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  1. Sacred 2 Archives Part 2 Picking up from where I left off (See Part 1) As I have mentioned, I have been playing Sacred 2 now for 8+years and I am not ashamed to admit of not getting even close to mastering the game. (Reaching Niob Level) And please do remember that I am a person that is Learning Disabled, but I have never let a thing like that ever stop me or get in the way of me wanting to do and achieve things. Now then, I bought Sacred 2 somewhere between 2008-2009, sorry for being so vague, out of those two, I cannot recall exactly which it was, but I do know that it was as best near one of those two years. Now before anyone says typical of me being a girl, I am actually a Trans Girl/Woman and please with all respects, do not hold such a thing against me. When it comes to playing RPG, I have always played as a female character and no, I do not have anything against males or playing as male characters in an RPG. in fact I have both played as a Iksar shaman and as a Vah Shir berserker From Champions: Return To Arms (PS2 Game) and both of those character are males. I play female characters out of a personal choice, but I am not afraid to play as a male character, so long as that character has good combat skills and spells to use, then I will be more than happy to chose and play as that male character. It my surprise some of you here that actually my most favourite character is the Temple Guardian, okay he’s not strictly male or female, since he is An archaic cyborg, half living creature and half machine (The description is a direct copy and paste from the Sacred Wiki Web Page) But the voice of the Temple Guardian is male, not to say that there are is not any female Temple Guardians, but I think it is a safe bet to say that they are all generically male. Anyway, I think even the Shadow Warrior and The Inquisitor are good and cool characters too, in fact, I plan to do a build on each and every character of the game. I will admit that I chose to play the Seraphim first of all, the first time I ever played Sacred 2. Then I tried being the Dryad and the High Elf, but I also gave the male characters a try out too. I had no real clue at all, when I first began playing Sacred 2, what the objectives of the character and main over all game was, in which direction I should be going in, etc. Let alone being able to get into doing a character build and back then I had no idea about such a thing etc. Oh and for me personally and please do not hate me etc. It’s my own personal preference again, where possible, I like the 3rd person perspective better, like the way it was done in the Game Of Dark Stone. (See Part 1 for this reference) I do not like the idea of partially looking down as though from the view point of playing a D&D Board game, to me this perspective makes no sense when you have a 3D Environment. But that is just me personally and I will always stick to that to the day I go to my grave. The Isometric View Perspective aside, I like and love Sacred 2 and as I have said in part 1 of this post, I even rate Sacred 2 as the best RPG Ever and that it is most probably unlikely we are going to see a game that will be better and bigger than Sacred 2. Only Two other games that I know and am aware of that have been made in the 3rd Person Perspective. Drakan: The Ancient Gates (PS 2 Title) and Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King (PS 2 Title) I’m not a huge fan of the turn based RPG, but that one really is fantastic. Dark Stone Makes 3 of the 3rd Person view games, if you count that one too. I love the battling, the story telling, but I like and love to be able to explore, where it’s possible in a game, there is for me personally not much fun or excitement in a game if one is to simply go from A-Z in a game and then go onto play the next big RPG Title with no real appreciation for all the wonderful 3D renderings etc. that has gone into making the game in the first place. I honestly do not know how people who play these role playing games really do appreciate not only the graphics, but do they also appreciate the different styles of each location, the fine detail inside and outside of a building . And there should be more places a player can go into and not only visit, but do battle say inside castles or simply to view the wonder of an age old ancient Library etc. To have these places with things to loot to reward those that like and love to explore. Even have interesting NPC’s in some of these buildings with side quests, as additional extra level of play of the game. At least for me, personally that is what I would like and love to see in RPG Titles, but most likely this isn’t going to happen. The first time that I ever reached Gold Level in Sacred 2, I was the character of the Seraphim, sadly I cannot remember how I did her build, what her skill sets were or what combat arts I modded out, as well as her armour and her weapons. In fact that I would say for me at least getting the Skill Set right, has been the most hardest thing of all for me to develop, but I feel and think I could be on the right track at long last. But I am more than happy to share with you the following: All and Any Armour including special Armour Sets use 2xBlack Curse or Soul Reaver, or any of the Dryad’s and Inquisitor’s Runes. 1 of each for the Helmet, and one for the Shoulder Pad, though I am quite sure it makes no actual difference in which order you place them, not that it should affect your game play etc. I can’t imagine how the order of the armour slots modded out could or would affect the outcome of your game play. Now I am not saying that these are an absolute must, but please do try them out and see for yourself if they are for you as effective or not. So far, on every single character that I have tried these out on they are affective, more so on silver level but they work okay too if starting off from Bronze Level. These work quite well as I said with every other single character of Sacred 2. 2xInstal Belief (Seraphim Rune), 1 for the chest plate and one for the belt 2x Golden Glade Touch (Dryad Rune) 1 for the gloves and 1 for the sleeves 2x Charged Grid (Temple Guardian Rune) 1 Charged Grid for the Leggins and 1 for the boots. For a character with just only 7 pieces of armour, chose either 1 less of the following, Golden Glade Touch or Charged Grid. Again, for me personally the rest of the mod’s are vital. Close Combat Weapons (All) with 2 slots: 1xLava Chunk & 1x Archimedes Beam (Temple Guardian Rune) Ranged Weapons (All with 2 slots & Optional) 1xPoison Fangs. and 1 Archimedes Beam ) I have fairly recently only just discovered at least for me personally, that the game is better off playing as a melee based character and it has 1 advantage, it gives you the choice of a skill that you would not be able to incorporate into the game if you go with having both Close Combat and Ranged Weapon Lore’s. Best Rings: 1. Damage Physical, 2. Spell Intensity and 3: 2+ and up, attack and defence. Best Amulets: 1. Max Hit Points and 2. Chance To Evade Best all time Amulet Drops, Artamark’s Star, I have them at the following. (On My PS 3) Level 25: Armour 70 Defence Value +12. Level 35: Armour 70 Defence +15. And Level 45: Armour 115 Defence +19 More info to come in the next instalment of Sacred 2 Archives. Additional! The Runes As mentioned above work even better at Gold Level, but I am using the same Rune Armour and Weapon Modifications at Bronze Level for my Dryad on Sacred 2 Gold via GOG. My sincere apologies for forgetting to mention that there is a problem however using the same Rune Set for the Seraphim and the Inquisitor, I'm not all together sure why since this truly works well for the rest of the other characters. I could be getting the skill sets wrong or maybe not have my buffs higher for these two characters, it's quite an odd problem and one that I hope to solve one day. I can at least highly recommend if you have a character at Gold Level, to fit out armour and weapons for other characters on Bronze Level, Also to note that my observations has taught me that the Buffs for each character to be the most vital and important of all above their own combat arts and if you have enough runes in your Hero Chest, get a character on bronze level to consume 10 runes each for your buffs, 5 of each if you do not have as many Runes for the Rune Exchange and if you can manage it, get your buffs higher than your character level, this I know really works, at least for me personally. Playing this game has been from a lot of trail and error, in fact more errors than I can count and I am not at all in anyway saying that my way is better, It is my deepest and sincerest hope that by my sharing my personal experiences with the game, for you all to benefit from in some way or another.
  2. Sacred 2 Archives Part 4 I played the original Sacred Game and even though it says at the Sacred Wiki Web Site that Sacred 2 is a prequel to Sacred, if that is so, how comes the Seraphim not have the same combat arts from the previous game? She’s essentially the same character, same race even, so please forgive me where her combat arts for Sacred 2 makes no real sense to me. However, there is another thing, for this let’s take a good look at the two maps from each game. Sacred Map Sacred 2 Map Even I can see that both maps do not remotely match up, be it if you were to use a computer program to use map 2 and take it back how many years apart the two games histories are meant to be set by. I’ll be very surprised if the results match exactly map 1. I am going to take a stab in the dark bet and this is also one of my many theories, map 2 aged backwards will not match up in any shape or form with map 1. Please someone put that theory to the test, I do not mind. I would love to find out the results. Other Theories are: There originally was two Temple Guardians and that they were brothers, the reason for why the Temple Guardian has the shooting arm. Whereas all of the other Temple Guardians in the Waste Lands, have two perfectly good arms. The two brothers get into a fight, not only does the 1st Temple Guardian get his arm wrenched off, he gets quite damaged too, hence why his memories are incomplete and also why when he is not wearing armour he appears to be quite weak as he stands and coughs, watch his actions carefully and you will see what I mean and to my way of thinking there has to be a reason for this, hence my idea/theory. The Great Machine is an ancient old form of AI, so old that all and any records obtaining to its origins etc. Are lost. Being around for so long, it for some reason is losing its original power source. It detects the T-Energy that is part of Ancaria, so it goes there to collect all of the T-Energy to make it, it's new power source, also by this time there is more Temple Guardians, though I have no theories to how or why more were made other than the creator who made the first two, probably decided to make more of the Temple Guardians. The T-Energy Consoles that reside in some towns of Ancaria and other places are meant as data collecting consoles and for somehow summoning a Temple Guardian to help the people with either information or to do certain tasks for them, this is before the Great Machine took control over all of the other Temple Guardians, all but the original model, how and why I have not figured that part out just yet. The Seraphim Island originally belonged to the War Dragons and it looked a whole lot different before the great volcano of that place erupted, or something else happened, which virtually almost devastated the entire land, hence why there are various ruins on the land. Lastly, The Waste Lands was not originally a waste land, originally it was part of a desert land, but there was also fields, lakes etc. Back in the time before the Great Dragon War and it is that very war in which how and why it became a waste land. I hope that you all liked my info about me, this game and my theories/ideas and my little tip on the Armour and Weapon Modifications for this game. Feel free to ask me anything about my experiences that I have with this game, or about my theories etc. I would like to know what you all think about them etc. Until my next post, please be kind and good to one another. Peace, always. Amy aka She Hawk.
  3. Sacred 2 Archives Part 3 I have tried to play Sacred for the PC, strange that, that game is not available for the consoles. Though it is not quite so easy to find a Rune Master in that game, or at least for me personally, so please no one get annoyed with me. Rune Drops seem to be not quite as frequent as they are in Sacred 2, not that I can tell as it is pretty hard to get anywhere with any character apart from the one that can heal herself and her ally, the other characters are easily killed off. And trust me when I say I can play most other RPG’s and not get killed off, the first time around yes and the odd few other times also, but on the whole I can keep my character alive, but not with Sacred, or so it at least seems that way with me. Heck, a few characters of mine in Sacred 2 have been killed more than once or twice, etc. things like that can and do happen. I have worked long on hard in being able to achieve quite a good Survival Rate in this game, being quick on drinking the health potions really helps and trust me, when I say to achieve that, was difficult for me, as due to my being learning disabled, it makes me slow in nearly almost everything that I do. As odd and as strange as this maybe, but having quick reaction times came from my playing Tomb Raider and anyone who has played that game, will know that quick reaction times for those games is quite a must have thing, if anyone really wants to play that game. I ended up having poor Lara Croft killed off more times than I can count. I simply stopped playing Tomb Raider as each new game began to get harder and even more harder for me to play and that is when any game like that, is no longer fun or cool to play. Also due to my disability I cannot play most other games, RPG and Racing Games I am really good at playing and I am fairly reasonable good at playing the odd FPS title games such as Bioshock and that game really truly is a hard one to play. Dark Messiah Might And Magic: Elements, while it’s not quite an FPS, it is from the 1st person perspective and also quite a difficult game to play in places. I honestly and truly do appreciate that the games as mentioned here, may not be difficult for everyone else, I can only hope if nothing else that you are all able to appreciate how these games for me at least are difficult for me to be able play them. While racing can be fun, the games that I have are: Project Gotham Racing 3, Forza Horizon 1&2 and the odd few PS One Rally Racing Games. On the whole I much prefer Role Playing Games, there is something about the epic battles, the weapons the armour, the locations and in places where it’s been done really well, fantastic back stories to the overall game. In all honesty, there is nothing quite like a really good RPG. But RPG in general, has its own sense of wonder, amazement, adventure and much, much more. Back however, to Sacred 2. Like I said in part 2. I really had no clue of what I was supposed to do or where to go, but the more times I began to play the game, the easier things became and even both the main map and mini map were easy to follow. A lot of game maps be it RPG or not, I have found to be quite hard to follow, mini maps in some games, even more so. Not everyone is going to be able to know how to read maps in real life, let alone in-game maps. I am a very good example of this fact and I honestly cannot think of a better example than myself and I can say that there are others with learning disabilities that are far. Far, far much worse than the ones that I have. Those are the ones I truly feel for, as they won’t be able remotely play any of these console games, regardless of which type of game it might be. While I do appreciate that most PC and console games are for most part for the those people who are gamers, please do not get mad or cross with me when I say that this should not be for you gamers only, it may shock you to know that one person once told me that a person like me should not be playing console games because of my learning disability, with and I quote. ‘PC games and console games are not designed for someone like you and they are not meant for you anyway.’ End Quote. Seriously, I am not making that up. I can’t really tell you all, how that made me feel. Thankfully I did not let what that person said to me, stop me from wanting to play console games. Though I will admit, for a while I did not play any console game, but I hope that is understandable as to why not? It took me some time to realise that console games should be for all people of all walks of life, no matter who or what they are, or even if they are not really all that good at playing such games, heck even I wasn’t so, for some time, but I got and became better at it over time and I feel anyone of a small or poor gaming level can achieve the same thing, and not to worry if they truly can’t master such things as console gaming, as there are truly other things out there for everyone and anyone to try and have a go at doing. I personally feel that the Starter Island/Island Of Many Paths should have more in the way of things to do there, like maybe fight monsters in that coliseum that is there in fact it could act as being the perfect training ground and also act as an overall tutorial place, with a reward for completing it. I am not happy with what each and every character starts off with in this game even in Champions Of Norrath, each and every character at least had one basic full set of armour and one very basic weapon. I do not know if anyone has noticed but the prices of items in this game are really quite expensive, more so really good double socketed items and my apologies if I am not spelling Socketed right, my spell checker for Microsoft Word had other suggestions, but not one for this word. So taking into account the price of items, I feel personally it would be best for all characters in Sacred 2 to be fully armoured and with a weapon, all basic of course, allowing the player to be able to get and buy better stuff, once they have enough gold gained in the game. Well that’s it for now, I do not want these things to be far too long to read, even for myself. I have a lot more to discus about the game and my experiences with the game and don’t worry, I will reveal what my theories of the game to be, all in good time.
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