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Application to join D.A.R.K. Wing, universe 9

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I'm applying for membership within the D.A.R.K. Wing alliance in universe 9. my in-game user name is the same as my messageboard name.


Current Rank by:

.: Score - 961

.: Fleet - 1022 (suffered a recent crash)

.: Research - 671


I've been playing for almost 3 months now; was introduced to the game by a current D.A.R.K. member and two former members of an alliance I created have joined the Wing. I'm not currently playing in other universes.


Since the other members who joined my alliance have stopped playing, I'm the only one remaining in my alliance and would like to join a new alliance, and this one already contains friends. I'm also seeking access to alliance resources, trading and such and to offer my own services to help others when possible.




EDIT: I just read my friends' applications and since they actually name dropped, I may as well mention them too; I'm a real life friend of cthuhlu, Andr007 and Jon Jon ;)

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Hi Ankhanu,


Your submission is important to us, please stay on the line, next available preventative will be with you shortly /rofl


Your submission will be forwarded internally and expect to hear a response from us via in-game or in-forum pm.


To know Cthuhlu, Andr007 and Jon Jon is take you already more than half way. Meet you at the bar and back to you soon with pm.

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Guest gogoblender

hahah, I see you've alread met yarasa and his classy answering service

looks like your in good hands


Good luck with your application





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