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Found 15 results

  1. Welcome back to Niobium Boss Battles (CM Patch 160 Version) with our heroine, Tarellethiel, the High Elf. Today our resilient and indefatigable lady will encounter and engage the execrable and phantasmal entity, the Banshee. Let us see what happens!
  2. In hopes of finally defeating the Swirling Mist of Miasma, our High Elf heroine hurriedly hurls headlong into yet another chilling episode of Niobium Tier Boss Battles.
  3. Our Heroine encounters the Insect Boss, Scaron, on the Island of a Thousand Paths. Will she allow the enormous eight-legged creature to "bug" her? Let us see what transpires.
  4. In this posting of Niobium Boss Battles with the High Elf Tarellethiel, we find that she has unexpectedly encountered Gartor while exploring a cave in the western portion of the Crystal Plane. Gartor exacts fire damage with his spells, blazing tempest and Incendiary Shower. Also he may spawn crystals which inflict magic damage if he is not dispatched with due haste.
  5. Rescuing a Seraphim held against her will in an icy cave, our Niobium tier heroine Tarellethiel brazenly rushes into a battle to the death with The Guardian, a fearsome humanoid Boss Monster. Let us now discover how this intensely chilling battle ends.
  6. In this video we find the bold High Elf attacking the terrible tenacious tentacled boss monster, the Octagolamus. Today she will be taking full advantage of her extended Combat Art Range and deadly, devastating Glacial Thorns.
  7. In this exciting boss encounter video our dauntless High Elf rushes undeterred into a mortal fray with the fearsome ice phoenix, Narmul. With some very nasty and devastating magic attacks at hand, Narmul is certainly one of the most powerful of all Sacred 2 boss monsters. How will our heroine defend herself with success and eliminate the Narmul's powerful defenses in order to prevail by destroying this clever and malevolent creature? Let us discover the answer right here and now!
  8. In this video we find our heroine engaging The Ice Lord, a deadly boss monster armed with an immense amount of ice and physical damage. Let us see what transpires and who emerges victorious.
  9. In this installment of High Elf Boss Battles (post Community Patch 160) we see our heroine, Tarellethiel, pitted in a mortal battle with the formidable oppugnant, Thranak.
  10. In this Boss Battle, Tarellethiel the High Elf engages Bloodclaw, the dreaded werewolf Boss Monster. He has the ability to do some great Physical damage; let us see how she fares.
  11. Once again, we find our High Elf heroine fearlessly facing yet another spine-tingling, mortiferous boss monster, the Grunwald Dragon.
  12. In this installment of Niob Level Mystic Stormite High Elf battles with Boss Monsters, our indefatigable heroine engages the Un-dead General Terus in a battle until the permanent demise of the unsuccessful participant. (The precise wording gets a trifle tricky when one combatant is already dead in some sense of the word.) Never mind all of that, let us now see what transpires.
  13. Here is where the build gets interesting as our heroine, the High Elf Aramelith ignores the warning of a veritably terrified human, boldly goes into an eerie cave to defeat an unspeakable monster, The Banshee.
  14. Here we see the raw power and stability of this build. The High Elf, Aramelith, destroys the "Big Bad WerWolf" Bloodclaw in mere seconds. So, then off to the next boss.
  15. This High Elf Build is proving to be quite sound, indeed. Here The Single Buff, Mystic Stormite High Elf may be witnessed soundly defeating Terus, General of the Undead Legion, without use of any healing potion. Verily, using but a Single Buff, Crystal Skin, she completes the battle against the general and his minions quite rapidly.
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