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  1. Lot of people play this game with different characters and builds, so I decided to see who's the best char/build at killing mobs. For me I say the best and the easiest one is a Flaring Nova Seraphim ! I love her so much that I pick her above all the other chars and build What is you opinion ?
  2. Question regarding Life Leeched !

    sorry that I ask but, your Shadow Warrior has level 88 and the trowing knife in the shop is a level 13 or 73 weapon ?! just confused because when I shop all the armors and weapons are close to my level (my level-~5 and higher). regards.
  3. Possible to make all enemies spawn only zombies?

    As Malachor said it is possible to replace all the creatures with zombies, just make sure not to replace mini bosses and major bosses with regular zombie The only problem is that you will need a LOT of time and patience to change all the spawn file What I did to my own Sacred 2 was these settings : - I maxed out the number of creatures that are spawn, but I got angry when I was "overwhelmed" by Rabits, Frogs, Crows, Deers and other "dangerous" animals. - so I replace all these "creatures" spawn ID with wolves sometimes there were so many of them that I got stuck in them and couldn't run What I suggest to you is this 3 NICE things : - max the density of the creature spawn - replace all creature with zombies - DON'T add Undead Death Potions(purple ones) to the shops
  4. Question regarding Life Leeched !

    YES ! there are claws in the game, as well as gauntlets and other sweet "fist weapons" and some of them benefit from Sword Mastery and others from Hafted, claws are labeled as Swords. The only problem is, what I noticed, I equip one claw to my Elf and quit the game to see how she looks in the game menu , I was totally ....... off , I really don't like the way she hold that claw for 2 big reasons : 1) the claw blades are too short, even her fingers kept strait are longer that those blades. 2) the way she hold that weapons makes her look retarded, from the first view you could say she has her arm broken or something :| Besides those 2 reasons, CM is AWESOME !!
  5. Question regarding Life Leeched !

    The only items that spawn with %LL are 2hand swords, axes and polearms. No jewellery otherwise it would be completely imbalanced. You can get fixed (+xx LL) on jewellery though. are you saying that on rings and amulets I can only find Life Leech +XX ?! No chances to find rings and amulets with Life Leech +XX% ?!
  6. Question regarding Life Leeched !

    than I must make 2 pairs of swords, one with life leech +XX for mobs... and one pair with life leech +XX% for "big mobs" Also,from what char/bargaining level are these stats appear on rings and amulets in shops, I always hunt +All Skills rings and amulets ?! And how big can these stats appear on them ? 1% ? 3% ? 5% ?!
  7. Can someone explain it to me please ? For Example I'm playing with a dual wielder seraphim and I'm fighting against a monster that has 1000 Health Points. If I go with : "Life Leeched per hit +X" , each time I attack I inflict additional X damage to him on top to the damage of my weapon, and that X damage is converted to health points and are given to me. If I go with "Life Leeched per hit +X%" , each time I attack him, besides the normal damage of my weapon ... how much damage I inflict to him ? Percentage of him current health ? or his maximum health points ? I will try to give an example : The monster has 1000 HP, no armor no resists and I do 100 damage with normal attack. If I have on my weapons "Life Leeched per hit +3%" how I will inflict damage on him ? CASE ONE : hit 1 : 100 weapon damage + 3%(current health) = 100 + 30 = 130 damage -> health left = 870 hit 2 : 100 weapon damage + 3%(current health) = 100 + 26 = 126 damage -> health left = 744 hit 3 : 100 weapon damage + 3%(current health) = 100 + 22 = 122 damage -> health left = 622 ............... CASE TWO : hit 1 : 100 weapon damage + 3%(maximum health) = 100 + 30 = 130 damage -> health left = 870 hit 2 : 100 weapon damage + 3%(maximum health) = 100 + 30 = 130 damage -> health left = 740 hit 3 : 100 weapon damage + 3%(maximum health) = 100 + 30 = 130 damage -> health left = 610 In this case if I manage to get a total of 10% Life Leech... I kill anything in 10 hits ?! even the big bosses ?1 ............... It is quite confusing to me because I only played Flaring Nova Seraphim and Pyro/Icy High Elf and now I wanna try a melee build, I choose Seraphim because I like how she looks in armor and she can have Bargaining I play at home with some changes to the game.(increased monster density and I replace all the frogs,crows,deers,rabits with wolves for an extra mob to punch :)and I changed the procentual bonuses you receive from forging slots Bronze +10%, Silver +30% and Gold +50% to help the toon face the chalanges). Some of you will say it is too much those bonuses, well tell that to my Ice Elf who didn't survive 5 seconds in Elven Island vs ~15-20 small Withe Orbs that shoots lighting bolts, or to my Nova Seraphim who reached the last island and meet those Demons in the caverns, more than 10 of them jump on her and hit her so hard with those critical damage that she didn't had time to cast Flaring Nova, and I really don't have any idea how they bring down my energy shield so fast :|
  8. Sacred 2 Mod Compilation - offered to community

    @MysticOnion all those 3 links to download your graphics changes are dead !! Can you please re-upload them and post some good links ? PS : Thanks a LOT for the modding tips on the first post
  9. ciSacred Mod

    tks...I will give it a try....
  10. ciSacred Mod

    the mod looks cool and I wanna read more about it ... is there a place where I can find more details in ENGLISH Regards...
  11. I can play with the chance of droping items in the Balance.txt ...give the BOSS units to drop more drops ... unualy crap(at most yellow) and there can be the change of droping a piece of Set,Unique or Legendary ...the other mobs have a chance too but their item drop is low an example of what I,m trying .. NORMAL_STANDARD = 50, NORMAL_RUNE = 10, CHAMP_STANDARD = 200, CHAMP_RUNE = 100, BOSS_STANDARD = 2000, // quite big I know ...but will compensate the effort by killing a boss 10 times stronger than in normal game I want it to be a challange... BOSS_RUNE = 500, Question : How that Dangerclass variable affect a mob ? life ? dmg ? drop ? experience ? ..... Can someone explain to me what is affecting the numbers : MP_experience = {750,1150,1325,1550,1825}, I know the first one is the experience... 1000 means you get 100% experience from mobs... 3500 meanst you get 350% experience ..etc.... I,m planing to let it be at 75% experience ... but edit the big bosses to give a lot more experience than usual... maybe they give more experience based on their level,health ..etc... I dunno....
  12. about the monster densities : I set all their total densities at 50 and I get like 30-50% more mobs than usual (depends on their type and region) .. if you set to 95 you will get at last double the number of mobs.. is quite sweet... but it maces quite a lag in cavern regions since they will be CRAWLING with mobs Regarding the Big Bosses.. I,m not interested in their abilities and skills... I wanna change their life,armor,damage,movespeed and attackspeed .... also I wanna do something too .. is there possible to edit the Balance.txt file that : all the normal and champ will onli drop items that are not included in Sets,Unique or Legendary ... these can only be droped by the Big Bosses .... ?
  13. I used Notepad to replace monstertype = 0 to monstertype = 1 and is working..all the mobs are Champions... even the people in towns are Champions(they got that golden glowing look) what I want to do next are 2 things : 1) Increase the density of mobs... maybe double it... if I use the same function as monstertype ... to replace all total_density = XX, to total_density = XX, or so.... starting like this : Replace total_density = 95, with total_density = 190, Replace total_density = 90, with total_density = 180, Replace total_density = 85, with total_density = 170, ... Replace total_density = 5, with total_density = 10, hope it will work to increase the monster's numbers by 2.... don't know if there is a "cap" to the number you can put to total density... I think it doesn't work hight than 100 ... the questions are : Are there somehow the bosses ? I don't wanna run into 3-4 Carnach or 3-4 Grifins ... or to change the number of peaople in towns... go thene and are like 3-4 shopers, 3-4 blacksmiths..etc... 2) Increase the Bosses Strenght .. make them harder... more life.. more damage...etc..... I plan to creating a little mod for multyplayer co-op challange ... lots of strong mobs on your way to the mighty boss that pwns... (of course the drop from such a beast are high... to make it worth the risks)... anyone have some ideas to increase the bosses power without editing the scrips for each and one of them individualy ? LAST EDIT : it seems that the initial highest density is 50 at some monsters... I will try to set it with doubled numbers andd see what I can get....
  14. I like this topic I would like to play a game with those setup too but I can,t manage to edit that file Can someone upload that Spawn.txt edited that all mobs be champions or bosses ? I,m playing Ice & Blood Expansion... Regards, Infinity !
  15. Blind Guardian Quest

    yeeey I didn't check that part tks