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  1. This video will show you how to use Cheat Engine and my Sacred cheat table to modify the Steam version of Sacred Gold. After watching the video, you'll be able to: Change your character's skills at any time in-game, including to those normally unavailable to your character class. Equip any item regardless of its requirements, including items normally unavailable to your character class. Learn, level and use combat arts of other characters. Summon any creature/character in the game the same way the Wood Elf summons her unicorn. Play as normally unplayable creature
  2. How to add extra equipment slots to a character's inventory page. Note, that: a) This doesn't create new slots but adds existing slots from other classes to a class which doesn't have them. Namely 2 more ring slots, an extra amulet slot, the shrunken head from the Dryad, and the battery from the temple guardian. b) There's no model for the battery. I had thought that it appeared on the Temple guardian, but after checking an actual temple guardian, it doesn't get displayed. c) You don't get the ability to shoot with it. Probably a specific skill that only the temple guardian ge
  3. Here's a video tutorial that will show you how to change your starting companion to any character in the game, as well as how to get a starting companion for characters that do not normally have one (Seraphim, Dwarf, Daemon). Let me know if you have any questions and if you want to see more Sacred Underworld modding tutorials here Here's the Sacred modding spreadsheet that's used in the video.
  4. Mod is complete and released! Community Items Mod v1.2 Download Thread. After releasing my Dragon Mage Sets Mod, I started thinkng about what direction I would take the mod next. At first this thread was only about modding in new uniques and legendary items (weapons or armor). However, now after receiving so many great suggestions, ideas, and contributions from talented modders, the mod has now become the "Community Items Mod". Suggestions and new ideas are always welcome. Because this thread has become very long and the number of items very large, this post will serve as an overview and
  5. Hello, as some of you are probably aware since quite some time nvidia refuses to let us use Fog Table Emulation anymore and since Rivatuner supports only up to 9xxx models we had to believe in the developers of D3D apps (games) to allow us disabling fog via configs/options. Here's a solution to this problem for Sacred 2 if using high quality graphic settings (If your system is bound to use any lower this might not be in your interest anyway): In ...\Sacred 2 (Gold/Fallen Angel....)\pak\graphics01.zip\hq\fx\ is a fog.dds (volume map, no mipmaps), either edit it for a pure transparent
  6. So yeah, ever noticed that its pointless to skill shadow veil past level 50/25(with skill modification)? Once you have 100% chance to not be detected while casting spells there is no reason to invest any more runes into shadow veil. So I was thinking the skill should have an innate bonus Something along the lines of +crit chance while stealthed, +melee damage, -opponent's chance to dodge/evade. Something that supports stealthy melee play. So im open for good suggestions. they will be incorporated into the new Update of my challenge Mod. Since the old thread is gone im not sure which cha
  7. I have a specific thing in mind and need some basic guidelines. Does anyone have 3D modeling experience? cheers One spatula to flip them all...
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