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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, Sacred fans! I've already started to post topics but I've forgotten to introduct myself! First, I have to say that I'm not a RPG player. Sacred 1 is the only RPG I played, but it's one of my favourite games ever! Now I'm playing it again after a lot of time and I hope to find and give help here. I'm Italian, as you can see by the flag near my name and by the terrible grammar... That's all I had to say. Now you know that I am here. PS: How can I contribute to Sacredwiki? It seems I have to ask here. See (see?!) you soon!
  2. Hi everyone, just another Sacred lover here. I'm so impressed by the work many people have done on this site to keep this game updated, fresh and keeping this site going for the myriad of questions people have regarding this game due to its complexity and sometimes confusing mechanics etc. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this but I posted a question on a page regarding Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum and I thought if I mention it here too people might be more likely to see it, it was basically just regarding the blacksmithing arts and how they are edited. If anyone knows how it is done that would be great, but I suspect it will be difficult and confusing rather than editing things in spells txt and balance txt for example. Thanks.
  3. Hi There. Just wanted to Introduce myself here. I am a veteran that has played Sacred 1 When it came out at a friends Basement, and I was amazed by it. Later, I got my hands on a gold edition and on Sacred 2. What was realy nice. For a while I had other stuff to do, but since I discovered the steam version with addon, and saw your awesome community-patch, I just had to get there and give it a try. I loved the Temple Guardian, and so I will maybe make a guide for TG when I am finished with it. So yea, Greetings to everyone, Have fun, And maybe we will see each other soon in coop.
  4. Hey guys, name's Talon. Been playing Sacred 2 off and on for PS3 since the day it dropped. Main character was a Shadow Warrior. Decided to buy the PC version as well. Honestly one of my favorite games. Always loved the Dark Alliance games or Champions games on PS2. Always appreciated the open world in it, that it's like some of those games that I grew up but bigger, new game plus, Peer to peer online multiplayer that won't ever get shut down, and to top it all off there's communities like this which I think is awesome. Always just been my go tochill game I go to when I'm not playing Dark Souls 3 PvP. I played a few hundred hours of Diablo 3, but it just never captivated me as much as Sacred 2 or some of the other games I mentioned. Also picked up Vikings Wolves of midgard which I'm going to delve into at some point. PSN: Kansaspwnage Steam: TalonTheGuardian Hope you guys have a great day (:
  5. SergeyBelikov

    Hello, Fellowship!

    Hi there, new guy here. The name's Sergey, I'm 22 and live in France. Big RPG fan, both pen and paper (mostly Dragon Warriors) and videogames (Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and of course Sacred!) My other interests are cinema, anime and litterature, though I'm ready to tackle any topic on the appropriate thread. I just discovered this site and I find it amazing that Sacred has a community as dedicated as Baldur's Gate and the Elder Scrolls' fans. I hope we can get along. Have a good day
  6. criver

    Hi there!

    Hi! I haven't been playing Sacred for a while and recently started playing it again (the things uni exams do to people ) . Before I used to play it as casually as possible (more like reading a book and trying just to get to the end), so I tried to play it for the rpg elements now, the wiki helped me a lot, so I decided to try and contribute something to it. I've been trying to get some formulas for the DE's rune levels - rune stats relation, and here's what I got: http://www.mediafire.com/view/d7b1466ujocx6bj/DERunes(2).xlsx About the regeneration time - it's on a DE lvl1, phys regen is at 20. The regeneration time should change if your phys regen changes, so I should really find out the relation between the 2 as a formula. I've tested the formulas with runes up to level 16, so unless there's an artificial change at some level they should work. About the Pak-Dain and Pak-Nakor, the delta of the chance to block gets lower and lower, so I should take more than 16 lvls into account to get a correct formula - I'll look into this. I'll try to work on the DE spells too, the Confusion's prediction of the next level seems to be wrong for one thing. I'm looking forward to any feedback or any additional info somebody might have on the subject. I'll try to add the tables/formulas to the wiki if you don't find any glaring mistakes inside.