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  1. wow guys u're my idols xD its soo great u're level 50, I couldn't play lately cause im kinda busy with university I think I'll play a little more soon
  2. really nice post, well im still thinking about the concentration, I have it level 3, Perhaps I shall max it, since I'm trying to build some kind of offensive build, and I run out of mana pretty fast, it may not be necessary with Blessed of revelation, but I still dont know, I think that will be the only buff that I'll take, you may not need to max concen, 'cause you're a healer and u have all the mind that u can >.< so your mp recovery is faster, I still dont know if the build that I wanna make will be good, I just hope it'll :/ I have a page with SP calculator but maybe u have one even better ;P
  3. ganto

    Hey diph :) Great to see you finally here!!! Grats on the full set btw :D

  4. yeah it was a really nice Rol, we farmed many parts, now I've completed the set but I wanna keep going when u want ;P
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