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  1. kavlor

    Some of my Ideas for Sacred 3

    I think Sacred could survive some dumbing down simply because it was that complicated.Some of the affixes on items were hard to understand at the same time not that interesting.Strip away all the cryptic stuff and replace it with more obvious stuff like what we had in Sacred 1 'split' and '% chance of casting Fireball'(Fadalmers).Dumbing down needn't mean less interesting but rather easier to understand. I think some of the complication needs to be shifted rather than removed ,shifted to the items.While skills/ca were really interesting items were pretty bland.Rather than skills having mastery bonuses put build defining bonuses on items especially uniques and sets.In fact putting stuff on items would mean less need for respeccing.
  2. kavlor

    Tornado APS

    I boosted some DM items in Platinum for fast regeneration at the blacksmiths then absorbed some Tornado runes to get the regeneration close to the duration.After about 25+ runes I noticed Tornados APS was at 1.1 and was sure it was 1.0 before.Does it increase at so many runes and if so what are the break points.
  3. Now I feel the fool having bought a 2nd set.At least I've got to know this time round,I missed out on Sacred 1 and didn't have all my chars exported(did have a 117 seraphim and 88 Daemon exported at least).
  4. Is this worth even doing.Dislodged spirit with Gelidity,Torture and Wildfire.Basically the enemy takes DoT when he dies he explodes and by using CM at the right time it pulls enemies into the explosion range.Thing is it seems an interesting way of killing enemies but if you mod CM with Gash (Adds bleeding damage) would that be more effective. Wildfire - If an opponent dies while his soul is being held, the soul will explode and inflict minor area damage. (70 + 35 per CA level damage (+damage modifiers) (damage type?)) compared to Gash - Adds bleeding damage (damage over time). (42 + 21 per Combat Art level physical damage over time (+damage modifiers)) Of course you have to take into account CM will have a bigger range if I don't go for Gash. I could even use Eruptive Desecration to finish off any remainder enemies.
  5. kavlor


    the point is there is only a box for one code and theres 2 one for the main game and other for the expansion.I imagine the gold version has one key which I don't have.My first Sacred is also not Gold. Thanks,I had 2 copies of the original Sacred too.Its a sign a game is good when I multibox on it. Edit: Everything up and running ,no issues.
  6. Does anyone remember seeing these in early Sacred 2 development.Trying to find screen shots.I think they were placeholder graphics but they looked kinda interesting.
  7. kavlor


    I have Sacred 2 plus expansion installed but I've bought a 2nd set(yet to come).Do you need to install it twice(can it be?)or can you use the add new account function in game,I mean maybe that only works with the gold version? I have no trouble running Sacred 2 twice in Lan so not worried sbout that,just the installation part for closed net.
  8. kavlor

    Simliar games to Sacred

    Two worlds 1+2 are fit in the genre except that they are 1st/3rd person view,think Gothic crossed with D2.TW2 has a spell system not too unlike Sacred 2 in that you have spells that can be modified in different ways,unlike Sacred 2 spells can be respeced as they come in the form of cards that you slot in with modifier cards.It also has closed multiplayer server although partying up is a pain most of the time I don't bother.It does have one unique feature a sort of mini village mode simulation game which you can make lots of gold with.Gear can be upgraded with gems(which are also upgradeable much like Diablo 2 gems).
  9. kavlor


    From Steam Why isn't the publisher sending them keys don't they want to make money? Maybe I'm naive but it just looks silly on the face of it,how hard can it be to make a batch of keys and send them.
  10. I feel I need to understand this better to get best out of it but I have no idea what causes the damage novas to discharge.I only seem to get a couple per casting of KS.
  11. kavlor

    Negative damage

    This rarely happens but occasionally I have situations where my attacks are healing,that I remember its been when using Viperish Disease but at the time all attacks appear to be healing.It might be related to VD because if I go in a new area it will no longer be doing it.It does seem to first damage the enemy then heal them as enemies do die probably where the damage is enough to kill them in one. I know about the healing flags in the Cursed forest this glitch happens in none expansion areas so its not related to them. Anyway its very rare it happens probably less than 1% of the time so you probably need to play quite a bit before experiencing this.Oh and its on closed net pretty sure it always happens when there's other people playing in same server. If it happens again I'll capture it and upload to Youtube so people can see what I mean.
  12. kavlor

    Massive BFG damage

    It was glitched believe me,we are talking 10-20* the damage it should of been.
  13. kavlor

    Massive BFG damage

    Took me a while to realise I was doing such massive damage as I was killing Kobalds who are weak anyway.When I finally took a look I was seeing numbers around the 4k mark and my toon was only level 12.I was able to kill level 20+ champions in 1-2 hits.I admit I took advantage of it and got about 10 levels in about 1/2 hour from it.I could recast BFG and still keep that damage but it did seem to only do it if I cast while having another weapon selected.The thing is though despite being able to maintain it in that game I was not able to repeat it in any game after that.I'm not disappointed I could not repeat it because it would only be fun so long,like anything you'd get use to it and in the end all the other combat arts would seem underpowered in comparison(well not all but certainly similar styled attacks).
  14. kavlor

    Character permanently paralyzed

    I've been having this issue a lot tonight,actually on 2 characters but mainly a Seraphim.Basically can't move my character either with the mouse or keyboard,I can move items about and press f8 to teleport back to town but that is it.It was happening in the swamps surrounded by Werewolves and Spiders while using Pelting strikes+Hallowed Restoration in a combo.
  15. kavlor

    Running 2 copies

    More interested in how it works with licenses etc for instance would you need 2 separate installation.I use to just have a config file for each set in Sacred 1 which contained the license code.