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Very Scary Pumpkin Contest Winner - Congratulations fRACTAL!

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The Very Scary Pumpkin Contest has to come a close and with it comes a fantastic pumpkin to place on the Halloween skin's banner as you all should be able to see. It was a close one for sure and all the submissions were greatly enjoyed. Even more enjoyable was watching the submissions by AgentSmith, Jaguargal, Erling and fRACTAL gradually materialize on darkmatters. You guys did an awesome job and I hope you'll be up for future contests like this as well as others who missed this opportunity. :)


Big congratulations fRACTAL! Your pumpkin adds such character to our banner! :yay:



In addition I loved the submissions so much that I just had to put them somewhere on our skin. Which I did! ^^ In every post to the bottom right you'll see the pumpkins that were made in the contest.




Cheers guys! You deserve it. :)

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Thanks for choosing me guys

Uh, heh, I'm no good at speeches about winning stuff, so yeah


Better get to work on my avatar


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I was showing everyone at work today all the entries, and this exhibited suitable expressions of delight. Seeing all the entries in every post is just a great new element for the forum. Maybe we can do something else with this in our regular forum.





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