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Found 1 result

  1. MULTI HIT When using this CA I wonder why there is a higher chance to hit the opponents at her back. Also, this move only hits once when you are fighting 1 enemy. But when you get surrounded by enemies (6 or 7 as long as there is an enemy at the back) there is a chance that the enemies will be hit twice. Like, Whut? So the first hit would be from the sword and the next would be from the roundhouse kick. Very nice against those Huge orcs . -My Question: Does increasing the level of this CA also increases the radius? or is it fixed? For example I increased it to level 20, will I hit enemies far from me (About two steps)? HUNTER SEEKER Same with Multi hit. When the seraphim does the Animation (The part before she throws the weapon) I noticed that 1-3 enemies behind me are still getting hit by the sword. I LOL'd at the first time I saw that because I rarely hit any enemy in front of me yet I can hit lots of enemies at my back. Also, The more enemies you hit the more chances of hitting twice. For example: I hit an ORC far away from me, ORC starts running towards me, Before weapon goes back to my hand the ORC gets hit again. -My Question: How to increase hit chance and damage? (Aside from those in the wiki) P.S Whirling hit is fun when you (and the enemy) are in a corner. 7 Hit combo lol Thanks~! ~SevPOOTS