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  1. Hi! Im having a lot of problems to choose how I spend my points in the game . Now I play a level 15 Dryad and have boosted 4 skills equally is this a good idea or should I stick to 2 or even 1 skill so that I could get it to level 75 as fast as I can? I feel like when im slowly gaining levels I dont get powerfull fast enough . Im making a dryad who utilizes Morbund animus as a main damage tool and I use throwing things with a shield. So far I have taken: Cabalistic voodoo focus Cabalistic voodoo lore Concentration Nature weaver Focus I have mainly put points to Caba lore+focus and concentration. I have eaten only 1 rune / spell so it dont get too big cooldowns. Im running with 2 x Buffs (Animus+Bark) But the problem is that I dont feel that strong and im really tempted to pick a weapon skill for ranged to boost my damage but im afraid it will gimp me bechause then I have 5 skills leveling slowly.
  2. Hello all. I'm a rookie from Ancarnia and I just wanna show my respect for every player out there and talk about the game. This is my build for a shopper Dryad. I'm on my 3rd or 4th Dryad now and since I'm still sorta new to the game, I've decided to make a shopper. Too bad the SW can't be a shopper... =P Originally I was going to make a shopper High Elf but it seemed like too much point distributing as the progress would go; many people complain about her being fragile; plus I'm more familiar with Dryads. Here's the build: Skills Enhanced Perception Bargaining - 1st(?) Mastery Combat Reflexes Armor Lore - 2nd Mastery Tactics Lore - 4th Mastery Dual Wield Nature Weaver Lore Nature Weaver Focus Constitution - 3rd Mastery Concentration Combat ArtsDust Devil - Recondition, Spell Shield, Spread Forest Flight - Roots, Expert, Escape Sinister Predator - Eagle Eye, Marked Shot, Hunting Focus Goldenglade Touch - Flow, Persevere, Diligence Acute Mind - Proficiency, Insight, Celerity Ancient Bark - Rugged, Divert, Invigorate Tangled Vine - Tendrils, Impair, Encroach It's fairly simple. She'll be duel wielding staffs and just using Acute Mind to buff her damage. Can't use the Hunter damage CAs because they're bugged in relation with Acute Mind. The mastery order is still fluid to change, and not completed because I'm just not sure how it might go. I have the build for the High Elf available in case anyone's interested, because I'm open minded to making it less of a hassle. I should mention that I lurk a lot on Sacred 2 topics. Hehe... Also, do people still play? lol I was playing and had someone join and say hi, but I couldn't do anything cause I don't know how to reply or friend request. They left immediately. >_<
  3. Hello everybody. There's quite a problem. I've downloaded S2RW v1.7 from Flix's link somewhere here in the modding section and everytime I launch it I see a message "Sacred 2 not found". The thing is, I do have Sacred 2 Gold Steam version. It doesn't matter from where I launch the tool - /system dir, /locale/en_UK - it always says the same. My registry entries look this way: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ascaron entertainment\sacred 2] "installpath"="E:\\DATA\\GAMES\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Sacred 2 Gold" "currentversion"="" "language"="en_UK" "speech"="en_UK" "movietrack"="6" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2] "LastUpdateCheck"=dword:000b426e ...and nothing more about Sacred 2. I've opened the tool with a HEX editor to read strings and get some clues. It seems that it looks for "SecuROM" and "{1023383E-D9F6-478C-A965-23A4657B3C9A}" keys (there's much more of them). The last seems to be the uninstallation data made by an installer, but the Steam doesn't have any, as well as it doesn't have SecuROM. So... Is there a way I can use the tool some way? Or is there a tool without some of the checks?
  4. Good Morning, I am a 51 year old Sacred 2 fan, my son introduced me to it years ago on the ps3, but now I can't play it on my ps3 cuz it no longer will read any discs I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota, about 20 miles from Mt Rushmore, I have 2 grown children a son 30 and a daughter 26, and I also have 2 fur babies, both Chihuahua's. When I found out I could get Sacred 2 for my PC it was a no brainer had to get it, but since I got it a week ago I haven't really been able to play and I am really bummed. I have changed the compatibility to windows xp sp3, and I was in the game long enough to create a character, and then it froze and I couldn't get back in, so I was sent here, and I tried the community patch and I downloaded and installed and then my virus protector removed it before I could play saying it was a Trojan, so here I sit still unable to play my favorite game in the world! Please help
  5. File Name: Shield of Mirrors File Submitter: Hooyaah File Submitted: 15 Jun 2015 File Category: Fallen Angel Unique Weapons/Shields This chest contains the Unique shield, Shield of Mirrors. This shield is a rare drop throughout the game and part of the reward for having completed the Blind Guardian Quest, see: URL: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Blind_Guardian_Quest. This shield will function in any version of Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and with the Community Patch. Name: Shield of Mirrors Type: Shield Class: Unique Sockets: 3 Socket Types: Gold : 1 Silver : 1 Bronze : 1 Available Levels: 6, 9, 12, 16, 17 - 224 Increment 9 Variable Modifiers (Affected by Shield Lore): + Experience Per Kill + Stamina URL: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:Shield of Mirrors Instructions: The chest file should be extracted from this archive and copied to the savegame folder. The location of the savegame folder is given below. For Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<userID>\My Documents\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2 For Windows Vista and Windows 7: C:\Users\<userID>\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2 Be sure to back up your existing chest.sacred2chest file before doing anything! Installing this file will overwrite the Shared tab in your player chest. Click here to download this file
  6. Edit: Original post deleted - All issues resolved
  7. Hey everyone: So I just found an axe that does better damage than my sword. Problem is, I have no points in the hafted weapons skill, thus "hafted weapons" is showing up in read. First off, what does this red text signify? Can I still use this hafted weapon effectively, or should I stick with my sword? I'm assuming the red text means I suffer some sort of penalty using something I have no points in? I'm really confused by this. Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Hello, I have been trying out various Temple Guardian builds I found here on the forum with great success (mostly vaclaf's) and at some point I decided to make my own temple guardian build. Note that I am in no way an experienced player, and that I am writing this suggestion build purely experimentally and for fun. Also I apologize for bad English. Now as you may have noticed from the title I have made the rather unorthodox choice of making my TG a ranged fighter with a pistol and support from lost fusion combat arts. At first I made it simply for the fun of making a seemingly redundantly ranged fighter and mostly because I like the pistol as a weapon. Surprisingly, it actually went far better than I expected. I used the pistol as my primary damage output method augmented by Tactics Lore and Ranged Weapons Lore. The pistol is quite good for softening up enemies at long range after you get used to its rather unique firing pattern (mostly by picking the furthest back enemy in a bunch and utilizing the forced attack command to shoot anywhere you point to) and it makes a very decent close range weapon too (it almost never misses with regular attacking method) even at point blank. When enemies got too close I relied heavily on Furious Emblazer and Jolting Touch with great results as expected. These two combat arts are practically the workhorse of close combat and I keep them within reasonable level in accordance to their regeneration (at a level of 15 say, about 3 runes for each), and their modifications are mostly instant damage oriented with a single healing mod for JT. I actually considered taking Devout Guardian aspect for the shield and Deathly Spears, but I wanted a purely firepower oriented TG even if that means annihilating the enemies with a flamethrower and an electrode. This build also seems to rely more heavily on good equipment than other TGs. All blacksmith slots are ''whet'' for damage boost, knockback items are desirable as well as run speed and descent armour. Damage conversion items are also good. The skill choice I made so far is as follows: 1. Armor Lore (relatively high priority regarding points) 2. Tactics Lore (high priority regarding points) 3. Ranged Weapons Lore (very high priority regarding points) 4. Lost Fusion Lore (med priority regarding points) 5. Lost Fusion Focus (average priority regarding points, good enough to have decent regen. time) For the rest I am thinking of picking a defensive skill such as Toughness for extra armor, damage lore to set enemies on fire with the pistol or any other damage conversion one has modified it with and utility skills for better items and forging. This is my progress so far, I will update when the character advances more. Any thoughts are welcome.
  9. I recently installed Sacred 2, I know a bit behind the time, I bought it off eBay and I didn't realise it wasn't in English, it opens fine but all the menus and item names are in Korean. I looked at the program files and the language pack is named en_Uk yet when I open the excel spreadsheet inside of it all the names are in Korean (I think), could someone give me a link where I can download these 8 spreadsheets in English so I can just replace them. All the cut scenes are in English just not the item names. Spreadsheets are: AppendBonus AppendMaterial AppendRare DescriptionBonus DescriptionMaterial DescriptionRare Itemnames Optional (which is empty) these are all excel files. (CSV) P.S. I'm on limited bandwidth which is why I don't want to download a patcher, just these 8 files
  10. ReDownloaded the Demo and I have a few questions 1.) Can we MOD the demo? (Not only apply, but create too) 2.) Can we get all the set/rare/unique items for the Seraphim in the Demo? (I'll try reskinning) 3.) Can the Demo be made Portable (After installing the demo, copying the game folder on a flash drive) Thanks!
  11. So for the past 3 weeks I've been toying with this new template I wanted to build. The Sacred 2 Dialogue Template. Based on our very simple S2frame template; I wanted to try to build a template that was able to mimic, as close as possible, the in game dialogue boxes used in Sacred 2 while using light weight html and css to render it in place of screenshots: 36 Kb list of some dialogue screenshots presently used on the wiki that show file sizes ranges between 10 Kb to 600 Kb each The objective here was inspired by my paranoia over our server space, haha. It quickly turned into a fun creative challenge though that I really enjoyed. So between other tasks I've been working on this. For me and gogo, as admins, the benefit is that submitting NPC dialogues in this way will reduce the amount of server space we use. Space that can be used for other future purposes. Sacred 3 anyone? But the other benefits are much more fun. This template basically allows people who don't have any graphics experience to create these cool looking boxes without any graphics editing needed. Just gotta know how to type! Another benefit for casual readers of SacredWiki is that pages will load just a little bit faster because this template version of the in game dialogues display will be smaller in file size than the screenshot versions submitted on many of our quest pages. And an unintended benefit is that the text inside these new dialogues remain as text which means they can be searched for. And the final result is... Levied Tax This is a picture of what the template looks like on SacredWiki. It's primarily generated using html and css to mimic the appearance of Sacred 2's dialogue boxes. Using html and css means a more light weight version as opposed to using screenshots. There are 4 separate images that are positioned using css that complete every dialogue: The NPC portrait = 10 Kb The Background = 37 Kb The frame around the NPC portrait = 2 Kb The single corner image = 1 KB Total = 50 Kb On a page that has a single dialogue, there won't be a benefit regarding the speed at which the page loads. In some cases... But in most cases there will be a benefit. Most pages will probably have multiple dialogues. When there are several dialogues on a page the dialogues template images will only need to be loaded once on the page since 3 out of 4 of them will be re-used by any and all dialogues. Only the NPC portrait will differ. And of course another benefit is appearances since this new dialogue will always have a nice sharp look. Sample comparison: Realm of the Seraphim page before using the template = all dialogue images combined file size 301 Kb Realm of the Seraphim after using the template = all dialogue images combined file size 77 Kb The background of the dialogue is the only place I kinda splurged regarding file sizes. I'm still on the lookout for an optimum performance/appearance background image though so that could change any time. One last big plus that I like is that by editing the template I can effect all submitted dialogues from a single location. So if I want to tweak the way every single dialogue box that is already submitted on SacredWiki looks like I can do that on the dialogue template page to have the change cascade across all dialogues. Neat huh! Big thumbs up to gogo who has been gogoing away all those old tired looking dialogues for the new template ones. Thanx gogo! So how does this all work?! I've re-written the Sacred 2 Dialogue page in an instructional manner so by all means let me know if it makes sense! The Sacred 2 Dialogue Template
  12. So I bought Sacred 2 Gold about a year ago on Steam and installed it. Never been able to get it to run. I have followed all the suggestions on Steam to no avail. Have spent days trying to get it to run with no luck. Things I have tried: Given admin permission to all S2G exe's as well as all of Steams exe's. (This seemed to work for most, didn't work for me.) Apparently when you install via steam it is *supposed* to run a batch file (VDF) called 'installscript'. Someone said it was a bug and that was not run, thus the issue. So I would have to manually run it by going in and running the DirectX, PhysX, and VC executables. Which I did, and it said I had later versions and exited out. Now some said their version of S2G worked after they did this even if they had a better version installed. I was not so lucky. What happens is the same thing no matter how I try to start the game; from Steam's "Play" button, via the installed icon, or the executable in the directory: Screen goes black for about 5 seconds while it tries to get the game going. Error "Bing" happens, Screen Pops back to Desktop with a tiny window with the following: Startup Error: driver:[nvd3dum.dll] graphicscard:[NVDIA GeForce GT 330M ] device: [\\.\DISPLAY1] InputReader initialize failed App::Setup()failed! So. Any help besides the obvious buy a new computer would be greatly appreciated. This is the only game I have never been able to get to run on m Windows side of the Mac. Driving me a bit nuts.
  13. I have a specific thing in mind and need some basic guidelines. Does anyone have 3D modeling experience? cheers One spatula to flip them all...
  14. I suggest to all fans of "Sacred 2" PvP play, come up with rules and restrictions. Conduct a mini tournaments "1 v. 1", "2 v. 2", "3 v. 3", and so on. That would be wonderful, and use "Tunngle" ! Let's remember how it was ! There are a lot of ideas! builds and so on. For example, Deathmatch for 16 people. Let's resume Sacred 2 community ! On balance think later. Wait you answer ! And sorry my bad english...
  15. I am currently trying out all of the classes in Sacred 2 (PC). I have completed Silver with a Seraphim (Dual Wield+Celestial), meanwhile I have a High Elf (Pyro), a Dryad (Bow+Nature) and a Shadow Warrior (Two-Handed Hafted Pure Melee) all just past the Seraphim Isle. I was looking to start an Inquisitor next, but am no so sure how to build him. Since I do not have a character using them yet, I was thinking Pole-Arms, and I was interested in doing a Hybrid (similar to my Seraphim). I am confident I can sort out the Skills for the build, but I am less sure on Combat Arts. Almost every guide for the Inquisitor starts with the disclaimer that it needs specific gear or high-level shopper/smithing support. I want to be self-supporting. Most guides also seem to be triple-aspect, which I would prefer not to do unless absolutely necessary (just my personal taste). Gruesome Inquisition: Callous Execution and Ruthless Mutilation seem as though they would be at the core of a melee build. Morifying Pillory does not seem terribly interesting (on paper), though Frenetic Fervour seems useful. I am really concerned about Purifying Chastisement, however, as I am not a fan of high-risk/high-reward. Astute Supremecy: Levin Array just seems fun, while Clustering Maelstrom seems as though it would have the Area of Effect the build would need. Raving Thrust does not strike me as terribly exciting. Zealous Doppelganger seems useful, but probably not critical, while Reverse Polarity seems almost a no-brainer. Nefarious Netherworld: Dislodged Spirit seems like it would be a fantastic debuff. Paralysing Dread in a combo with Frenetic Fervour sounds like it could be interesting. Inexorable Subjugations seems better suited to a pure caster build; possibly Eruptive Desecration too, though perhaps the Area of Effect could be good for a hybrid? Soul Reaver sounds fun, but probably too many issues (ie situations where you cannot get souls) for my liking. Would a Pole-Arm hybrid build work fine with little-to-no outside support? If so, could I have a little advice on Aspects and Combat Arts. I can work out Modifications, but I cannot make a decission on the selection of CAs. Since the Inquisitor has higher Dexterity than Strength, is it work my while using Dex-based Pole-Arms over Str-based ones? People often state that the Inquisitor is harder to play, but not so much clarification as to why: are there any pitfalls I need to be wary of? Should I start on Bronze rather than Silver if he is harder?
  16. I recently picked up Sacred 2 Gold up from Steam and played a few characters as far as the Orc lands (on Silver). I have then decided to continue forward with a dual wield Seraphim that mostly follows the Azrael build. For the most part, things have gone well. The typical issues (underestimating opponents, getting caught by an unexpected attack, etc), but nothing out of the ordinary. Until the Desert. I have just finished the Desert and had a pretty ugly time there. I had a solid survival bonus going in, but found myself repeatedly killed by Scorpions. Only Scorpions were a threat, and two non-Champion Scorpions could be enough to kill me faster than I could believe. I died repeatedly to the Scorpion Boss. Not to the attacks of the boss itself --- they were easy --- but every time he summoned the two adds, they would kill me almost instantly! Just a summary of my build. I finished the Desert at level 38. Every attribute point so far as gone into Stamina. Skills (Base/with gear): 38/53 Tactics Lore 38/42 Armour Lore 2/14 Dual Wield 38/43 Celestial Magic Lore 1/1 Combat Discipline 1/2 Celestial Magic Focus 1/2 Exhalted Warrior Focus 1/5 Constitution I will pick up Toughness at 50 and Enhanced Perception at 65. My accuracy is beginning to feel a little iffy, so I will be putting my spare Skill points per level into Dual Wield from now on (to Master fourth). My Combat Arts are all at level one. I will list their level after gear modifiers along with the most I have chosen: 4 Pelting Strikes: Succession, Enfeeble (will take Precission) 1 Dashing Alacrity: Bloodlust (will take Delay and Impatience) 1 Battle Stance: Premonition, Flexibility, Retaliation 3 Radiant Pillar: Hypnosis, Brightness, Ordeal 3 Hallowed Restoration: Recuperation (will take Prevention and Antidote) 5 Cleansing Brilliance: Distract, Purify (currently considering Eagerness) My gear is hodge-podge, as you would likely guess, but as good as I can manage. I have socketed Anneal into Bronze sockets, +skills into Silver and +attributes (mostly Vitality) into Gold slots. My current weapons are Physical+Fire and Physical+Magic+Ice. I have prioritised modifiers over raw armour (eg +1 Armour Lore > +10 armour), but damage over modifiers for weapons (eg +20 damage > +10% attack), realistic exceptions taken of cause (eg +1 Combat Discipline <<<<<<< +100000 armour). The Scorpions seemed to cut me like paper, while I could hapily stand in a group of any other Desert mobs and carve them up. A lone Champion Scorpion required the kind of approach I would normally save for Bosses. I was switching to three Poison relics before facing Scopions, so I faced them with the strongest defence I felt I could have. I was using Battle Stance and a combo of Hallowed Restoration + Pelting Strikes + Soul Hammer to attack them. As a separate question, could I have a little advice on eating Runes? Regen times are currently close to equal to animation times. Should I consider eating Runes soon, or wait until much later (eg Gold or Platinum)? With this build, would it be best to focus on Battle Stance/Cleansing Brilliance, spread runes across the other CAs, or try and balance both the Buffs and the other CAs? Alternatively, would eating Runes probably not be a brilliant idea and I could instead focus on +CA gear (eg from Sets)?
  17. Hello, I'm completely 100% new here. As soon as my account was validated, I jumped right on to creating this topic. Firstly, I'm a long avid player of Sacred 2 (Have it 3 times ) - So finding out that the servers went down... It destroyed me. I then googled Private Servers to see if I can get any info on if there's anybody hosting some and I found Dark Matters CM Patch 1.40 and I downloaded it. I love the changes. I just want to thank you from Dark Matters so much for trying, and keeping an abandoned game going. Trying to polish out the bugs and flaws, and doing things the original devs appeared they didn't seem botherd to do. I read on the forum somewhere (I forget where) that theres a bug report place for the CM Patch, but I have tried looking for it and I can't seem to find it again, so I will write it here in hope that someone can direct me to the right place When questing, sometimes when a quest goes down a level, it'll direct you to the nearest enterance and not the correct one. I'm not sure if this is just mine or its a CM bug: The Concert questline is bugged for me. Directly after the concert, all the characters dissappear and the quest circle stays 2 quest steps behind (clearing the camp of undead?) Dragon Mage: When in Dragon Berserk, you can temporarily bug duration of it by killing something a split second, or at the same time of when it's supposed to end. I did this, it gave me an extra 10 minutes at least. Seraphim: When using skills, and dual weilding, sometimes she'll not use the skill, but it'll go on cooldown still. Dryad: Sometimes she'll say there's too much junk in her trunk, but her ass isn't fat. Not sure if this is an actual bug though. I'm sorry for a stupidly long post for my first one. But I really did just want to give my appreciation and my bug list. I hope theres going to be more patches. You've achieved to get another fanboy of Dark Matters. <3 Thank you again so much for keeping Sacred 2 alive. ~Saeo.
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