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Found 4 results

  1. I was wondering whether there are people who stream gameplay of Sacred Gold? I will occasionally have sessions of the Sacred Gold on the Steam community. I'll be playing as a Dual Wielding Dark Elf. It's going to be a very casual gameplay, no commentary, no voice, just me going around and killing things. Half of the things I forgot so I'll try to recapture some of that old nostalgia, too. I'll be updating this topic if there are any interests. Starting off Bronze. My tag is Nenaraz. See you around
  2. Hello everybody. There's quite a problem. I've downloaded S2RW v1.7 from Flix's link somewhere here in the modding section and everytime I launch it I see a message "Sacred 2 not found". The thing is, I do have Sacred 2 Gold Steam version. It doesn't matter from where I launch the tool - /system dir, /locale/en_UK - it always says the same. My registry entries look this way: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ascaron entertainment\sacred 2] "installpath"="E:\\DATA\\GAMES\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Sacred 2 Gold" "currentversion"="" "language"="en_UK" "speech"="en_UK" "movietrack"="6" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2] "LastUpdateCheck"=dword:000b426e ...and nothing more about Sacred 2. I've opened the tool with a HEX editor to read strings and get some clues. It seems that it looks for "SecuROM" and "{1023383E-D9F6-478C-A965-23A4657B3C9A}" keys (there's much more of them). The last seems to be the uninstallation data made by an installer, but the Steam doesn't have any, as well as it doesn't have SecuROM. So... Is there a way I can use the tool some way? Or is there a tool without some of the checks?
  3. I am a player who didn't get into the online multiplayer until the year before the servers went down. I fell in love with the campaign and only ever played online for diablo 2. I was heartbroken when ascron went under and the servers went down for the "future release of sacred 3". I'm still holding my breath. I have a few questions since this is still such a highly active forum (or appears to be so far), I see a lot of mention of steam based play. does steam allow multiplayer for sacred2? does it play games you already have on your system or only ones purchased through it specifically? is there any other multiplayer platform that people play p2p through? what is the best way to update my disc version? is the work around for I&Buk for FALLEN ANGELus still viable? do I need to update my version through online sites or is community update sufficient? how do I get back into multiplayer sacred 2 (classic or I&B) so I can be part of the community again and play my favorite game of all time? thanks for any replies! I can't wait to get involved! when I get the answered to the rest of the questions so that I can run fallen angel and Ice and Blood on tunngle I would love to have a regular person to play and chat with. I was looking into the lifetime membership with them since its so cheap. I think the exchange comes out to like $22 US money. does tunngle allow for the UK and USA versions of games to cross play?
  4. So I bought Sacred 2 Gold about a year ago on Steam and installed it. Never been able to get it to run. I have followed all the suggestions on Steam to no avail. Have spent days trying to get it to run with no luck. Things I have tried: Given admin permission to all S2G exe's as well as all of Steams exe's. (This seemed to work for most, didn't work for me.) Apparently when you install via steam it is *supposed* to run a batch file (VDF) called 'installscript'. Someone said it was a bug and that was not run, thus the issue. So I would have to manually run it by going in and running the DirectX, PhysX, and VC executables. Which I did, and it said I had later versions and exited out. Now some said their version of S2G worked after they did this even if they had a better version installed. I was not so lucky. What happens is the same thing no matter how I try to start the game; from Steam's "Play" button, via the installed icon, or the executable in the directory: Screen goes black for about 5 seconds while it tries to get the game going. Error "Bing" happens, Screen Pops back to Desktop with a tiny window with the following: Startup Error: driver:[nvd3dum.dll] graphicscard:[NVDIA GeForce GT 330M ] device: [\\.\DISPLAY1] InputReader initialize failed App::Setup()failed! So. Any help besides the obvious buy a new computer would be greatly appreciated. This is the only game I have never been able to get to run on m Windows side of the Mac. Driving me a bit nuts.
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