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  1. turaki

    [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    The items created for this mod, are they ever going to find a new home in the items mod?
  2. I must have read this topic a long time ago, I even recognize your screenshots. Shame on me to have forgotten this.
  3. A request (to be ignored when out of time, or you just don't feel like it): could you add some more itemtype files (similar to the mod from captain Cabac, who also uses the textures from Ize, if I'm not mistaken)? Some things I have in mind: -the removal of the boots (seems a bit weird to me, though some might find it hot) -not naked but in their underwear (not using the textures from Ize, since the underwear is already in the game files) -underwear for SW en DM (with or without the lady's in their undies)
  4. Just to be clear, the items mod v1.2 is part of cm patch v150?
  5. turaki

    Sacred 2 modding Nskins issues

    Fixing it is not so hard as it seems. Get your hand on an itemtype.txt from a version of the game in wich it works, and compare it with the modded file (word has a function for this, so you don't have to read every line yourself). Note down the numbers of the items that are changed, and the changes. Then, in the itemtype.txt from the game version you play, search the items with the numbers you noted down earlier, and make the changes yourself. The above I've used for the mod by captain cabac (wich I prefer above the one made by fleet for no good reason wathsoever), and I can still use it, even with the CM-patch or other mods that change the itemtype.txt. Of course, I only did the research once, and for all new itemtype.txt files I just search the items and make the changes.
  6. There are only 2 justifiable reasons to pirate a game: 1 The game is not sold legally anywhere in your area, as is unavailable for online purchase 2 The legal copy antipiracy protection makes the game literally unplayable First one is debatable (but in my opinion still not valid), second one only counts if you already own a legit copy of the game (and in some coutries still no legal excuse).
  7. Or use the mod from captain cabac, if you can find it. This one has different options, like always nude, topless, underwear, only nude when not wearing armor. Altough if you use it with the cm-patch, you cannot use the itemtype.txt files included. What I did was compare the included files with the original files before installing cm, and then manually changing the file. It's some work (did it with the compare function in word), but save the result somewhere, so you only have to do it once.
  8. Just a question: what is the difference with Captain Cabac's mod? I know these aren't made for Ice and Blood or even the CM patch, but with some thinkering in itemtype.txt, it still works just fine for me.
  9. Recently I changed from Zonealarm to Comodo firewall. Since then I get the following when trying to start Sacred 2: "a required securitycomponent can not be activated. this program can not be executed. (6000)" Then it refers me to the securom site concerning the error code. How can I fix this? I have Sacred 2 Ice and Blood 2.65.2, with the most recent CM-patch. This worked fine until the change in firewalls.
  10. Found something else yesterday: When playing with the DM, I tried a fist weapon (talons, but I have seen at least 2 different fist weapons with the same name, maybe random?) that covered the wrist. At least, I thought this was the case, but the part that should have covered the wrist was floating in front of it. The part connected to the hand was in place, and it followed the animations, but it looked connected to the hand with an angle. Also, I can confirm the new quest has no text in the English version, but you know this already off course. That's it for now, if I find anything else, I'll post it.
  11. I've tried your patch, and found the following bugs: -When fighting Diaanja's Bodyguard (boss from Ice & Blood), there was no lifebar for him. -At a certain moment I found myself under attack by 2 creatures (servant of harbringers of death and kerbos, both from Ice and Blood), wich I myself could not target. A Flaring Nova also didn't affect them. Saving and reloading solved this. -On my worldmap, I have 3 small questmarkers (small grey cirkels), that, when I click them, either dissappear, or become big quest markers, but have no quest assigned to them in my journal. Locations are: El darray (big marker), Dry Laigh (big marker), and Sloeford (dissapeares). This problem already existed pre-patch. Hope you can do something with this, and keep up the good work!