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  1. essjayehm

    Grim Dawn - PC

    Cool.. Good to see some replies coming in. Since there doesn't seem to be a LOT of Darkies playing GD I think maybe the best way to organize will be directly thru Steam? Maybe whoever wants to can PM me their Steam handle and I can send a friend request, and we'll take it from there... or if you want to add me, I am essjayehm on Steam, but I won't accept an invite unless it is obvious who you are (so just PM me, please).
  2. Welcome to the forums, YoodenVranx! I have not played a lot of PC Sacred 2 but I do have some answers for you I inserted into the quote below
  3. essjayehm

    Grim Dawn - PC

    Heyo everyone! Been away for a while sinking most of my spare time into Grim Dawn. Been in and out here and there but since I've not been playing Sacred I really haven't had much to say (or any comments I would have would be based on fuzzy memories of when I was playing). But now that GD is a mere couple of weeks away from Multiplayer being implemented, I wanted to get in contact with the D.a.r.k members to see if anyone is interested in some kind of playgroup. Personally I'm not against jumping in with a bunch of randoms but I would definitely prefer to have some friends to hack and slash away with! So, just a quick stop to say "Hi, everyone!" and get back to my "roots" (since DM was the actual first gaming forum for me)
  4. essjayehm

    Questions about damage bonus and Bloodlust

    Welcome to the forums, NocheEstrellada! I have some answers for you 1) Fire/Magic/Poison damage +x% increases your "non-weapon" CA damage. Weapon Fire/Magic/Poison damage only increases damage dealt with your weapon - both normal attacks and CA's that use your weapon. 2) Weapon Fire damage +29 gives you a flat 29 extra fire damage when you hit with your weapon... whereas the Weapon Fire damage +8% Physical Regeneration increases your fire damage by a variable amount, depending on what your Phys Regen is. 3) Yes 4) I am not sure. I think not, but it could have an effect. 5) I don't know, sorry
  5. Sorry, Gogo... but this was too precious to pass up indeed
  6. essjayehm

    Grim Dawn - PC

    I checked my inbox yesterday morning, greeted with this lovely revelation. A brief moment of disarray when the game would not run initially, but a video driver update did the trick. Got in an hour and a half and the game is very good. Very, very good Can't wait for MP
  7. essjayehm

    Failed Characters you continued

    well, I have built the toons to try to make less powerful CA's work... but when something like twisted torment didn't pan out as a viable killspell in higher difficulties, I just changed the setup around to use an actual powerful ca (say, totem in the Voodoo build, etc) and still finished Platinum. Rarely have I taken many builds all the way to end-niob since I lose interest in the long grind to find the gear needed for the tough sections of the last difficulty.
  8. I would think a toon dual-wielding and with the %LL modifier may be an idea. Without damage multipliers, killing will take longer, and obviously, more defence is needed. Seraphim? Thinking this may be one of the best ones although Hallowed Restoration needs Celestial Lore to really shine IIRC. But you get a shield (or 2) and possibly Instill Belief to recruit the champions while you kill the lesser mobs. Interesting question, I am interested to hear the answer
  9. Hey, thanks everyone Really, just another day, amirite?
  10. Sorry to hear about that, Schot. Some good advice here already, and if you're going to the Doc anyway listen to what they say. Unfortunate part is you will be hurting for about a week or 10 days and you really should take it easy for another couple of weeks after that. Usually I avoid painkillers (for a lot of reasons) but if you have to IIRC ibuprofen (Advil) is the one you want. Get Better!
  11. essjayehm

    Kampfringer, Kungfu, unarmed, ...

    "The Knights who say Ni"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTQfGd3G6dg Unarmed Knights, need I say more?
  12. essjayehm

    Introductions are in order.

    Welcome to the forums, Ristaccia! Cookies are in the oven... should be out in a jiffy. Poutine bar is complimentary as well
  13. essjayehm

    OMG, Aegis made a Sacred related topic!

    Funny thing... saw a magic rod in a shop today with RpH... in the CM patch, FWIW. Level 12, it has 0.4 RpH value... and a socket
  14. essjayehm

    OMG, Aegis made a Sacred related topic!

    IMO, Concentration is a wasted skill on TG. Untouchable force is pretty meh, and combat alert should never be made into a buff (esp. on consoles). Get some RpH, your best source is a weapon as it will give the highest amount. Rings are OK, but kindof a waste in Silver as the values are not very good until you get into the 30's and 40's, levelwise. Devout TG's are great tanks, and you should not have any issue with anything other than the fact that you can only effectively kill monsters one at a time. Happy Hunting!