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Found 1 result

  1. dimitrius154

    Dimitrius's CM Patch Addendum

    Fellow players, I'd like to present the result of the endeavor of the last 4 months - the CM Patch Addendum. The Addendum contains game changes and fixes , that were not included into the stock CM Patch 1.60, due to either not being ready at the time of the release, or the lack of consensus among team members about inclusion viability. It's best to play with fresh characters to avoid possible unpleasant side-effects. The Addendum is not compatible with either D2F, or Enhanced Edition out of the box. It also requires the Elite Textures to be switched on(the Trimmed Elite Textures are highly recommended). The available localizations are English and Russian. Game Mechanics Changes: 1. One of the primary calculation functions, used in attack vs. defense, spell intensity vs. spell resistance, damage vs. armor calculations has been fixed. 2. Occurrences, where, upon changing locations via doors, or secondary teleports, various objects and NPC states at the new location were not updated in a timely manner, should no longer manifest. 3. It is now possible to traverse dungeons levels and enter-exit dungeons without dismounting. Previous technical limit have been successfully alleviated. 4. Non-player aligned NPC damage is mitigated by 85%. Escort quests should no longer be the same potion spamming frustration, as before. 5. Ingame price inflation is decreased by a factor of 10. Minimum item full price is 4 gold, now. 6. Characters can now possess only one mount, either normal, or special at the same time. Any type of mount can be sold to any mount vendor. Buying remains separate, as before. Equipment and Skill Changes: 1. Item classification modifiers now spawn on Set, Unique and Legendary items, which should improve loot diversity. 2. "Warding Energy Lore" dependent modifier will no longer spawn on equipment pieces of the characters, who cannot obtain the "Warding Energy" skill. 3. "Bargaining" skill mechanics has been changed: the skill is now a viable investment at higher levels, due to increasing chance to encounter Sets, Uniques and Legendaries in shop inventory selection. 4. "Smithing" skill mechanics has been changed. Safe forging removal chance progression is much better now. The "Blacksmith Arts" are now runic forging tokens carrying one(two at skill mastery level) random modifier. 5. "Combat Art Skills +" modifier behaves correctly now, improving "Spellcraft Lore", "Combat Discipline" and "Concentration" skill instead of "Shield Lore" and "Warding Energy Lore". 6. Due to "Chance for Melee Double Hit" modifier not being checked for ranged and spell-based attacks, it has been replaced with "Opponent's Health Threshold for Deathblow" on items "Essence of Dark Matters" and "Aarnum's Pathfinder". 7. Damage converters now only affect Physical damage. The lying GUI readings, stating battery-slotted damage converters having effect on the damage output of spell-based attacks have been corrected. 8. "Chance for Splash Damage" modifier Area of Effect radius has been decreased by 20%. 9. "Chance to Disregard Armor" and "Behind Armor Damage" modifiers now work for spell-based attacks. 10. The "Combat Trance" modifier should no longer spawn on incorrect conditions. 11. Ice weapon enchantment shader no longer badly interferes with the item's texture alpha channel. 12. Item classification character-specific modifiers should now spawn correctly. 13. Rings, amulets, other forgeables are now affected by item auto-collect quality filter settings in the "Gameplay" menu. Combat Art Changes: 1. Incorrect "Tactics Lore" skill dependency for several combat arts has ben corrected. "Dust Devil", "Killing Spree", "T-Energy Shroud", "Deathly Spears" now depend on "Spellcraft Lore". 2. "Spectral Hand", "Archangel's Wrath" and "Magic Coup" now depend on "Tactics Lore", due to them being weapon-based CAs. 3. "Belligerent Vault" is a weapon-based CA now, doing splash damage to enemies in the landing area. 4. "Raving Thrust" now affects energy creatures and ghosts. 5. "Essence Projection" now reincarnates the Inquisitor into his similar without the death event being called: the Survival Bonus does not reset, reincarnation works on Hardcore. It's no longer possible to turn "Essence Projection" into a buff. 6. "Shadow Veil" now improves much slower and cannot be turned into a buff. 7. The Dragon Mage does no longer lose general equipment boni, while in Berserk, or Dragon form. 8. "Psychic Maelstrom" projectile slowdown reduced by 50%. 9. "Raving Thrust", "Clustering Singularity", "Scything Sweep" do no longer pose a threat to allied units, or mounts. 10. The Dragon Mage is able to use potion slots, while in Dragon form. 11. Some CA visuals have been reworked. 12. The Dragon Mage does no longer lose his active buffs during Berserk Form, or Dragon Form transformations. However, he can no longer manage his buffs(switch them on/off), while transformed. 13. "Essence Projection" Similar now has access to many more combat arts of all three of the Inquisitor's Aspects. Similar's hitpoint regeneration has been drastically reduced. Modifications 3 and 4 of the CA have been altered. NPC and Creature Changes: 1. Various NPCs have had their equipment corrected. 2. Boss and miniboss AI discrepancies and faulty CAs have been corrected. Occurrences of bosses stopping in their tracks, or wandering aimlessly during combat should no longer happen. 3. Bosses are now subject to additional mitigation of all damage types. 4. Elite mounts have received improved models, textures and special effects. 5. The elite mount trader now resides on Isla Ancar. In order to receive a privilege of buying elite mounts, Narmul, or Abishai have to be defeated - a test of strength, of sorts. Quest Changes: 1. "Panem et Circenses"(Shadow Path) quest reward now includes 1 attribute and 1 skill point. 2. The Shadow Path characters should now be able to finish off the Grand Inquisitor, after the appropriate stage of the "Great Machine" quest. 3. Shirka Alana gets to keep her Inquisition Guard attire at the latter stages of the Inquisitor class quest. Once the quest is finished, she becomes a permanent companion on the current difficulty. 4. The Shadow Warrior class quest texts have been rewritten. GUI Changes: 1. Combat Values / Inventory Screen has received additional reworking. It's context tooltip windows no longer contain erroneous, or confusing info. The "Mounts" tab has been removed due to complete lack of function. 2. All font and background colors have been changed to conform to the "black-glass" interface style. 3. Multiple changes in skill, combat art and bonus modifier names and descriptions. 4. The catalogue of books read has been reorganized. Some book texts have been changed, or corrected. Two extra books have been restored. 5. New characters now have the lore-appropriate deity preselected - a harmless immersion feature. 6. Activated portals and miniportals do no longer have their names constantly displayed on the worldmap, as a clutter avoidance measure. 7. Incorrect availability display has been corrected for several Aspect CA related item modifiers(Dragon Mage - other characters, Shadow Warrior - Dragon Mage, Dragon Mage - Dragon Mage). Miscellaneous Changes: 1. Both ambient and combat music selection have been significantly expanded. 2. PhysX object behavior in the game world has been optimized. 3. Some gameworld locations have received names. 4. Background pictures for the Inquisitor and the Shadow Warrior aspects have been replaced. Installation: Either through GME, or directly on top of the stock CM Patch 1.60. Links: Trimmed Elite Textures (Size: 2,7GB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5yMxfzmPZ4_R2J2eFZxc2wzeGc CM Patch 1.60 Addendum (Size: 1,5 GB, password: 12345): https://drive.google.com/open?id=11ui11HhWPCcpA8N5vAdqk-0SNyfHBOMT CM Patch 1.60 Addendum Hotfix (updated 03.09.2018, password: 12345): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iHyv8ty1YCJAtoMDMJ12IdGzORAseHgs Whistling Tyr Lysia music track replacement(should be added to musichq2.zip): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_hE3mq6oxb1gvB_IRqJLp628SzT0fOen