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    Pint of Miller :D
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    final fantasy VII, without a doubt.
  1. sharkeyboy


    so.... does everyone on this forum jst go to the bar n get wasted? lol :av-52[1]: if so, it sounds a little.... bit like THE BEST FORUM EVER lol The Shark
  2. sharkeyboy


    hey, this is sharkeyboy from Vendetta (server 2) just thought I'd drop in and say hey! I'm new to the whole "bar" thing, but get me a pint of miller, n I'l b smiling! The Shark
  3. hey D.A.R.K. This is Sharkeyboy, Founder of Airdrie Boys (server 2) just saying hey. I'm also a player in server 1 and in ogame so PM me in game if u see me! just a little note to mention that we are now allies! any trade routes or team hits or paid hits (obviously not just now, but later... later... :devil2[1]: ) just PM me or one of my guys, or stick a note in the forum. also, pop in to our forum n sign the book! Cheerz, The Shark