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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, first things first, I know this is an oddly specific request, however, since asking is cheap and neither time nor success is crucial on this (still it would be very convenient ;)), I will put it anyway: Does anybody has - maybe somewhere hidden in his always growing pile of data or on a old, dust covered hdd lying lonley in some dark corner - network traffic probe files which may randomly include sacred 2 lobby traffic and would be willing to share them (for wireshark, the filter to check for potential traffic would be "tcp.port == 6800" in files, if I remember right, from somewhere between october 2008 and april 2012) for analysis purposes? I am currently looking into the tincat3.dll and it seems like an actually not impossible, but still time-consuming task to reconstruct the packages sent. I am willing to try this, but also I am more or less only able to work on my rare free weekends on this, so this would take a long time and long time projects in my experience tend to fail. Further more, since the first Sacred - accoding to this thread - uses the older version tincat2.dll which seems quite similar, it would be likewise useful traffic as well, probably not only for me. However, because of it's age I assume the odds are even worse? Playing with friends on a VPN works nice & flawless, but is for sure not convenient enough for the majority of other players and I kinda miss the simplicity of the old lobby system - even if it never was that busy there, the people you met were always nice to play and talk with and you did not have to scare them away with technical client-side stuff like you are nowadays forced to...