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Defender Build

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Hello to everyone, im new at the forum, at least posting, I actually have been reading some of your guides and I really got hooked up on the forums, and I thought the people here were really cool too, I only have been playing Requiem for a little while and im sort of playing around with it a bit, currently I have a rogue and a defender and im having a hard time trying to figure out a build for the defender, I dont if I should go all strenght and offensive skills or if I should try to balance it a bit with HP and more defensive skills, I really dont want to end having a charac that isnt good at either side, so im looking for some help on this build, anyway, I hope I can get some answers, thanks to all and take care.

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Welcome to the forum Phoenyx


I was a stout supporter of Requiem when it came out and a bunch of us were doing overtime in their servers. Free online time, saved characters, beautiful world, lots of gore...what's not to like?


Unfortunately, I myself stopped playing the game about a month before Sacred 2 came out, and I was only playing Shaman so don't have much information for you. Hopefully someone who played Defender will see this topic and be able to help you out.


Enjoy the boards!




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