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  1. Thanks, a nice thing about this build is that there is room for a lot of defensive skills. I have to say though, that with this game especially I suffer from restartitus. Even when I was playing years ago I never got above level 75 before restarting lol
  2. I began a similar build recently, a build catering to my interests in playstyle rather than effectiveness. Basically a 2h sword user who thrives on battle(soul reaver). 9 pointss in NN focus for SR zealot CA regen and soul imbiber, then everything else into melee. No concentration, no CD. SR for normal grinding, PC for bosses. Basically the character is a bit like Elric of melnibone, except its you that gains power through souls rather than the sword I love charging through endless mobs and just getting more and more powerfull the more I kill. I dont like the mounts so speed lore is ano
  3. Thanks! so just Astute Lore then. I've been enjoying Inquisitor so much since coming back to this game, all specs, but now I'm trying to make an effective single spec Astute Inquisitor. Basically no GI or NN skills or abilities, the challenge obviously is Boss damage. Tactics and weapon lore is allowed, but no GI CAs.
  4. Just a question regarding this mod. What skills affect the strength of the life leach affect? Astute Lore and Ancient Magic? Also it seems Ancient Magic was added in the expansion? I dont recall having it on xbox version. Thanks for any help! ps. Please help
  5. I've just started playing Sacred 2 again recently, this time I have PC version too Gotta say I really miss the wiki!
  6. Not as closet as I was, I even had a whole excuse story ready incase anyone I knew seen me coming out of the shop where I sometimes played at.
  7. Thanks for the warning, would suck to die in a house fire when I'm moving out of here in a few weeks....
  8. I loved this game when I was younger, but never got to play it much. Is the live arcarde version any good?
  9. Fond memories of noodles and soy sauce. Kept me alive at my skintest moments, and was a comfort food when the possibility of complete mental and physical collapse was imminent. Hard life being a student hehe. Man those first few years were insane, my flat was like a warzone, in slow motion. Soo many stories, there comes a point after so many things have happened, that it seems pointless to say one thing without going all out forest gump style.
  10. My fridge/freezer stopped working tonight, I didnt realise until freezer section was almost completely thawed. So I decided to cook a pizza tonight and worry about the meats tomorrow. Changing the fuze did nothing, I thought it might me the defrost timer after overheating. but the light wasnt coming on. Then eventually I tried one last thing, pulled the thing out for like the 8th time, and plugged into a different socket.... bingo. *longdrawnoutsigh*
  11. More Inquisitor Area of Effect fun, video isnt mine, but is a nice example
  12. You should probably edit that picture a wee bit Not sure quite what type of games these are, closest thing I've played is a few muds some years ago.
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