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  1. A complete and detailed guide about my greedy ranger Dryad Greetings everyone! I am finally back on this wonderful Sacred world and, since there are a lot of common builds for Dryad such as archer, voodoo focused or pure caster, I wanted to develop a little different build. Recently I finally managed to try out a personal project which I was thinking since I have returned to the Sacred games (about a year ago). The build is focused on a Dryad that can basically do everything – kill fast, deal tons of damage, have a lot of defense and resistance, find lots of valuables and good items and a
  2. Introduction In Sacred exist 11th secret dragon. It was accidentally found by russian player WORTLOS in august 2016 (and only in 2018 was published ru-guide about it, after my returning to managing ru-community). Thats a secret dragon (or baby dragon). For his appearing you need about 3 hours of real time. How you can get it You need "Helkemel, Traveling Merchant". You can find him near to bridge on the road to Mystadale. Helkemel offers to buy a dragon egg, But you need to choose "Reject". After that move away for a some range. Check mini-map, w
  3. Jubei, the Mentalist Dragon Mage 1. Character introduction Once a noble apprentice of the High Temple of the Mages' Guild seeking magical knowledge, Jubei quickly earned a name for himself in the Great Council. His fast learning abilities combined with the accurate magic and fighting skills acquired during the short stay at the Temple turned him into one of the most promising students in the land. The ranks and grades he obtained were bolstered day by day, slowly climbing on his way to the top. One day, following his hard work and commitment at the Temple, Jubei managed to came into
  4. Dual Wield hybrid Inquisitor build Greetings! After sharing my personal Seraphim guide on these forums, today I am back with a personal hybrid Inquisitor build that I want to share. As the title say, the following guide is a Dual Wield oriented style of Inquisitor, focused on a little bit of each one of his three aspects, Gruesome Inquisition, Astute Supremacy and Nefarious Netherworld. From the Gruesome Inquisition aspect, we will be using Callous Execution, Frenetic Fervor and Purifying Chastisement (buff) combat arts. From the Astute Supremacy aspect we'll be using Clustering Maelstrom
  5. Dual Wield Exalted Warrior/Revered Technology Seraphim Hello everyone! For those who still play this game nowadays, in the following lines I will share my personal Sacred 2 guide for one of my favorite characters, the Seraphim. As the title say, we will mainly be using combat arts from the Exalted Warrior aspect and a few from the Revered Technology aspect, mainly the energy shield. So, let's begin! 1. Skill build Level 2 - Tactics Lore (keep this close to your character level) - One of the most important skills for our Seraphim since it increases the damage dealt by weapons and th
  6. * Note: I brought this over from my original post on Clan-DA's Forum * * Note 2: I have not yet tested this with the Community Mod. Only vanilla. * Note 3: It has been a long time since I have played Sacred/Sacred 2, so I won't be able to answer any questions with this build (yet). I will be following my own guide to get back into this fantastic game! * My Perfected Astute Supremacy/Gruesome Inquisition Hybrid Inquisitor Build This guide will offer two things. It is a build guide and a road map. What I mean by that is, I am laying out what I took or am taking and how I am modding them, et
  7. Diary of a Burgfräulein Massive passive area damage build, self sufficient Character was played by my non english speaking daughter in the French version. Played on a fresh installed machine. General chest was empty, no help from other character, no editing, ... The first 11 levels in easy Rescuing the kids at sloeford for runes, using Zeal and Holy Shield. Taking Concentration (to 1), then Blessed Defense Focus (to 9) then Devout Offense Focus (9). Modifying Prayer (cleansing, Preseverance, Insight) and Holy Fire (Red Hot, Explosive, Flames) The Idea is to have Prayer modded f
  8. Hello Guys, This is my first Guide here, and since the first Sacred 2 Char I ever played was a Temple Guardian, I made a guide for that Class. Notice: This Guide is not Finished yet, it is under Construction, because some Concepts still need testing by me, cause I am not Familiar with the CM Patch yet Because of this, I would be glad if some guys would join me on my Journey, and go into Multiplayer with me. Ok So lets start with the Basics... The TG Can be confusing at the first glance cause he has so much synergy and supportive Stuff. But That makes him Ideal for Multipl
  9. PERMANENT Hair Color Tutorial For The Seraphim Hello~! Originally posted here. If you can find it in your heart to click and view this page I would be so happy lol. I haven't seen a guide for this so why not be the first? ^_~ I think everyone already knows how to change their female character's hair color using the console. The problem is that it won't be saved when you exit the game. Also, the colors will not be the the same with the colors you see/choose on the Web. I tried to use pink (#ff6666) but it came up as orange. This is due to the fact that the hair color of the seraph
  10. Currently, the wiki has the following standart (sort of) for the item stat pictures: Picture width of 450px GIF file format with as small amount of colours as can be without the picture looking very bad Blue color scheme for the Fallen Angel and I&B items, black for the CM ones. To ensure these points, some editing should be made. Read on for the full (and quite excessive) instruction for making good-looking stat pics. Step 1: Taking Screenshots. Of course, before you start editing the picture, you need to take it. There are few things you can do to make the subsequent editing eas
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