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  1. 315 downloads

    Name: Genesis Siderea Type: Armor Set Class: Seraphim Requirements: Community Patch 1.50 This CM Patch Seraphim mini-set was made by Pesmontis and is themed around star-formation. Set Components: (Helmet) Vessel of Chaos (Armor) Dawn of Scheherazade (Gloves) Fusion Igniters (Belt) Cradle of Light (Boots) Dark Matter Conduits (Wings) Star Meadows Sockets: Bronze: 0 Silver: 4 Gold: 5 Complete Set Bonus: Chance for Secondary Effect +X% (2) Detrimental Magic Effects -X% (3) All Skills +X (5) Leech Life fro
  2. Version 2.0


    Name: Sopor Aethernis Type: Armor Set Class: Seraphim Requirements: Community Patch Set Components: (Helmet) Starlight (Armor) Creators legacy (Shoulders) Breath of the Firmament (Wings) Eternal breeze (Arms) Bearer of Light (Gloves) Pulse of time (Belt) Sash of Infinity (Legs) Pillars of Millenia (Boots) Striders of aeons Sockets: Bronze: 2 Silver: 8 Gold: 7 Complete Set Bonus: Intelligence (3) Combat Art Skills (4) Chance to find valuables (6) All combat arts (8) For more information on the
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