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Found 11 results

  1. Hello DarkMatters Community ! After years I've stepped over Sacred 2 again im willing more than ever to play the game and grind out all the difficulties without "cheating". Of course im going to play the game with the Community Patch and Enhanced Version. I also have these Mod's active: - Enhanced Spells - Superspawn I already took a few steps in Ancaria but realized soon that vanilla rates are very slow. Now im facing a wall. It was very easy to boost the experience gain over the balance.txt to speed up just a little but not to much. The problem I have now is that I've tried like 50 diffrent changes to the ZRareExpectation00 - ZRareExpectation15 to boost my drops a bit aswell without getting "OP" fast or dropping way to many good items in no time. Dont worry, I already checked every post about Balance.txt that you could find over the internet thats why I decided to ask further and maybe a better explaination. My current Setup is the following : ZRareExpectation15 = 4, ZRareExpectation14 = 7, ZRareExpectation13 = 12, ZRareExpectation12 = 25, ZRareExpectation11 = 40, ZRareExpectation10 = 855, ZRareExpectation09 = 510, ZRareExpectation08 = 459, ZRareExpectation07 = 408, ZRareExpectation06 = 357, ZRareExpectation05 = 306, ZRareExpectation04 = 255, ZRareExpectation03 = 204, ZRareExpectation02 = 153, ZRareExpectation01 = 102, ZRareExpectation00 = 80, -------------------------------------------- DropMaxRandomRare = 12, - (What ive read is that this is the maximum tier of Items you can drop randomly so this would be ZRareExpectation12) -------------------------------------------- NORMAL_STANDARD = 400, NORMAL_RUNE = 30, CHAMP_STANDARD = 800, CHAMP_RUNE = 70, Now I need you guys to help me out here because I dont understand how a level 28 Shadowwarrior [Silver Difficulty] with literlly 0 magic find can drop uniques and set pieces over normal monsters and champions already. Of course I want to speed up the process of the game a bit but I dont want every 10th mob(+/-) to drop a setpiece or unique, thats to much for my personal feeling. I still want to grind a bit but not like hundreds of bossruns to get any good items. How is this possible when people posted many times that -> ZRareExpectation15 = Legendarys / ZRareExpectation14 = Set's & Uniques / ZRareExpectation13 = Uniques Are there some uniques that are in lower treasureclasses like 13-15 or what is causing this ? As you can see I already turned down 11 and 12 aswell because I thought maybe there are some in there too. I really dont get it and I hope I can find assistance here. Seems like whatever I do or change to lower numbers still wont help me or /= drop nothing at all. My goal is to play the game without the garbage items and drop normal or decent stuff often and the uniques / sets not that often. Of course RNG is a thing that you cannot change but this one here clearly has nothing to do with RNG. Thanks already and I hope to see your help !
  2. im not very well experienced at this game. the mini portal (on the interaction map for ancaria from the dragon sea island that passes over to the swampy marsh where you go for the seraphim chain quest after talking to the dragon) is blocked with the message "the smell of brimstone and lava lingers. not a friendly place to be" did I mess something up? im level 13 and in chapter 2 currently trying to get the huntress of light.
  3. I play games on the local network to operate continuously on the character and to set the day-and-night status. But the auto-collection option is not active. Is there a way to enable the auto-collection option in local network too (like a mode or console comand)? Please look forward to your help in this regard.
  4. Hello. I remember back when I was playing Sacred, there was a certain game mechanics element that made your enemies’ bodies explode when you did too much damage to them all at once. For instance, the enemy has 1,000 starting HP, you bring it down to 30HP with various attacks and then use a powerful attack to deal -500HP in one hit, so it explodes in a rather gory manner. I tried finding it through google or youtube but must’ve been feeding the search engine the wrong quaries because all the results I was getting were irrelevant ones. Can someone please point me to the term that describes this mechanics I’m talknig about and — ideally — a video that demonstrates it in high quality (a relevant fragment from a walk-through or let’s play, for instance)? Preferably with a Dark Elf, but that’s just optional.
  5. Version 7.63 Beta


    All the runes you could want and some expensive goodies....
  6. Hello guys I'm new on the forum but an old player of sacred 2. I'm still playing it everyday and I've been wondering if it's possible to resize these 2 weapons that I really like Twinkle and Icingdeath from Remnants of Drizzt Set . I would like to make them at least 2 times bigger than they are or 3 times bigger idk yet. If it is possible what do I need for it?. Or someone with the experience to do it you don't mind could you do it so that I can download it and use it ?. Also I want to recolor Revelation of the Seraphim Item set to Black and Red just alike Mystique Standard Set is. I would greatly appreciate it. Regards.
  7. Hi! So, the Community Patch didn't work for me when I installed it. Quests didn't exist. That's a problem. Really, there's no point in having it if it's just not going to work properly anyway. Anyway, I went to uninstall it with the cm-disable application, and it said that Sacred 2 was not found. I have the right version installed (2.65.2), and I don't have any mods (besides the patch itself). Can someone please help with this? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello everyone, So I recently installed sacred gold wanting to try ice and blood out and coming from the ps3. I tried to install the cm patcher but it sends me to a screen that says no longer in service? It seems people are still modding and what not so was curious to if there is another way to install cm patches:) Any help would be much appreciated!!
  9. File Name: Seraphim Chest File Submitter: DaltonSayre File Submitted: 10 Apr 2015 File Category: Fallen Angel Seraphim Items All the runes you could want and some expensive goodies.... Click here to download this file
  10. Hey everyone: So I just found an axe that does better damage than my sword. Problem is, I have no points in the hafted weapons skill, thus "hafted weapons" is showing up in read. First off, what does this red text signify? Can I still use this hafted weapon effectively, or should I stick with my sword? I'm assuming the red text means I suffer some sort of penalty using something I have no points in? I'm really confused by this. Any help is greatly appreciated
  11. Hello all! I really hope someone can help me with my melee TG shopper build... The possibilities on the last 2 skills are killing me! I want to be able to use deathly spears effectively and survive decently. As it stands, my first 8 skills are: 1. Enhanced Perception 2. Bargaining 3. Armor Lore 4. Hafted Weapons 5. Tactics Lore (better weapon damage, DS damage, and derogate damage) 6. Devout Guardian Focus 7. Warding Energy Lore 8. Combat Discipline (haven't taken this YET but it does make deathly spears better I hear) So this leaves me with a few options for my last two skills. I am keeping combat alert as a castable which hopefully won't force cooldowns too hard on deathly spears and such. Anyways, I've devised a few options for skills 9 and 10: Option 1: Toughness and Lost Fusion Focus (for modding jolting touch) Option 2: Concentration (for 2 buffs) and Source Warden Focus (to mod and use the buff untouchable force) Option 3: Toughness and Concentration (is untouchable force worth using unmodded?) Option 4: Lost Fusion Focus and Concentration (again, is untouchable force really worth it unmodded?) I find options 3 and 4 LEAST compelling. Option one seems legitimate to me but then I miss out on a bunch of potential stun from not having UF. Option 2 seems good but then I only have an unmodded jolting touch and I miss out on toughness. Can my TG make it by with just armor lore and warding energy lore? I could always not take combat discipline, lose out on some DS damage (idk how much), and then come away with a little more options. Help. PLEASE help! I would really appreciate it!!!
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