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Pony's application for clan D.a.r.k Sacred 2

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Greetings everybody, it is I, Pony


I hereby apply for membership and the honour of wearing the [d.a.r.k] tag.

I've never met such a friendly and helpfull bunch online, hence this application.


In other games my nickname is Tryclyde (team fortress 2, supreme commander) but in the lands of Ancaria I shall be:

Pony, general of the Ancarian Cavalry :woot:


I joined in a few kami sundays after Schot invited me to one and woa, soo much fun. Those poor bosses dont stand a chance :)

atm I dont have a kami toon but ill try to get my inquisitor (whose name is not allowed on these forums it seems, lets try: EvilBarsteward, hehe steward lol)

up to date so I can join the next ones :)


K, the questionaire:


1 Favorite pizza topping: Salami

2 Favorite Drink: Water, mostly cold, sometimes hot aka tea

3 Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from?: ingame sacred 2, someone mentioned it, but I honestly can't remember who...

4 Most favorite book ever: Imagica by Clive Barker. finished it 3 times atm.

5 Favorite movie of all time: Gladiator, just love the setting and plot "what we do in life echoes in eternity"

6 Current Favorite Game: Sacred 2

7 All time best video game ever played: Final fantasy 7, best story imo, very good gameplay too. finished it about 7 times :P

8 Favorite sport or hobby: playing my bassguitar, jamming with a guitar playing mate of mine

9 What do you want for your birthday: more sacred 2 character slots for closed multiplayer :oooo:

10 Do you know anyone from our forum? Schot, Gogo, Dmolisher, Barristan, Chareos Rantras, Viper007. I've seen and spoken to Knuckles and Katran ingame sometime.

(I'm soo sorry if I forgot anyone.... :bow: )

11 Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member? Schot, Gogo, Dmolisher, Barristan, Chareos Rantras

12 If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship? Yes :cool:


Thats it, I'll be awaiting the boards decision :woot:

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Nice to see your application at last Pony. :P


I think a great deal of us around here already know you well and it goes without saying that I think you'll fit right in. Always a pleasure to catch you online with your Pony. Speaking of Pony I just clicked on the Pony Power link in your sig, lol. "My Little Pony, My Little Pony. Isn't the world a happy place." :rofl: Legendary indeed. ^^


I'll go ahead and create a discussion for your application internally Pony. We always wait one week before responding to applications so I'll get back to you on this one next Monday. :)


*gathers "board" for some very serious decision making... * "Now then. On the matter of Pony for [D.a.r.k]. What kind of donuts would everyone like?"


Cheers dude!

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Yes, that would be me Katran.

btw, I did talk to you and Knuckles once right. About him I'm sure, but I started to doubt about you :)


Either way, thanks for the reply, see you in the bar soon id say :P

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Hey Pony, I am happy to see you aply for D.a.r.k.

I hope you get a good/ funn time with em.

I like this clan peops.


P.S steal some off em chokolate chip cookies for me - PLZ :P

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Ahh I know I have seen you in game. :P

It was on one of mine mulling trips down to silver and you where having your horse rides on server. It was one of those unique meetings. :)

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Ahh I know I have seen you in game. :4rofl:

It was on one of mine mulling trips down to silver and you where having your horse rides on server. It was one of those unique meetings. :blush:

hehe, thank you, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me :4rofl:

it seems to be fine then.


:P Ride On I say :)


to Dmol: when I get the chance those cookies are yours :viking:

No cake though or I'll have Chareos chasing me for weeks hehe

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elloha Pony


didnt met ye online yet but we will soon meet

now we both awaiting the outcome of our apllication


wanted to say that the pony power link

OMG ive watch that crap :D

totally forgot it was even a cartoon serie :P

greeat stuff bringing up memories

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