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  1. A pernicious Boss Creature, resembling an Ice Phoenix, known as The Narmul, resides in a lonely, stony, and icy courtyard; many frozen Seraphim stand scattered throughout, frozen in combat and posed as statues accompanied by other wandering unfortunate creatures, all now mere trophies of this abominable beast. The Narmul must surely be the mightiest foe that our brazenly determined High Elf has yet faced. For, he has an array of formidable Combat Arts and four giant crystals which provide protection from any damage. His initial attacks are not dissimilar to Dragon Strike but for inflicting int
  2. The Gyrvim Island Dragon (also spelled Girvym) may surprise the unwary traveler who wanders recklessly into the labyrinth of passageways underground, accessed by a single and unassuming entrance nigh to a lone merchant. Beware, its deadly Fire, Magic, and Physical attacks and hope that it does not use its cloaking ability to place you at a further disadvantage. Eager to explore for treasures, our heroine the High Elf wanders into the lair of this sinister beast.
  3. Making her way through the deep, thick forest of Dyr Lain, our indomitable High Elf heroine unexpectedly encounters a fierce, unfriendly, and powerful tree boss, the Forest Guardian, who possesses many powerful tricks that could make this encounter our heroine's last. First, he may bind her in vines to prevent her from fleeing, moving to cast spells, or even protecting herself. His "Hard Hit" does a tremendous amount of physical damage; he may slow her run speed or even boost his regeneration were she to find the capability to land any hits of her own. Lastly, If she is fortunate enough to do
  4. A local Dryad known as Lynimenda warns our valiant heroine about the Poison Lord and how dangerous he is and also that she would be relieved if someone would eliminate this menace. Well protected from all damage types but magic, our heroine may be at a disadvantage. For, as a true Mystic Stormite caster, she can only deal ice and physical damage. Because of his extreme poison damage she must defeat him quickly or she may perish in the attempt.
  5. To complete the Main Quest, our temerarious lady, the High Elf must enter the Great Pyramid of the Lost City, Ciria Delith. Regrettably for her, it is guarded by a terrifying flying daemon, Kral of The Winged Daemons. Kral may inflict Tail Lash, TBall (a missile-like attack), and deadly Sonic Scream attacks. Kral is bolstered a group of four Lightning Tower traps which cause magic and also physical damage. Let us now see what transpires.
  6. Having accepted a special request from a mage, tasked with defeating The Earth Lord, and having found fulfilling the chore well beyond her powers, our fearless heroine the High Elf unhesitatingly accepts this weighty responsibility. She has not been forewarned that this Elemental Boss has an arsenal of magical powers at his disposal. He may summon a small earth elemental as a distraction that may also inflict some degree pf damage, yet it is the three greater of his powers that are far more hazardous. His Meteor Shower, Fire Trap, and Hard Hit inflict massive amounts of fire and/or physical da
  7. Perhaps, the most dangerous opponent that our heroine, the High Elf, has encountered as of yet is the terrifying giant scorpion known as the Garganthropod. This particularly pernicious pest can cause poison damage over time with the sting from its tail, but it also has a Reflection Shield B which reflects combat arts, such as Glacial Thorns back at the player. This dreadful Boss Monster may also conjure two mutated scorpions which can deal magic damage that may weaken an opponents armor resistances. Let us now see what transpires, as our brave lady breaches the entrance to his lair.
  8. The dreaded Dragon of the Bengaresh Desert resides in a secluded lair, deep within the mountainous region to the east of Dar Al Badja. Dealing physical, magic and fire damage, this foe is not one to be taken lightly. Nevertheless, our dauntless heroine presses forward without hesitation.
  9. Welcome back to Niobium Boss Battles (CM Patch 160 Version) with our heroine, Tarellethiel, the High Elf. Today our resilient and indefatigable lady will encounter and engage the execrable and phantasmal entity, the Banshee. Let us see what happens!
  10. In this exciting boss encounter video our dauntless High Elf rushes undeterred into a mortal fray with the fearsome ice phoenix, Narmul. With some very nasty and devastating magic attacks at hand, Narmul is certainly one of the most powerful of all Sacred 2 boss monsters. How will our heroine defend herself with success and eliminate the Narmul's powerful defenses in order to prevail by destroying this clever and malevolent creature? Let us discover the answer right here and now!
  11. In this installment of High Elf Boss Battles (post Community Patch 160) we see our heroine, Tarellethiel, pitted in a mortal battle with the formidable oppugnant, Thranak.
  12. In this episode of Niobium Level High Elf Boss Battles (post Community Patch 160) our heroine encounters the T-Energy Boss Monster, the Gar'Colossus.
  13. In this episode, our heroine Tarellethiel, the dauntless High Elf, takes aim at The Evocator, who has plunged a ghostly village of departed townspeople into what may become an eternal darkness for them but for her magnanimous aid. Let us hasten to see the result of this fearsome fray.
  14. In this Boss Battle, Tarellethiel the High Elf engages Bloodclaw, the dreaded werewolf Boss Monster. He has the ability to do some great Physical damage; let us see how she fares.
  15. In this video edition of Boss Battles with Aramelith The High Elf, we find her rushing bravely into a fateful fray with Narmul The Phoenix. This is her first encounter with a fearsome and mighty Ice & Blood Boss creature. Will she prevail or does her journey here end in her demise in this cold, lonely place, surrounded be the evil creature's previous opponents, now mere frozen statues surrounding his icy domain? Note: Narmul uses an attack similar to Dragon Strike but does ice damage and an attack similar to Incendiary Shower but does ice damage. He also has a trap that drains a play
  16. This Niob Boss Battle features Aramelith, a Single-Buff Mystic Stormite High Elf and the dreaded Gar'Colossus in a battle to the death. This video may be adjusted at various levels from 144p - 2160p (4K)
  17. In this installment of Boss Monsters of Ancaria we find the brazen, indefatigable, High Elf Aramelith encountering the Spider Boss. Additional: A Boss Creature was added in the Community Patch as a continuation of the chain quest beginning with "Save My Cows." After finally getting the key and destroying all of the spiders inside one is directed to kill the real root of the problem, Shelob, the Spider Boss. Upon reporting back to Skooks Corner the reward is well worth the trouble.
  18. Here we see the High Elf, Aremelith, confronting the potentially deadly scorpion boss, the Garganthropod. Please, do feel free to adjust the resolution settings to suit yourself, including 4K.
  19. Here the High Elf battles a fierce foe, the feared Kral of the Winged Daemons. She, a delicate High Elf with only a single buff and using frigid glacial thorns and he undefeated, well armored and armed with flaming fire and massive magic damage. Who will win? Place your bets everyone! (video 4K-available in settings)
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