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  1. File Name: Runes For The High Elf File Submitter: Hooyaah File Submitted: 26 Sep 2016 File Category: Fallen Angel High Elf Items Name: Runes For The High Elf Type: Assorted Runes Requires: High Elf This chest has an assortment of runes for the High Elf, each of which is Niob level. The runes are organized in rows or thirteen of each with the exception of Grand Invigoration for which quite a generous portion has been included. This is the perfect compliment for the newly created High Elf player character. One may wish to add this chest file to the saved games folder just before character cre
  2. The Gyrvim Island Dragon (also spelled Girvym) may surprise the unwary traveler who wanders recklessly into the labyrinth of passageways underground, accessed by a single and unassuming entrance nigh to a lone merchant. Beware, its deadly Fire, Magic, and Physical attacks and hope that it does not use its cloaking ability to place you at a further disadvantage. Eager to explore for treasures, our heroine the High Elf wanders into the lair of this sinister beast.
  3. The Four Nameless Guardian are the protectors of the Great Machine and it is the sworn duty of our heroine the High Elf to shut it down and end the threat to the Land of Ancaria. Eliminating the four awesomely powerful mechanical bosses that stand in her way will be quite a brave, daunting, and death defying feat. Each of these massive mechanical monsters do Physical Damage and each also deals Elemental Damage. One possesses injurious Magic, the next Fire, the third Ice, and the last and the greatest of the four, deals Poison damage and resists all but Fire Damage. Will our ever determined lad
  4. Making her way through the deep, thick forest of Dyr Lain, our indomitable High Elf heroine unexpectedly encounters a fierce, unfriendly, and powerful tree boss, the Forest Guardian, who possesses many powerful tricks that could make this encounter our heroine's last. First, he may bind her in vines to prevent her from fleeing, moving to cast spells, or even protecting herself. His "Hard Hit" does a tremendous amount of physical damage; he may slow her run speed or even boost his regeneration were she to find the capability to land any hits of her own. Lastly, If she is fortunate enough to do
  5. A local Dryad known as Lynimenda warns our valiant heroine about the Poison Lord and how dangerous he is and also that she would be relieved if someone would eliminate this menace. Well protected from all damage types but magic, our heroine may be at a disadvantage. For, as a true Mystic Stormite caster, she can only deal ice and physical damage. Because of his extreme poison damage she must defeat him quickly or she may perish in the attempt.
  6. To complete the Main Quest, our temerarious lady, the High Elf must enter the Great Pyramid of the Lost City, Ciria Delith. Regrettably for her, it is guarded by a terrifying flying daemon, Kral of The Winged Daemons. Kral may inflict Tail Lash, TBall (a missile-like attack), and deadly Sonic Scream attacks. Kral is bolstered a group of four Lightning Tower traps which cause magic and also physical damage. Let us now see what transpires.
  7. Having accepted a special request from a mage, tasked with defeating The Earth Lord, and having found fulfilling the chore well beyond her powers, our fearless heroine the High Elf unhesitatingly accepts this weighty responsibility. She has not been forewarned that this Elemental Boss has an arsenal of magical powers at his disposal. He may summon a small earth elemental as a distraction that may also inflict some degree pf damage, yet it is the three greater of his powers that are far more hazardous. His Meteor Shower, Fire Trap, and Hard Hit inflict massive amounts of fire and/or physical da
  8. Asmarael, the Queen of Spiders, possesses a vast array of Combat arts that she, as a pure caster, may employ in any encounter. So, this time, the High Elf surely needs to be fully prepared and remain wary. Some of Asmarael's Combat Arts do Magical damage and Magical Damage over time. She may also cast a "rooting" spell to prevent her opponents from any movement and she may also invoke a mist which creates a large amount of Damage Over Time. Additionally, she may cast a lightning spell that causes Physical and Magic damage to, and push opponents away, from her. She also has a buff-like aura spe
  9. In this installment, we will see our steadfast heroine the High Elf in her encounter with the Ice Lord. This beast does large amounts of ice damage and is quite resistant to same.
  10. Here is a very strong Ice Elf Build that should easily play through the Niobium level. I advise you to play with Expert Touch enabled to draw from the other CAs that are not being used, as this is a Single Aspect focused build. Please check below so that you will know what to do with attribute points.* At Level 2 select Armor Lore. You should invest your skill points here and keep them at character level. Master Armor Lore First. Upon reaching Level 3 select Mystic Stormite Lore. It will serve as the main aspect and you will need to master it second, after Armor Lore. So invest skill
  11. One of the most powerful Bosses in the game, Asmarael, Queen of the Spiders is not one to drop in on unprepared. Unless, of course, the one popping in for a visit is none other that Tarellethiel, the High Elf and slayer of bosses. Watch now, in resolutions up to and including 4k for the best viewing that suits your preference.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Name: High Elf Diamond Sets Type: Armor Sets (Yellow "Rare") Class: High Elf Aspect: Mystic Stormite* (Fuschia Sets) Aspect: Arrant Pyromancer* (Black Sets) Aspect: Delphic Arcania* (Light Blue Sets) *Note: Each of the three colors of Diamond set include modifies that, generally, augment/compliment the Corresponding aspect as indicated. Available Levels: 9 - 220 the precise levels are random yet have been organized inside separate folders by level range and by color (the 9-11 sets have at least a full set each of level 9 - 11 and a few lower level pieces are i
  13. Yet again heedlessly hurling herself headlong, High elf Tarellethiel, challenges one of the most menacing managers of mayhem, The Abishai Of Dissension. This boss monster has some truly nasty tricks at his disposal.
  14. Wandering around Diaanja's retreat as a loyal dog would while protecting it's master's home, her Hell Hound quickly discovers our heroine, Tarellethiel on her way to discover a way inside.
  15. Will our heroine Terellethiel be the high elf who saves Christmas, or will the icy cold heart of a Frost Dragon, The Grinch ruin the season and disappoint the children, stealing their wonder and joy?
  16. This time our hero, Tarellethiel the High Elf, takes the business to The Flame Lord in a daring quest. How will it turn out against this Boss Monster with so much fire damage at his command?
  17. In this video we find our heroine engaging The Ice Lord, a deadly boss monster armed with an immense amount of ice and physical damage. Let us see what transpires and who emerges victorious.
  18. In this episode of Niobium Level High Elf Boss Battles (post Community Patch 160) our heroine encounters the T-Energy Boss Monster, the Gar'Colossus.
  19. In this episode, our heroine Tarellethiel, the dauntless High Elf, takes aim at The Evocator, who has plunged a ghostly village of departed townspeople into what may become an eternal darkness for them but for her magnanimous aid. Let us hasten to see the result of this fearsome fray.
  20. In this installment of High Elf Niobium Boss Battles with CM 1.60 we find our fearless heroine, Tarellethiel Beriadanwen, pitted in a battle to the death with the powerful and dreaded White Griffin. The White Griffin has high Ice and Physical Damage resistance, which is the sum of the types of damage Glacial Thorns provides. The Griffin possesses a powerful spell which may deactivate the High Elf's buffs, Crystal Skin and Grand Invigoration rendering her virtually defenseless. So, we should expect to see her deploying Expulse Magic, the only defense she against such a spell.
  21. After installing the CM Patch 1.60 I wanted to record more videos of the High Elf battling Niobium level bosses. Here we see Tarellethiel Beriadanwen*, a High Elf, bravely facing off against Gahanka, a massive giant, compared to one of her rather diminutive stature. *Select An Elfish Name For Your High Elf
  22. High Elf Diamond Sets View File Name: High Elf Diamond Sets Type: Armor Sets (Yellow "Rare") Class: High Elf Aspect: Mystic Stormite* (Fuschia Sets) Aspect: Arrant Pyromancer* (Black Sets) Aspect: Delphic Arcania* (Light Blue Sets) *Note: Each of the three colors of Diamond set include modifies that, generally, augment/compliment the Corresponding aspect as indicated. Available Levels: 9 - 220 the precise levels are random yet have been organized inside separate folders by level range and by color (the 9-11 sets have a
  23. Yet again, we find our hasty, hubristic High Elf heroine Aramelith forging headlong into an epic battle. This time she takes the business to Walther, who certainly has a few a few tricks of his own waiting for her. I fear that she left so hurriedly that I failed to remind her to take any health potions or do some research as to what she was getting into this time. Oh well, let us hope that her youthful impetuousness does not get the better of her this time.
  24. Not being one to fear an extreme challenge, our fair and comely High Elf maiden Aramelith set straight out to prove her mettle and face the black of heart, wicked, and abysmal Abishai Of Dissension. Hastening her way ever faster, she resolved task after task, toiling and striving relentlessly, pressing ever closer to her goal. Now, finally reaching the Abishai Stronghold, she dismounts her trusty Rime Dragon and hurls herself toward the unspeakable evil, single-minded and resolute in her bid to destroy it forever.
  25. In this video edition of Boss Battles with Aramelith The High Elf, we find her rushing bravely into a fateful fray with Narmul The Phoenix. This is her first encounter with a fearsome and mighty Ice & Blood Boss creature. Will she prevail or does her journey here end in her demise in this cold, lonely place, surrounded be the evil creature's previous opponents, now mere frozen statues surrounding his icy domain? Note: Narmul uses an attack similar to Dragon Strike but does ice damage and an attack similar to Incendiary Shower but does ice damage. He also has a trap that drains a play
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