blown away by the game's depth. One thing I really liked was the vast size of the map. The graphics are years beyond Diablo. I was in love again, I bought a copy for my nephew and a few weeks later 2 pretty boxes of Sacred gold showed up (gotta love em for that). I am sold on Sacred 2 and for the CM patch there just aren't words good enough to praise it. I will buy Diablo 3 when it releases. I am willing to bet once the main quest is done I return to Sacred 2. I have Titan Quest and the addon, it came as part of THQ set I bought to get Dawn of War II. It's ok and I play it once and a while. Oh one other thing I haven't seen mentioned is the ability to hire and equip a partner like Diablo 2 has.
  13. Will we be able to post stuff like my complete weapons and armor chests? There are 20+ chests.
  14. DM Naga

    Cm Patch Changes To Quests

    Any chance the dragon mage can get a jester hat too? If I remember right the quest needs some fixing too, so it gives the correct hat.
  15. I am an oldtimer in gaming. There was a game way back called rogue/moria. It had 2 features I haven't seen in a long time. You run halfway across the map you get hungry and tired. I don't expect the action based gamers now to endue a rest, but hunger and it making you weaker should. You have to admit there is a lot of wasted meat in Sacred. There are are tons of bars too.