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DarkMatters/SacredWiki Bandwidth Use

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Well this has been interesting eh, haha. Never imagined we would see the day where our resources would be sucked dry. It's been a bit of a scramble but we're back in "stable" bizz. gogo and I decided to invest in a second Pro photobucket account in order to keep up with the popularity on home here and our playground on the wiki. I also couldn't resist the urge to add another resource which is the revival of my Pro mablib account. Which means... More maps on the way!


Thanx for your patience guys. To the bestest community around. :gogo:


Big time kudos to bhj who made available his own Pro bucket account during these bumpy times. You rock bhj! :Just_Cuz_12:



We now return you to the regularly scheduled chaos. Tune in next time when gogo notices FDM Command Central's shiney red button. Dun dun dun duuuuuuun! :o

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Tune in next time when gogo notices FDM Command Central's shiney red button. Dun dun dun duuuuuuun! :D


ZOmg! Why dont you paint it Green and say to Gogo, Dont touch the red one!! He'll be searching all over and won't find it!! :)


But whatever you do, dont trust teh cake!


Good job again to all the moderators & Admins!!




Chareos Rantras

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The Console release's success took us by surprise, and more than doubled the bandwidth draw for the wiki and DarkMatters, the forum where we maintain and organize the wiki from.




Our hoster Booyah Hosting has given us a very good deal on bandwidth, while allowing us to change the terms mid-contract in light of the jump in usage.


The wiki is now powered by two commercial Photobucket accounts that can handle about 250 gigs each with our own hoster supplying another 200 gigs, with additional bandwidth for the map being provided by another hoster (lol, we don't even want to talk about how much bandwidth the Sacred 2 Google Map draws :oooo:).


Bandwidth right now is running at close to half a terrabyte (almost 400 gigs) a month for the sites, but we think we've secured enough to have the database running comfortably for a good while with some growth.


We want to thank everyone for your support and especially your time. Wiki volunteers do over-time these days to get the database handy for the more than 200 000 users monthly now from both pc and console users all over the world using SacredWiki. It has been translated into four languages, and only because of their devotion to the project, been growing in popularity every month.


Thank you!




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So, what's the news on the bandwidth front? :)


Btw gogo, your siggy isn't showing anymore...


Yea some things in the SacredWiki have fallen back to that Photobucket picture too!


CALL 911!





Chareos Rantras

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