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  1. Imp Removed From The Xbox 360 Version

    I'm I Denmark(EUROPE) and my imp is still working testet it 2 min ago, something dosn't make sens here
  2. Sacred 2 Xbox Clan

    Just add me and I'm ready
  3. just delete this post I have my niob shopper now
  4. LBRXBOX is my gamer tag expert players are velcome to contact me I play a lot
  5. Hey can anyone help me getting my level 40 high elf shopper(dark path) to niob.... just in need of access to niob so I can get get the good gear my gamertag is LBRXBOX you can contact me online or just write to me in here if you want to help me thanks
  6. Thanks for the answers now I did not waste a skill. Speed lore is chosen
  7. I have the delphic arcania lore and focus. I where just looking for some ekstra damage. Hmm maby speed lore then
  8. will a magic coup build, get any thing from tactics lore:) is the crit chance from that skill working on magic coup. combat discipline ain't doing that much ekstra damage, and I don't need the regen.(can do I whit rings) so I'm thinking tactics lore I now it dosn't give damage but if the crit is working thats my next choise, for the magic coup build?
  9. great thats what I want, I vant the detail level to be very high. whitout the need to buy crissfire or sli editions that vil cost +2,500$ in my country.....(the one listed is about 1500$)
  10. can this pc run sacred 2 whit maximum graphic: intel core i5-650 (dual core 3.2 ghz) 4 gb ddr3 (1600 mhz) xfx ati HD5770 850m (1024mb ddr5) windows 7 home premium 64bit because of my budget I can't get the topline computer, so can this do........ tired of the xbox
  11. I need help with last skill

    I'ts good that I need a few lvls, now I don't now what to do. took the first 6 chapters off the gold campaign, In a few aours today at character level 57........ have one thing to say........... EASY ASS HELL! Need a twist on this build, don't think I need more defense.... Barristan or any body else let me hear...... I'm open
  12. I need help with last skill

    okay after a bit of thinking I vil chose damage lore ore thougness I love the sound DB's Area of Effect combined whit secondary effects, but at the same time I hope this vil be my first toon too reach niob.. so what vil you choose, I have a few lvls yet so I want too prepare and make the smartest choise for my toon... thanks for all the replies...
  13. I need help with last skill

    only uses 2 handed hammers/axes
  14. I need help with last skill

    first of all don't mind my english, it's not my original form of comunication. my build Is a level 50 hybrid of Death warrior and malevolent champion whit dual buff, I'm not about dot it's all Area of Effect and crit. and my buff's is all about defense. my main atack I DB/SS does 2k's of damage I now its not extreme but decent damage, I'm an all about defense guy. my filosofi is: If I can survive it, I can kill it im on the console, so no expansion! the skills: 1-Tactics lore 2-Hafted weapons 3-Death warrior focus 4-Concentration(only 1 point for 2 buff's) 5-Malevolent champion focus 6-Armor lore 7-Combat reflexes 8-Spell resistance 9-Constitution 10-? help needed for my las skill I'm thinking "speed lore" for the high atack/defens value bonus (I hate to things: when my atack fails, and my character dies) my 4 main slots is: 1- DB/SS combo (modded for Area of Effect/CRIT) main atack 2- DB/FR combo (modded for Area of Effect/CRIT) boss atack 3- RC/KS combo (modded for long term atack bunus - killing spree is just af dammage bonus) 4- Augment guidon (modded for defense)