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Found 3 results

  1. and0r

    Schot's Sacred 2 Maps

    Greetings everyone. There used to be a nice large image of the Ancaria map floating around the internet, freely available to download. But now this image is gone, and the only option to view the map is through the sacredwiki online using google maps. I much rather have my own personal copy of this map rather than rely on the internet to constantly view it. I recently discovered there was also another map featuring all the underground areas in one large image. I don't remember this one ever being available, it would excellent to have it too. Thanks!
  2. Version


    This is a base map from Sacred 2 Ice & Blood that can be seen in game when you press the M key. Basic Point of Interest markers are included.
  3. File Name: Sacred 2 in game World Map File Submitter: Schot File Submitted: 18 Oct 2013 File Category: Ice & Blood Miscellaneous This is a base map from Sacred 2 Ice & Blood that can be seen in game when you press the M key. Basic Point of Interest markers are included. Click here to download this file