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Found 2 results

  1. would it be possible to create a 3D inventory viewing mod like this ? >> like you mouse over your item in your inventory and the 3d object of your item rotates on screen so you can see exactly clearly what you are looking at in your inventory ingame If it is possible to create this sort of 3D view in Sacred 2 how would I do it ? What files would I have to edit / create and how ? I'm guessing it would be real hard or impossible to access the Sacred 2 inventory index and especially try to view it in a different camera ingame. but is it possible ? probably not because it is using system files that are hard coded and not accessible ? idk that is why I ask What game engine did they use to make Sacred 2 ? is it even possible to access the source ? Thanks in advance !
  2. I have changed some objects with models that I like but I noticed that they don’t adjust their shapes when differ on sizes. Replacing the Stalworth Safeguard (2x3 blocks), with the model and icon of Nikotaste's Aegis (2x2 blocks), the icon adjust very well and also seems to be rotated, it is not a real problem but it would be nice to know how to solve. I have found this Mod for minimum size of items at 2x3 but I don’t want to change all the items, just adjust the ones I swapped with different sizes.