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Found 2 results

  1. This is yet another idea I've had brewing in my head for a very long time. I found some time over the weekend to actually flesh it out enough to be able to share some of my ideas. I want to make a mod that adds new bosses and enemies. In addition to working with a few really cool monster types from Sacred 2, I also had this idea of "Wild Mounts." Why aren't there more tigers or lizards running around Ancaria? Most of the mounts have ecological niches where they would fit in, and it would be interesting to face revamped versions of them as foes (like the little Hell Hounds/big Hell Houn
  2. Wardust's Serious Textures and Spells Update + Repack >>Download on Sacred 2 Nexus<< --updated for CM 1.60 July 2018 Introduction: Wardust made a great mod in 2011-2012 for CM Patch 1.30. You can find his old Serious Textures thread HERE and the blog he made for the mod HERE (these are outdated/abandoned). This new release allows Wardust's mod to be used with the latest CM Patch 1.60 and the Generic Mod Enabler. It is not my intention to take over and continue development of this mod; this is a faithful update of Wardust's great work, to ensu
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