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Found 6 results

  1. This is the second level dungeon design level that the 1st dungeon level leads to. (Sacred 2: Sacred Hall Of The Temple Guardian) that I have shared with you all here, yes it is quite bare, the same as the other one, but I do not have images of those wonderful consoles etc. used in the final temple at the end of the Waste Lands where the Great Machine resides in. So, you will have simply imagine all of that, but I hope that you like this second dungeon. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/71960b2c-a978-4220-81f8-147ccc546867/Sacred-2-Sacred-Hall-2
  2. And for the final results, here it is, the completed dungeon. Vanguard Go here for the full 3D view of the model: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/d5aac552-ac4d-4620-b018-43b2f052930e/Vanguard-Dungeon-Level-Design-Concept
  3. Picking up where I last left off from, pulling up all of the walls etc. of the Vanguard Dungeon Project Vanguard. Stage 5 As you will noticed, I have partially textured the dungeon layout, the reason for this, is so that I can have the room sections etc. clear for when I start to put and place furniture into the model, such as a chair, a table etc. Vanguard. Stage 6 The first room has been filled so far with a set of chairs a table and on each side of the wall, top and bottom, as see in the above image, is a 2D Model of a swords and sheild image, that image is courtesy of pdsgraphics.com I just merely turned the image into a 2D model, for the sole use of my Dungeon Project, there are other items to put and place inside of this rom, as well as all of the other roms, but this is just to give you a general idea of what you will see in the over all finished dungeon design with I hope, a few surprises thrown in there.
  4. Vannguard Stage 3 Here I have removed all of the squares and the guide textures, as I no longer need them, I have added an offset, to the over all layout, wich gives me the walls and rooms that will be 3D, once I pull up each part, using the Push/Pull Tool, what that basically does is pull a flat object up down or side ways into a solid 3D object, if it is too big, I can push back in, for teh desired size and width of the model, that I need, hence the name of the tool. Also at this stage, to draw lines as seen in the second image as so to make sections that I can individually pull up. Vanguard. Stage 5 Talking about pulling up flat shapes etc. The next step after adding an offset to the over all layout, I begin to pull up every section, while this part is time consuming, it is worth the while doing. I hope you all like what I hae shared and showed you so far? And I hope you all lookin g forward to steps 5&6?
  5. I was going to post this yesterday, but I got too tired; Sion Dungeon. Level 2 For a full and complete 3D veiew, go here: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/84ee1c89-526f-4463-8fe4-8450013acb73/Sion-Dungeon-Level-2
  6. Hello to all here and I wish to thank all here at Dark Matters for making this site be possible. I like and love Sacred 2 so much that I have it for my PS3, my XBOX 36O and Sacred 2 Gold via GOG. Anyway, I like the character of the Temple Guardian and his backstory and indeed the detailed history of the Temple Guardians as told through the Temple Guardian's own personal quests and the information provided at the original location of The Hub, where at the end pillar a Temple Guardian tells you why they had to move the hub, etc. What really intrigues me is the location of the half sunken temple past the save pedestal where there is a merchant, a rune master and a blacksmith and it's before you enter the main Temple that takes you to the Great Machine. I'll include a screen shot of the location when I reach there on my PC version of the game, but hopefully some of you will now know where I mean, in simple terms it's where the last but one merchant is, top far end of the Waste Lands, you can't miss it, there. If you go to where the save pedestal is and look to your left, you wills see a half sunken temple/dungeon area that cannot be reached and obviously, it's not. But what if it were, what would it look like. Sadly I am not blessed to have the same exact textures as used in the dungeon level of the Great Machine. But I did my best to get as near match, though not exact, so please bare that in mind before commenting please on a dungeon level design that I made using SketchUp. Model Link: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/682cace2-0bde-4acc-9880-1a51ad416885/Sacred-2-Sacred-Hall-Of-The-Temple-Guardian-Chambers It's best vied in 3D if you like the design, please let me know and please be gentle, I'm not a pro expert model maker, just someone that loves to make 3D models. And if you really like it and are interested, I can post here for you all the link to the second level design to this first one. I like my 1st design so much that I decided to make a second one of which the first dungeon level design leads to.
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