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  1. Hello all! Is there a way to remove the elemental animation that appears when a weapon has a secondary damage type added? I like to see my sword instead of the giant flash of fire floating around it. Any config settings to change in order to remove these effects? Thanks
  2. Version 1.2.0


    I am still working on the elf, in another file, soon, I will upload the bodypaint and the reduced heads with bright eyes that are seen in these images. Installation: Copy the mq folder to the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Deep Silver\Sacred 2 Gold Edition\pak\mq Requirements:
  3. AdministratorOne




    This is a modded scripts folder build and is meant to be extracted/copied/and,or pasted as such. With that said please make a back-up of your original Sacred2 Fallen Angel scripts folder before over writing with any modded 1st thank you. and yes they all attack. Basically graphed a Skeleton Warrior sk_kohorte Nether Allegiance buff spell to the end of a lot of circa Area buff spells. I left BFG, Vudu, Doppleganger buffs mostly alone for gameplay sake, with that said I strongly recommend against a permanent doppleganger as he will spawn a lot more minions; as you do; If you do try it, then you can always click on the buff bubble to destroy, & or re-summon. I modded script/.txt files: balance, creatures, spells. Camera shake is off; because every time for 4 Dragon pets would walk they would ground shake each1, which was making the game un-playable, and I have shrunk the Dragons also to 0.300000 to fit up to 4 onscreen. Enjoy>!... ps. make sure you download the closest version of SKWARVUDU.zip to your version of the game also, tyvm; in advance.; I have two now; One for v2.12 & one for v2.40 of the game. pss. I did not modify all of the scripts in the scripts folder; but a lil here & there in a bunch; so I just made sure, and atm, in 2014 seemed like the easy way to go; they are .zip folders so just make sure u save your current script folder from the game somewhere else in case you don't like; but I do very much; & I bet you will too; if you download, paste & copy?> I just saved mine to a different game save folder under documents in windows.> sacred2 saves, or something. psss. and if all of you like then kudos to my team; on that 4 month off season/ laid off season; put to good use.>?! The sakura demon; god power; inbred game spell I am also looking at modifying for the future; I have a couple of ideas of how to tame him; in my mind's eye?!>... 4 months; my brother & I put into the original modification of this Pet mod Acquisition!.> testing, checking; dbl. checking then re-checking again; triple checking; the script; & I even found a few mistakes in; mostly typos & un needed spaces. from the original that I corrected!.> Testing was the fun part; all parties; enjoyed!!!... so; I think you will too if you give it a free; try?!...>
  4. With the newer games and the negative aspects of DRM they have introduced, when combined with the fact that so few new games have such a grand replay value, Sacred 2 is the game that just keeps on giving; for these two reasons among many others, I believe it is easy to understand why there are so many gamers still attracted to it. Not to diminish other games Sacred in name, I will attempt to comprise here a comprehensive list of rationalizations as to what so many find attractive in this "golden," yet ever relevant game, Sacred 2 Fallen Angel: 1) The graphics are quite detailed, even when measured against truly 4K games it is still very competitive and complex with detailed textures, especially when "Trimmed Elite Textures" are employed. 2) The game is veritably a wondrous open map where one may progress throughout the map and revisit areas endlessly for additional exploration and to battle foes again. 3) Aside from the main quest, the side and chain quests may be played at ones leisure and in any order. One may complete the main quest and then return to play any or all of the other yet uncompleted quests. 4) There are so many special unique and legendary weapons, armor, and items. The high quality "yellow" items are virtually endless and may be discovered at any number of levels with an assortment of slots for forging. Some games are preset as to what one may use to upgrade a specific weapon or piece of armor, but with Sacred 2 the user can make their own choices in this regard. Freedom rules! 5) There are so many play styles and ways to build ones character and a sufficient number of characters from which to select. One may choose the Light or Dark path, and afterward experiment with the different skills and modifications, making each character different each time one begins anew. 6) There is so much detailed information on the Wiki with links to downloadable weapons, armor and items. Unlike some games where one may never find all of the armor, jewelry or weapons, here one may treat themselves to practically anything they wish, aside from the "yellow" items as their combinations seem nearly infinite. 7) Here at Dark Matters there is such a vast array of helpful topics, build guides, troubleshooting tips, download links, interesting topics, videos, screenshots, indy art, word and forum games, downloads, and so much more! The site here is family friendly and a handy haven for players of the game and a repository of information for any, especially the aspiring player of Sacred 2. 8) Also here at this site we have a marvelous resource, its members. There are so many helpful and genuinely friendly members willing to help anyone whether they are a "noob" or veteran player. When a new or long time member asks a question, someone knowledgeable always steps in and assists. 9) Mods, and so many of them, are here in their splendor and wondrous glory, ready to download and use. The Diablo II Mod, truly does wonders to the game and as do the other modifications, further expands its enjoyment. 10) The Community Patch has been recently updated and has fixed a virtually endless array of bugs and made fixes to some serious issues to include game crashing. In my opinion the game is now closer to the way it was originally envisioned by its developers at Ascaron. The textures are being employed so well and the monsters, bosses, and quests now fill the world of Ancaria, now an immense, immersive, and immeasurable expanse of wonder, ready to explore in a way that does not confining the player with overly-scripted directed paths. 11) Finally, If one requires but one more reason why Sacred 2 is such a wonderful game: Forsooth (what was first foreshadowed in my initial statement) Sacred 2 Fallen Angel has tremendous replay value. When the End Bosses are defeated the credits may roll, yet the game is not truly over. The player may simply return and finish any uncompleted side quests and visit any part of Ancaria yet again, the friendly denizens of towns and hamlets wave and greet them. One may store their character's save file and chests at any point and load them yet again in order to play from that point forward. That is another precious thing unto itself, indeed. I doubtlessly must have excluded some other noteworthy reasons, as there are so many great rationalizations which prove the worth of this outstanding game. I have no doubt that there will be players of the game far into the future, both newcomers and old-timers. Note: This article is a reprint of my original reply to the post here.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions if that's ok. I recently started a hardcore melee dual wield hunter dryad. It's a rather unorthodox build (not staves/Int/Acute Mind) and if it works out I'll share it in a lengthy build post, as I'm not finding anything similar anywhere. However, I want to get it to niob first. The problem is that I haven't played many dryads beforehand, just a bit of totem dryad. So, I have a couple of questions for the hunter skills that I can't find conclusive answers for. 1) Ravaged impact mods. I picked Perforate, Breach and Double shot in order to maximize single-target damage. I’m fine with the Bronze and Silver mods, but I’m not sure about Double shot. I don’t really need Blast, but before picking Double shot I was noticing that sometimes RI happened to register 2 hits anyway even without Double shot. And since the DW RI animation shows the dryad hitting with both weapons anyway, I started wondering whether double shot is unnecessary for melee DW. I’m thinking of trying it out on a new dryad, but I thought I’d ask here first, as I'm not sure that it always registered 2 hits or just sometimes (with double shot it hits twice 100% of the time ofc). 2) Darting assault mods. I picked Reload, Wounding and Rotate to maximize Area of Effect damage. It works fine so far - a limited range, but alright damage. However, I started noticing that the Area of Effect hits and kills more than 4 enemies at once. At first, it used to hit just 3 enemies, after Reload it started hitting 4, as expected. However, it now kills 5 or 6 enemies with just one spin. And it’s not just that a couple of enemies die from the Wounding of previous DA – it’s always a fresh group of enemies. I’m not really sure why that’s so. The wiki doesn’t seem to indicate that Reload gives more hits the higher level DA gets, it just says “+1 projectile”. Does the Reload mod scale with level? Does the skill itself scale with level and I just wasted my bronze mod? The damage from the Edged bronze mod is just 22%, but it’s still something. My DA is at level 3 or 4 atm, due to item bonuses. So those are my two main concerns – whether melee DW dryads hit twice with RI even without Double shot (and I wasted that gold mod), and whether DA hits more than 3-4 enemies even without Reload (and I wasted that bronze mod). Other than that the build is going really nice and I have high hopes for hardcore niob – I’ll share it if it gets there. P.S. Another quick question while I’m here – do you prefer Spell resistance or Combat reflexes for a melee dryad? I’ll mod Dust Devil for Spell Shield and Goldenglade Touch for Persevere (I.e. a ton of Willpower), so I should be sturdy against spells. However, with Ancient bark, Armor lore, Constitution, and Goldenglade Touch I should be all right against regular attacks as well. Thanks! Edit: I don't know if it matters, but I'm using the Community patch on a Steam Sacred 2 Gold edition (should be the latest version, I guess).
  6. the question is simple, can I Get other class mounts?I want this so hard
  7. I added Sacred 2 to the Nexus Mods network and today it was approved and the new site is live! I'm proud that DarkMatters has been my home base of operations for all my modding. It's connected me with some amazing and talented people. But, until Unbended is released to us, modding Sacred 1 and 2 remains the life blood of the franchise. That's why I want to expand the availability of the mods to as wide an audience as possible. Getting a Sacred 2 sub-site on the Nexus is a big step. Sacred 2 Nexus So far I've only uploaded the Character Editor and my mod Enhanced Spells. I plan to add all of my own mods and maybe some of the abandoned ones as well. I'd encourage any other mod authors out there, if you happen to read this, to add your own mods too. There is already a Sacred 1 Nexus with only one file uploaded so far (character editor). Maybe some more S1 mods can be added to improve the selection there too.
  8. Hello guys I'm new on the forum but an old player of sacred 2. I'm still playing it everyday and I've been wondering if it's possible to resize these 2 weapons that I really like Twinkle and Icingdeath from Remnants of Drizzt Set . I would like to make them at least 2 times bigger than they are or 3 times bigger idk yet. If it is possible what do I need for it?. Or someone with the experience to do it you don't mind could you do it so that I can download it and use it ?. Also I want to recolor Revelation of the Seraphim Item set to Black and Red just alike Mystique Standard Set is. I would greatly appreciate it. Regards.
  9. SevPOOTS

    Seraphim Hair Ombre Mod

    Check it Here Sample: Happy holidays BTW
  10. I am aware that there are many who have played Sacred 2, but after some time the game became less exciting, due partially to repetition and subsequent familiarity. There have been discussions in this regard before, but rather that bump an old thread, I thought best to start this discussion fresh and offer several suggestion of my own. There are things that I have found that have helped me continue to enjoy the game and many of you have done the same or similar things, some of which are obvious, yet I thought that by mentioning so many in one place others would find ways to make playing Sacred 2 fun, rewarding, and interesting once again. This thread is for they who feel the need to do so or have suggestions that may aid others who do. First, I would like to mention perhaps the most obvious way to achieve the aforementioned goal is to play the Gold Version with the latest community patch. For one thing it adds quite a bit of dimension and some new quests to the game as compared to vanilla Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. Doing so, you will be set up to select and ready to add some impressive Mods that really change the game and offer the opportunity to transform the game in numerous ways. If you wish for a quick way to see and navigate to some outstanding Mods, simply look at the huge stack of them in below (one may also find them in Flix's custom signature). It is noteworthy that by using the GME, Mods do not have to be permanent as they may quite easily be “switched on and off.” Diablo 2 Fallen Mod Sacred 2 Enhanced Spells Mod Flix's Music Mod for Sacred 2 Elite Mounts Mod Sacred 2 Character Editor List of Mods and Modding Guides Sacred 2 Nexus Sacred 2 Nude Mod Community Items Mod Perhaps the Mod most worthy of mention is Flix's Enhanced Spells Mod. It changes enough in the game to make things quite interesting immediately. The Combat Arts for each of the characters get a new look, but most importantly, each character gets some changes to a few of their CAs that really make thing exciting, such as hurling opponents with the concussive force of specific and powerful CA executions. These changes to the build options for characters makes for an important way for things become new and exciting. The game may become indeed monotonous for the non-adventurous player who focuses solely on one character and one or two different builds. More on this point later, I shall surely mention. More info here: Sacred 2 Enhanced Spells Mod 1.4 The Special Mounts Mod is also an exceptional Mod worthy of mention because each character has the availability of several new mounts which allow them to add to the previous available choices. One character I oft gravitate to is the High Elf; she has the choice (with this Mod) of several specialized dragons that actually fly (up to approx seven meters above the ground; the fight animation is marvelous) and a Hippocampus, the twin of the legendary, "lonely Hippocampus." For more examples, please check here: Elite Mounts Mod Seek new goals in the game that you may decide upon for yourself. One that I have found that works for me is to shop for specific items and jewelry in particular. Because the merchants all around Ancaria will reward the player who completes many quests with rare (yellow) items it is likely that they will vend, with the Bargaining Skill selected, rings and amulets with significant enhancements. For example, Fire, Magic, Ice, & Poison +X% rings that double what is normal for a given level are offered after quite a number of quests have been completed and the region in which they are finished seems to make no difference at all in relation to where they are offered for purchase. Shop for the items that best compliment the build you are working with, of course. I promised that I would address more on the issue of trying new characters and new builds. So, for each that you have played and new ones that, for whatever reason you haven't attempted one may wish to venture into a new selection. I have found that characters that I was hesitant to try before somehow ingratiated and engrossed me as soon as I "adopted" them. There too, the game seems so much different as one trys out a new character and their builds. Yet another way to make the game interesting is to download some new items. I believe that most of the weapons, shields, jewelry, etc. Is now available for download and there is so much to try that will compliment ones character and build. There are two new pieces of jewelry and one sword that was recently made available that are very powerful “developer only” items. In fact, that they will never drop in the game unless, if at some point in the future, they are patched in. Try changing the Game settings to alter the camera so that the zoom curve is different. Although as one gets closer to a "zero zoom curve" it becomes more difficult to move through the game you may find, nevertheless, just the correct angle that enhances the visual aspect in such a way that suits you and changes the game for its betterment. You may also wish to turn off the Buff Display or other settings to make things look a bit different. Are you playing the game on the highest settings? If you have a newer PC and/or a new GPU you may find that the amazing amount of difference in the detail is quite significant from when you played it before on lower visual settings. I found that just adding a new, mid to top of the line Nvidia GPU makes a big difference in the look of the game and the appearance of foliage, ground, etc. and in the textures throughout the game as well. If you have either tried all or most of the above suggestions, or if you are still looking for something else to add freshness, try the Diablo 2 mod. It is truly a stunning and fun new game in and of itself and we have many to that for it. Flix is one of them and he is continually working on it to improve this incredible Mod and push it well beyond its already remarkable state. I don't know how it is possible to make it much more inviting that it already is. I have little doubt that there are those of you who have other ideas for making the game Sacred 2 feel new, different, fun, and exciting. I welcome everyone who so wishes, to share your ideas and opinions here.
  11. This is sort of a sub-project of Community Items Mod. After Silver Fox suggested I check for a shield that appeared in the art book but not in the game, I went and combed through all the game files seeing if there were any other items that were created but not implemented for gameplay. I found some cool things. I compared my findings with the Wiki and assembled a collection of items that aren't documented as common items or as unique/set/legendary. Along the way, I also pulled out several items that are used by NPC's. Everything here has an itemtype ID, but no blueprint or drop chance. I'm going to present this stuff to you in chunks. Part 1 (this post) will be shields. Later will come 2H weapons and then 1H weapons. I'll start with items I'm pretty sure are brand new, I.e., not only are they not available to the player, but even NPC's don't use them. AFAIK they don't appear in the game at all. Below that I'll list some cool NPC-only items that I've unlocked for the player. Unused Shields It's possible some of these are used by NPC's and I just didn't recognize them. Let me know if you recognize them or if they're part of the game and just not documented on the Wiki yet. The names are loosely adapted from the file names. Approximately in increasing order of awesomeness: "Round Shield" Itemype 7613 "Demon Shield" Itemtypes 1120, 1122, 1123, 1124, 1125 "Elf Shield" Itemtype 1153 "Elf Shield 2" Itemtype 1154 "Spike Shield" Itemtype 8188 "Spike Shield 2" Itemtype 11624 "Spike Shield 3" Itemtype 11626 NPC Shields These are some of the unique shields used by various Elves, Humans, Dryads, Lizards, and Orcs. Kite shield with Inquisition logo Another Shield with Inquisition Logo "Mascarell" shield. The good guys around Kufferath castle. Tree is upside down. Mascarell Tower Shield Shield of DeMordrey's Soldiers Dark Army Shield Scorpion shield used by desert guards Oasis shield used by various soldiers around Khorum Lizardman shield Lizardman Shield 2 Only snapped one pic for some reason. Lizardman Shield 3 Blood Dryad Shield (note that it's just an alternate skin of the Impenetrable Protector legendary shield) Goblin Shield Orc Shield Orc Shield 2 Troll Shield (lol) I'd like to implement as many of these as is feasible, so if anything shown here strikes you with an idea, please feel free to share it here or in the New Uniques and Legendaries thread.
  12. ReDownloaded the Demo and I have a few questions 1.) Can we MOD the demo? (Not only apply, but create too) 2.) Can we get all the set/rare/unique items for the Seraphim in the Demo? (I'll try reskinning) 3.) Can the Demo be made Portable (After installing the demo, copying the game folder on a flash drive) Thanks!
  13. Well, being the guy I am I like poking through the game files to see what kinds of things are available for me to mess with. With Sacred 2, there's been no shortage of things. Lately, I've been deeply exploring spells.txt and I came across some cool stuff. I think it's been noted before that there are entries in spells.txt for more Combat Arts than are actually activated in the game. As it turns out, Ascaron must have originally planned for there to be 6, not 5, combat arts in each aspect. This would bring up the total number of combat arts for each character up from 15 to 18. Ah, if only they had had the resources to add them in... The cool thing is these combat arts are all still present in the files, although most are just barebones placeholders with only a name and an aspect assigned. However, SOME are actually mostly completed, with special effects, spell tokens, and even icons. So let's explore them and speculate on what could have been, and what might be (if I make a spells mod ). We'll start small, and work our way up to the really interesting stuff. Since most of these spells have blank fields, I'll just copy the names until we get to the ones that have stuff filled in. Most just have comment-style names in German, and I couldn't find any proper-name English entries in global.res, so I'll just roughly translate the spell name. Seraphim Exalted Warrior: Sound Vortex ("xxxse_co_klingenwirbel",) - Going by the name, maybe this could have been something the Sonic Scream of the Jungle boss Kral? I've actually tried out Sonic Scream and it works pretty well for the player. The "invert_armor_phy" effect is a cool debuff that could get some more attention. Celestial Magic: Energy Blaze ("xxxse_cm_energiebrand",) - Again all we have is the name, but since it's identical to the entry for the Dragon Mage's Energy Blaze, we could safely assume it would have been something similar to this spell, a magic-damage nova that can be cast at range. Revered Technology: Throwing Blade ("xxxse_te_wurfklinge",) - Now this one is really intriguing. Assuming I translated it right, what kind of Combat Art could a "throwing blade" have been? Would it have been something like the Gladiator's Throwing Blades or the Seraphim's famous Hunter-Seeker CA from S1? That would have been very cool to play around with in Sacred 2. Inquisitor Gruesome Inquisition: Exorcism ("xxxin_in_exorzismus",) - This name is too vague to speculate on, but it has the "spelldamage" entry ticked so this might have been some kind of debuff rather than another weapon-based attack. Astute Supremacy: Dominance ("xxxin_po_dominanz",) - Another vague name, but since this aspect is lacking in any temporary buffs that boost the Inquisitor, we might assume this would have been some kind of power-up of that nature. Nefarious Netherworld: Rats ("xxxin_uw_ratten",) - Well, it's not hard for me to imagine why this one got cut. The Inquisitor summons a bunch of plague-bearing rats I guess? Although maybe if it was like the giant fire-breathing rat from the beginning of the game The Bard's Tale it could have worked (that quest is such a hilarious riff on the cliche RPG starter quest "kill the rats in the basement"). High Elf Arrant Pyromancer: Dread Flame ("xxxhe_in_furchtflammen",) - Again, no clues other than the name, but it's hard to imagine another flame attack spell. The High Elf's already got the basics - fireball, meteors, Area of Effect tempest, fire summon, flameskin. Chance to Fear Opponents probably would have a component for this spell, so maybe this was a temporary defensive buff of some kind? Another idea is something like the Hell Sphere, a conjured ball of flame that independently attacks enemies for a time. Mystic Stormite: Whirlwind ("xxxhe_st_wirbelsturm",) - A combat art with the same name was later given to the Dragon Mage (usually but inconsistently called Tornado in the game), so it's a safe bet the design was something similar to Tornado and/or the classic Whirlwind from S1. Since it was pretty similar to Raging Nimbus, I can see how it got cut. It would have been cool if the Disarm debuff was as cool in Sacred 2 as it was in S1 where you could actually use Whirlwind to knock rare weapons from enemies' hands. Delphic Arcania: Familiar ("xxxhe_ar_vertrauter",) - Here's another idea that eventually went to the Dragon Mage, the Familiar. Although I don't imagine she would have gotten a dragon, I imagine instead a sprite or even a wisp-like creature, that buffed the High Elf's spellcasting powers and was invisible to enemies, or maybe attacked with a lightning attack. Dryad Capricious Hunter: Toxic Shock ("xxxdr_hu_giftschock",) - Hard to say what this could have been other than something involving poison damage, but when I thought about it, I imagined that a hunter would have some traps up her sleeve, so I actually went and created a poison trap spell using this idea and replaced Forest Flight with my new "Venomous Entrapment" spell. However, that's a story for another post, as I've made lots of custom Combat Arts that I'll share at another time. Cabalistic Voodoo: Opponents Essence ("xxxdr_vo_gegneressenz",) - This combat art has the distinction of being one of two deactivated combat arts that have completed, unique icons. It's a little voodoo shrunken head, and also in the style of a buff icon. The spells.txt entry doesn't give any other clues, but maybe the original idea was to have the Dryad somehow gain the powers of her enemies based on what kind of shrunken head she had equipped? Like maybe there was a certain set of bonuses that the "essence" of a Dragon shrunken head would grant when this buff was activated. That would have been quite neat. Nature Weaver: Spiderling ("xxxdr_nm_spinneling",) - From the name I imagine the Dryad tossing a cocoon at an enemy or summoning one under their feet that bursts and spawns a bunch of little spiders that swarm the enemy, kind of like a throwback to the Wood Elf's Spider Arrow. Temple Guardian Don't get too excited about these 3 icons; they are placeholder icons that the devs recycled from Sacred 1. I'm not sure if they have any connection to the idea behind the CA. Devout Guardian: Impalement ("xxxtw_cc_pfaehlung",) - Well the icon is the old Battle Mage Shield Wall icon, while the name sounds more like a hard hit attack using the battle arm or maybe some kind of conjured giant mechanical spike. Lost Fusion: Permanent Fire ("xxxtw_te_dauerfeuer",) - The icon is one of the old S1 horse CA icons! I'm not sure which one, but I doubt it has any bearing on this CA anyway. I have a hard time imagining another fire ability connected to the Fusion arm cannon. Source Warden: Gravitation ("xxxtw_en_gravitation") - I doubt the old Blood Bite icon is relevant, but there it is anyway. The name of this one interests me. I kind of imagine a Clustering Maelstrom-type ability, where the Temple Guardian focuses T-Energy on a target point that draws enemies into it like a black hole, crushing them together under the force. Shadow Warrior This is where it gets good. Unlike the other characters, the Shadow Warrior's deactivated combat arts are mostly complete, and I was able to activate all of them, although they're not 100% perfect yet (they still lack icons and a few sound fx), they are surprisingly playable. For these, I'll paste the spells.txt entries as I found them, and comment on what I had to change to get them to work, and show some screenshots and videos. Death Warrior: Provoke - This seems to be designed to be an ability like many games have for their tanks and meat shields, the ability to force enemies to attack them, to take the heat off of the casters and rangers and glass cannons. mgr.defineSpell( "xxxsk_hc_provozieren", { eiStateName = "cSpellCast", fxTypeCast = "FX_SK_PROVOZIEREN_C", -- These two fx work fine and cause the orange aura shown below fxTypeSpell = "FX_SK_PROVOZIEREN", fxTypeCastSpecial = "", duration = 10.000000, animType = "ANIM_TYPE_SM04", animTypeApproach = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeRide = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeSpecial = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", causesSpellDamage = 1, tokens = { entry0 = {"et_provo_area", 1000, 0, 0, 8 }, -- Provoke enemies into attacking the player. This token is not used anywhere else, but it seems to be valid, as it is defined in blueprint.txt entry1 = {"et_range_area", 1000, 0, 0, 4 }, -- Increased range for the effect. entry2 = {"et_minion_blame", 1000, 0, 1, 9 }, -- Force the enemies to target your minions rather than you. entry3 = {"et_duration_sec", 248, 2, 2, 8 }, -- Increased duration of the effect. entry4 = {"et_range_area", 600, 5, 3, 4 }, -- Increased range of the effect. entry5 = {"et_debuff_EVW", 1300, 10, 4, 42 }, -- Debuff the enemy's defense rating. entry6 = {"et_provo_target", 795, 5, 5, 8 }, -- Similar to the other provoke token above, this seems to be single target rather than Area of Effect. entry7 = {"et_force_CC", 1000, 0, 6, 8 }, -- Probably designed to force the enemy to choose melee over ranged attacks. This spell token does not actually exist. }, fightDistance = 525.000000, aspect = "EA_SK_HARDCOMBAT", cooldown = 5.000000, soundProfile = 0, cost_level = 100, cost_base = 200, focus_skill_name = "skill_SK_heavy_combat_focus", lore_skill_name = "skill_tactics_lore", spellClass = "cSpellSkProvozieren", -- This had to be changed to "cSpellSkKampfruf" to get it to function. spellcontroltype = "eCAtype_a_effect_self", sorting_rank = 0, }) Screenshots of Provoke in Use: I'm not entirely sure the provoke spell tokens are working, as I had a hard time drawing enemies away from the elf soldiers they were wailing on, as you can see in the pictures. If I can't get the provoke effect to work, this CA may be a dud, though with a cool visual effect that could still be used elsewhere. Malevolent Champion: Shield Charge - So basically what I did was mimic the look and feel of a shield bash, while actually what the CA is doing is casting a physical damage spell at a very close range with no visual effects other than a shield bash animation. So the shield armor and weapon damage doesn't actually factor into it, nor does chance to hit or attack rating or anything like that. It will always hit because it's a spell, but it's as close to a shield bash as the game allows. mgr.defineSpell( "xxxsk_tc_schildstoss", { eiStateName = "", -- Needed to add "cSpellCast" here fxTypeCast = "", fxTypeSpell = "", fxTypeCastSpecial = "", duration = 0.000000, animType = "ANIM_TYPE_SM08", -- This is a shield bash style animation, very appropriate. animTypeApproach = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeRide = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeSpecial = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", causesSpellDamage = 1, - This is a spell damage based combat art, in the absence of any way to actually use the shield for damaging tokens = { entry0 = {"et_maxangle_cone", 300, 300, 0, 8 }, -- Sets the range of the effect. This is a very wide area as is so I reduced it entry1 = {"et_spelldamage_physical", 90, 0, 0, 133 }, entry2 = {"et_spelldamage_physical", 300, 300, 1, 133 }, -- This damage boost was far too massive using the windtoss spellclass I settled on entry3 = {"et_regThisCool", 2500, 10, 2, 8 }, entry4 = {"et_maxangle_cone", 45, 0, 3, 8 }, entry5 = {"et_shield_none", 1, 0, 4, 8 }, -- This is a non-existent spell token that was perhaps intended to bypass an enemy's shield or disarm their shield entry6 = {"et_chance_stun", 250, 3, 5, 133 }, entry7 = {"et_chance_criticalhit", 98, 2, 6, 5 }, }, fightDistance = 35.000000, aspect = "EA_SK_TACTICALCOMBAT", cooldown = 5.000000, soundProfile = 0, cost_level = 150, cost_base = 300, focus_skill_name = "skill_SK_heavy_combat_focus", lore_skill_name = "skill_tactics_lore", spellClass = "cSpellSMove", -- It was a major headache figuring out what spellClass would work with the cone effect. The only type that actually created the proper instant knockback effect was "cSpellWindstoss". spellcontroltype = "eCAtype_a_effect_cone", magicType = "MAGIC_TYPE_ATTACK", sorting_rank = 0, }) I also added a 100% chance for knockback, so with the cone effect, multiple enemies will get knocked back and damaged. The effect is more like Scything Sweep than Gust of Wind. Screenshots of Shield Charge in Use: Video of Shield Charge: Astral Lord: Death Chill - This CA is designed as a temporary buff that can be upgraded into a permanent buff. There entries for both versions, like Shadow Veil, Combat Alert, etc. It looks like it was intended to debuff and damage enemies and boost minion power. mgr.defineSpell( "xxxsk_ap_todeskaelte", { eiStateName = "cSpellCast", fxTypeCast = "FX_SK_TODESKAELTE_C", -- Unique visual effects that worked fine fxTypeSpell = "FX_SK_TODESKAELTE", fxTypeCastSpecial = "", duration = 10.000000, animType = "ANIM_TYPE_SM16", animTypeApproach = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeRide = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeSpecial = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", causesSpellDamage = 1, tokens = { entry0 = {"et_duration_boost", 1000, 0, 0, 8 }, -- Effect lasts longer entry1 = {"et_slow_enemy_any", 200, 5, 0, 42 }, -- Slowing effect on enemies entry2 = {"et_range_near", 990, 10, 0, 4 }, -- Affects enemies in melee range entry3 = {"et_lower_armor", 500, 20, 1, 8 }, -- A very rare spell token, only appears here and in Frosty Lair entry4 = {"et_minion_boost", 800, 0, 2, 8 }, -- A non-existent spell token, presumably helped to boost minions' levels or stats entry5 = {"et_chance_reflect_root", 295, 5, 3, 41 }, -- Reflect root effects, another rare token entry6 = {"et_spelldamage_ice", 250, 250, 4, 133 }, -- Area ice damage in pulses entry7 = {"et_boost_to_buff", 1, 0, 5, 8 }, -- Transform into permanent buff entry8 = {"et_friendfactor", 800, 0, 6, 8 }, -- Extend aura to allies }, fightDistance = 0.000000, aspect = "EA_SK_ASTRALPLANE", cooldown = 5.000000, soundProfile = 0, cost_level = 150, cost_base = 300, focus_skill_name = "SKILL_INVALID", lore_skill_name = "SKILL_INVALID", spellClass = "cSpellSkTodeskaelte", -- This had to be changed, so I used "cSpellInqEntsetzen", spellcontroltype = "eCAtype_b_boost_self", sorting_rank = 0, }) So very little had to be changed here to get this one up and working. The spider boss Shelob already got an altered version of this spell in the CM Patch. I like the visual and practical effects, and I think I'll probably replace Shadow Veil with this one in my setup once I get it all cleaned up and tweaked just right. Screenshots of Death Chill Aura: Bonus: Dragon Mage: Dragon Form: "Jump" ("dm_form_travel_sprung") - This is the other unused CA that has a unique icon. There is already a combat art called "Jump" that allows the Dragon Form to hop rivers and stuff, but it uses a different entry in spells.txt, one marked "dm_form_drgn_teleport", and uses the Teleport icon. Unlike the in-game Jump, the unused one has a big chance to break root spells, and has a "jumpy" icon with the Dragon's feet leaving the ground. So it looks like what was originally two ideas got combined into one spell: the "Jump" mechanic, but with the Teleport icon and entry. That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this post. This exploration ate up my whole weekend (it was rainy anyway), but if I have time I'll try to update more later on about all the enemy spells I harnessed and all the custom combat arts I've made for my game over the last several months.
  14. File Name: Flix's Dragon Mage Sets Mod File Submitter: Flix File Submitted: 18 Jan 2014 File Category: Community Patch Flix's Dragon Mage Sets Mod v2 NOTE: This mod is no longer available as a stand-alone mod. It is now included in and superseded by the Community Patch 1.60. ================================ Introduction: This is an ongoing project that adds new set, unique, and legendary items to Sacred 2: Ice and Blood. Currently the mod contains the following items: *Draco's Garments of Mutation (Full Dragon Mage Set) *Chaoskampf (Full Dragon Mage Set) *Auspicious Powers (Full Dragon Mage Set) *Eternal Return (All Class 2-Ring Set) *Tooth and Nail (All Class Ring-Amulet Set) *Shared Player Stash File containing copies of all the above items (optional). ================================ Installation (Main mod): Extract the contents of this archive (3 folders [locale, pak, scripts]) into your Sacred 2 installation folder. A typical example of the installation folder is C:\Sacred 2 Gold Overwrite all folders and files when prompted. THIS MOD WILL OVERWRITE SOME GAME SCRIPTS! Back up the folders and/or files if you ever think you may want to uninstall this mod. The overwritten files are: surface.txt blueprint.txt drop.txt itemtype.txt iteminfo.txt global.res If you have v1 installed, there is no need to uninstall it first. Simply install v2 and it will overwrite the old files. There will be an extra set of unused (completely harmless) icons in pak\data\icons\items\ that start with the number 14000. They can safely be deleted after installation of v2, but it is not necessary. ================================= Installation (Optional Stash File): As of v2 this mod now also contains an optional chest file (chest.sacred2chest) that contains copies of all the items (all level 190-200, Platinum-Niobium). They require installation of the main mod to appear in-game. Be sure to back up your existing chest.sacred2chest file before doing anything! Installing this file will overwrite your Shared tab in your player chest. For XP, it's located in: C:\Documents and Settings\<userID>\My Documents\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2 For Vista and Windows 7: C:\Users\<userID>\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2 After you've backed up your chest.sacred2chest file from the above folder, copy the chest.sacred2chest file to your save game directory and restart your game. You can then find the armor in your shared belongings chest. Grab the armor pieces you want and then save your game and exit. You can then restore your normal chest.sacred2chest file to the Sacred 2 folder and restart and continue your game. ================================= Compatibility: If you have another mod installed that changes the same files or if you have made any personal changes to the files listed above, they will be lost. This mod is designed to be compatible with the latest Community Patch (currently 1.40hf) and was created using those files. If the Community Patch is updated then this mod will be updated to maintain compatibility. This mod REQUIRES Sacred 2 Ice and Blood with the latest patch ( plus the latest Community Patch. This mod is mostly compatible with Wardust's Serious Textures mod, so long as Wardust's mod is installed FIRST. Certain changes from Wardust's mod in surface.txt will be lost however, such as shiny armors and fuzzy animals. All other changes will apply correctly. I can make a fully compatible version if requested. This mod incorporates Nighthawk's fixes to drop.txt that increase the drop rate of Mutation sets (for ALL characters). This mod is NOT compatible with Llama Mod. If both mods are installed, whichever one is installed second will overwrite the first. I can make a compatible version if there is enough demand. Currently only English and German versions are supported. The pieces will not have correct names in other languages. Contact me at Darkmatters.org to request a version in a different language. ================================ ================================ Development thread and more info: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21424-mod-new-dragon-mage-sets-in-development/ Detailed item info and lore is also included in a text file in the download. ================================ Thanks to: *Pesmontis for his crucial knowledge and tireless efforts in helping me get this project off the ground and completed, and also for translating the names into German. *Czevak and Dragon Brother for getting me going with starter tips on what files to edit. *LazyTomcat and those who made mods before me so I could follow their example. *Gogoblender and Schot for hosting this mod on Darkmatters.org *Everyone at Darkmatters who has followed the development of this mod and offered support and encouragement.